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"Apparently her shirt is white, not black."

Translation:Rupanya kemeja dia putih, bukan hitam.

December 9, 2018



I want to know this also.

'Tidak' is used with a verb or adjective, i.e. 'hitam' here. 'Bukan' is used with a noun.


Exactly. My only guess is that we are supposed to think of "black" as a noun (same as "blackness") in Indonesian.


Maybe 'not' modifies shirt (which is a noun) rather than black (adj)


So if we don't mention that it is white, only that it isn't black: Rupanya kemeja dia bukan hitam. Doesn't feel right to me.


Hints shows bajunya as the possible answer but mark it wrong if you use it ... Grrrr!!!

[deactivated user]

    I have the same question as the others. "Putih" and "hitam" function as adjectives here, so it should be "tidak", no?

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