Hi guys

I'm bored, but I have to study, who has tips or words to encourage?

I need some encouragement

December 9, 2018

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Be motivated , like always listen to people speaking in the language you want to learn

It's an excellent idea, it really stimulates

Thank you so much

hi H r u Me to We can communicate to encourage each other

good idea But I want some advice because I'm in high school, Frankly I can not communicate with anyone because of my studies

Where are you from ?

from Egypt and you

You are the best people I know that in high school you do not have time If you have free time we can chat

Thank you very much, honestly I do not have enough time, yesterday I did not open up and went all the points of enthusiasm

Sometimes we are bored with studying here. We must change our study style, try to study with other people, or study in public libraries. And in some ways we should get out of the study and make pleasant trips with friends

Oh beautiful

But I did not mean to study here but my high school studies!

Anyway, you did not tell me what you studied at the university؟

Oh really? It's really wonderful

what do you dream study in colleag

I dream of studying medicine or medical engineering

But I am afraid of not realizing my dream

Your must be complete mark

Way to go! You are in high school and already can communicate in English. You don't need motivation, you got it already. I suggest make learning more fun and relatable to every day situation. It's not merely studying, it's learning new things.

But I do not speak fluently Some words I need to ask about

Anyway, and thank you very much, you gave me some hope

You mean my stay?

Real Madrid I hate them

They hate you, well, I do not want this to be the reason for our disagreement

of course noooo i have more frind who fans real madrid

What do you like also

i was seeing match between man united & liver bool

Who is the winner?

but i like man united

Oh mean your team lost

no just i prefer man united but i fans barcelona

Oooh Barcelona, I prefer Real Madrid

match of barcelona after one hours

One hour ? Well good luck

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    Oh thanks, you are a wonderful girl

    [مستخدم حسابه معطّل]

      i speak with you in the other side

      [مستخدم حسابه معطّل]

        oh dear trust your self and never stop

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