"This is a drink."

Translation:He inu kēia.

December 9, 2018

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This one is strange. "Inu", as I was taught, is the verb "to drink." The word for beverage is "mea inu", which is roughly "things to drink."

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    From your and Lee's earlier comments, I entered "ka mea inu" for "the drink" and DL marked it wrong. My trusty dictionary defines drink this way: verb inu, inumia, pā. Noun mea inu. Ka inu for The drink should be accepted. Edit: As of 12/13/18, He mea inu kēia is accepted.


    The typical "friendly" forum community gave me a down-vote for my comment on my interpretation of drink as mea inu. Additionally, I also have an opinion on the difference between 'ai and mea 'ai, but I will withhold it for now.

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      Rabelon, according to "Hawaiian Dictionary," Pukui & Elbert: Mea inu = "n. Beverage, drink, potion" and Inu = "nvt. To drink; a drink, drinking." Auwe on the down-voter. Have a lingot.


      Pukui et al. state "Most verbs may function also in other capacities. Very commonly they are used as nouns; that is they follow noun markers....."


      Granted. I think the point is that mea inu should not be marked as incorrect, because it is not. Same would be true for 'ai and mea ʻai.

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