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Romanian "iar" and "și"

Can anyone explain the difference in the usage of "iar" and și" for the English "and" in Romanian? I have been reading beginning Romanian books . They use "iar" several times. Grammatically how do you know when to use it instead of "și"?

December 9, 2018



They are both ways to say "and".
Și can be used everywhere, while "iar" is specific to making comparisons.
For example:
You can say "Eu sunt un băiat iar ele sunt fete." (I am a boy and they are girls) you can use either/or in this situation.
It would be incorrect to use iar when not comparing or contrasting two different things :)


Thanks! That helps a lot. :-)


Thanks, I couldn't figure that out either


D3XT3RYOnuT, Iiai, Alex Dionescu.....why your "explanations(??) or observations in limba romana???? we the pupils here are ALL beginners...how should/how can you make out what you are trying to say??? to me it is All abracadabra.... please make the effort to translate so that we can "learn" also......multumesc

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