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  5. "You ran and you jumped."

"You ran and you jumped."

Translation:Suqet 'ej SuSup.

December 9, 2018



Could "bIqet 'ej SuSup"or "bIqet 'ej bISup" also be correct here? The English translation doesn't specify that "you" should be plural. I know English doesn't have a formal plural "you" but maybe "you all" would be better here to show us we need to use "Su-."


bIqet 'ej bISup is definitely accepted as an answer on this exercise. Without more context you cannot tell if we are looking for singular or plural, so both are accepted. However, without some sort of context indicating that one of the "you"s is plural and the other singular, I would not change it in the middle of the sentence, so those types of answers are not accepted on this question.

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