"We want a fair development."

Translation:Kami ingin pembangunan yang adil.

December 10, 2018

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I put "pengembangan" why is this wrong and what is the difference with this and pembangunan?


Development does translate to pengembangan and/or pembangunan. Pembangunan is more accurate for this sentence for the context of building infrastructure etc because in Indonesia this is a real issue due to the development being Java centric (many islands like Papua and Kalimantan are less developed). Pem- and -an is just affix. The original words are "Bangun" which means "build" whilst pengembangan is more general sense of development, it could be software development etc.


Such a tongue twister! “Pem-bang-un-an”! xD


Why can't you use 'mau' instead of ingin?


I don't really know why they don't accept it, but sentence wise I can totally see my teacher thinks "mau" would be a worse diction. "Ingin" is more formal, and it's matching the context of the sentence that is formal in that sense. Whilst "mau" is informal, like "you want to eat" can translate as "kamu mau makan" because eating is not serious and all that.

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