"Mereka membicarakan tentang peraturan sekolah yang baru."

Translation:They are talking about the new school rule.

December 10, 2018



Would it also be correct without the "tentang"?

December 10, 2018


Would it also be correct without the "tentang"?

Thank you for bringing this up.
The ID sentence is actually incorrect.
'tentang' cannot be used here in combination with 'membicarakan'.
'membicarakan' = 'berbicara tentang' = to talk about.

-1) 'Mereka berbicara tentang peraturan.'
-2) 'Mereka membicarakan peraturan.'

Sentence 1) uses an intransitive verb (berbicara) and here you have to use 'tentang'.
Sentence 2) uses a transitive verb, this verb cannot use 'tentang' before the object.

December 10, 2018


But the tentang means about

February 10, 2019


Is it wrong to translate this as "They are talking about the rules of the new school"?

March 4, 2019
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