"Bangsa Indonesia adalah bangsa yang besar."

Translation:The nation of Indonesia is a big nation.

December 10, 2018

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Yes a very unwieldy translation which serves no purpose. "Indonesia is a big nation" would be better.


An akward English sentence.


Bangsa vs negara?? Whats the difference?


"Bangsa" is closer to an "ethnic group" or a "tribe" sharing the same tradition, language and customs whereas "negara" is a "country" founded on a political system. "Bangsa" as a country can be interchangeable with "negara", but the speaker emphasizes the unity of citizens like a big family by using "bangsa". My explanation is based on KBBI as well as other dictionaries.


I haven't had time to read through the kbbi entries, but I /think/ negara is more clinical, bringing to mind borders and capital cities and political systems, but bangsa is more emotive, bringing to mind peoples and cultures.


Why cant be Indonesia nation? Instead of the nation of Indonesia?


"Indonesia nation" is not grammatical. You could say "Indonesian nation", but that puts a specific emphasis on the "indonesianness" of the nation that you may not want to convey. "Nation of Indonesia" is more neutral.


Is there a reason why this is written in a way that is difficult for English speakers? Is this the sequence Indonesians would use?

Also, Negara should have been allowed. I wish they would read the notes.


Hello Sharon! I got answers from two native speakers via HiNative.


First, this kind of reduplication is widely and frequently used among Indonesians although it sounds very redundant to English speakers. Second, this type of reduplication adds more emphasis on the key message. You can apply this technique not only to positive contexts such as great nation, luxurious house and clever person, but also to negative ones like dirty river.

One of the native speakers also explains the difference between “bangsa” and “negara” in this sentence. Translating “a nation” as “negara” is not good (I won’t say completely incorrect). “Negara” is closer to “a country” as “a state” in terms of politics. For more information, please refer to the HiNative page. Enjoy reading!


WOW! I read that. You are so thorough, but in a concise way. I fully understand the difference now! You rock!!!!!!! :) Terima Kasih or in Balinese - Suksma

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