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"The Klingon does not understand Federation Standard."

Translation:DIvI' Hol yajbe' tlhIngan.

December 10, 2018



My Answer: DIvI' Hol yajbe' tlhIngan. Umm... Apparently Duolingo thinks that's wrong


It's been doing weird things since the latest update and the programmers have asked for documentation. Do you have a screen shot, perhaps?


You're using lower case L instead of capital i. Please look carefully for the small curl on the l and contrast that with the straight bottom on the I.


there's a mismatch in how fonts render in the hints and correct answer displays vs. the answer entry box; there are no curls on the lower case Ls making them look identical to upper case Is. This may be a browser-dependent issue (I'm working on Firefox, base install). See screencap: https://imgur.com/a/uWyKHu3


Er, what?

It looks fine to me.

Look at the word Hol, which has a curl at the bottom of the last letter everywhere on that page, as far as I can see -- in your answer, in the hint, and in the correction.

There are no lower-case Ls in the word DIvI', only upper-case is, so it's only proper that there be no curl there. (A word Dlvl', with only consonants and no vowels, would be "impossible" to pronounce anyway, at least for an English or Klingon speaker -- it's not like Slovak, where L can be the nucleus of a syllable as in vlk "wolf".)

The hints and the correction both seem to show DIvI' the same way to me: without a curl on the letter is.

And the word tlhIngan in the answer entry box seems to have distinct l (ell, with curl) and I (eye, without curl) as well.

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