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  5. "Cowards are without honor."

"Cowards are without honor."

Translation:quv luHutlh nuchpu'.

December 10, 2018



I just tried batlh ghajbe' nuchpu', which was my effort at Cowards do not have honor since the much better luHutlh didn't occur to me. I see why I'm wrong, but have a related general question: is ghajbe' (or maybe ghajHa’) ever appropriate for doesn't have, or should we always use Hutlh for to lack? Thanks so much as always.


There's a subtle difference.

{paqvetlh vIghajbe'} = I don't have that book.

{Haqtaj Hutlh HaqwI'.} The surgeon lacks a scalpel.

"Not to have" is distinct from "to lack" in the sense that "to lack" implies something is missing from where it should be. If you lack something, you SHOULD or OUGHT have something, but don't.


I can't seem to get the batlh vs. quv usage. I get it wrong almost every time. Frustrating.


quv is personal honour, that can be earned or lost.

batlh is the general, philosophical concept of honour.


I was expecting the answer to be "batlth luHutlh nuchpu" because I interpreted the English sentence to mean "cowards are cowards because they lack honor", but, given that the correct translation is "quv luHutlh nuchpu", I'm guessing the correct meaning for the English sentence is "cowards do not receive honor from others?"


Both are accepted as answers, since cowards probably lack both. If you got marked wrong for batlh it might have been that you misspelled it (you have an extra t in it above).


That's almost certainly what it was. Thank you!

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