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"The seventh day of February is the holiday."

Translation:ʻO ka lānui ka lā ʻehiku o Pepeluali.

December 10, 2018



This section on dates and events on days and months etc is very very frustrating as I can make no sense of it....when to start a sentence with 'O or when to start it with Aia. And having no lesson or structure is a major weakness of this program. It may be free but it's not currently fun.


What purpose does ʻo serve in this sentence? Iʻm seeing this sentence can be written both as ʻO ka lānui ka lā ʻehiku o Pepeluali. OR ʻO ka lā ʻehiku o Pepeluali ka lānui. If it can be switched around, what does ʻO mean? Thanks!


(ʻO), at the beginning of the Hawaiian sentence in this case, lets you know that you can change the order of the sentence without changing its meaning.

The seventh day of February (is) the holiday. or The holiday (is) the seventh day of February. The meaning is the same with either word order.

(ʻO) ka lānui / ka lā ʻehiku o Pepeluali.

(ʻO) ka lā ʻehiku o Pepeluali / ka lānui.

  1. The holiday (subject) is the seventh day of February. 2. The seventh day of February (subject) is the holiday. ʻO marks the subject of the sentence.


If, in this sentence, we use "o Pepluali", why did the previous sentence use "ʻo Ianulai"? Both "o"ʻs were used to mean "of", but one "o" used an ʻokina and one didnʻt.


O without okina is possessive.


O is of and 'o just marks February as a noun. Like "the month, February" ('o) vs "the 4th of February" (o).


Well this is interesting. I'd gotten used to the program setting up the word bubbles for me, and even used to the program using ALL the word bubbles so all i had to do was choose the rest. But this is the first time the program set up the response INcorrectly. Oh, and did i mention that the responses set up by the program are NOT able to be rearranged? This is very confusing!


I know what you mean. I used to be able to drag a tile from one position to another. It stopped letting us do that. If you missed a word at the front of the sentence, you have to reconstruct the whole thing.


Why 'O and not Aia? Aia shows a location in time however, isn't it?


In this prompt, "the seventh" and "a holiday" are the same thing. They are equals. But when using aia, one part is usually located on or within the other part.

For example, a birthday party is held sometime WITHIN a day, whereas the birthday itself IS the whole day. So a sentence with "party" would usually start with aia, whereas the sentence with "birthday" would start with 'o. This is often referred to as an equational sentence.

To add to the complication, in English, the emphasized part of an equational sentence cannot be easily detected in the sentence construction, at least when written. In writing, some other context must be made obvious to discover the more important part.

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