"We are giving the lions to them."

Translation:Īlon kēlia pōntot tepi.

December 10, 2018



Why "tepi"? Why not "irughi"?

Somewhere I read tepagon for 1.+2. person recipients irughagon for 3. person recipients

"If I/you/we are the ones recieving a gift, you should preferably use "tepagon"; but if he/she/it/they are recieving a gift, you have tu use "irughagon""

Now I´m confused...

December 10, 2018


Tepagon is used when either subject or object is 1st or 2nd person So here we use tepagon as the subject is 1st person "we" irughagon is used when "he/she/it gives sth. to him/her/it(other one).

December 10, 2018
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