"Bagaimana hubungan antara Tiongkok dan Amerika Serikat?"

Translation:How is the relationship between China and the United States?

December 10, 2018

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Is “Cina” offensive in Malay too?


Nope, in Malay "Cina" is used to describe both country and race.


According to an Indonesian native speaker, Chinese Indonesian people don't want to be called themselves as "orang Cina" because "Cina" sounds to him/her as offensive as the term "Negro" for African Americans. https://hinative.com/questions/11494057

You may also want to read a series of referendums on the Indonesian Wikipedia. Some of Wikipedia editors got furious about the proposal for the change in the article name.

As far as I know, Chinese Indonesian people were politically and socially discriminated. I don't see Chinese ethnicity among high-ranking government officers, for example, although many of them are financially successful. In my humble opinion, the situation is different in Malaysia. We should be more careful when we use the term "Cina" in bahasa Indonesia.


Do we always put "the" before US? Is that necessary?


In English, yes. :)


Tiongkok is a Hokkien word for China. Well, the relationship between those two is feisty to say the least


Why not 'How is the relation between China and the United States'? Does it have to be 'relationship' in English?


Perhaps you need "relations" instead of "the relation", but this sounds rather formal.


How are relations = not accepted (though perfectly acceptable)


I agree. I reported it for not accepting relations, hopefully they will add it. For example in a newspaper it would be a much more common way to say it.

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