"There are ten black dogs on the playground."

Translation:Aia ʻumi ʻīlio ʻeleʻele i ka pā pāʻani.

December 10, 2018



Apparently this could be an answer to "'Ehia ʻīlio ʻeleʻele i ka pā pāʻani," without the leading "Aia"? Like another sentence in this lesson for translation to English, "ʻEhia keiki nuha ma ka pā pāʻani?"

April 3, 2019


Does anyone have a tip to remember when to use i ka and when to use ma ka?

April 19, 2019


An obvious part of it is use "i" if you're talking about doing something to it. My impression for "ma" is that it likes places in static situations, "is ... there," but not "goes there." Guessing, as usual. Took Hwn 102, 201, 202 at UH 39 years ago, but don't even remember "ma."

April 19, 2019


Generally, "i" is dynamic and "ma" is static. "i" implies "to" or "of." Whereas "ma" implies "in" or "at."

May 3, 2019
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