"He moa kōʻala kēia."

Translation:This is barbecued chicken.

December 10, 2018

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Roasted!!! Barbecue...really? He moa kō'ala kēlā? (Is that roasted chicken) He moa kō'ala kēia. This is (Roasted) chicken. Both Roasted and BBQ should be excepted. Why?


ko'ala according to you is both roasted AND barbecued. so my answer of roasted should be accepted.


Why is there only one word for grilled/roasted/broiled/baked? They are all very different cooking styles


Intonation communicates meaning? "He moa kō 'ala kēia?" Is this roasted chicken? "He moa kō 'ala kēia." This is roasted chicken. Am I stating this right? The intonation (indicated by the punctuation) is the only difference between these two sentences, but that difference alters the meaning.

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