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  5. "Let's eat poke."

"Let's eat poke."

Translation:E ʻai kākou i ka poke.

December 10, 2018



From Wikpedia: Poke is diced raw fish served as either an appetizer or as a main course and is one of the main dishes of Native Hawaiian cuisine.


I don't think it should be shown on rice.


Ok, let me qualify my statement. I don't think poke should be shown with rice in the Hawaiian language portion of DL, because rice is not a Hawaiian food. Showing Asian foods ( thought they may be eaten in Hawaii ) in a Hawaiian cultural space is a reinforcement of settler colonialism, and it results in the erasure of Hawaiian culture by substitution.


Maybe it is not traditional, but most Poke places serve poke bowls with rice. If there wasn't rice in the bowl, I would think sushi, not poke.


Poke bowls are often served at Japanese style/influenced restaurants. So rice is used to make a "complete meal". In Japanese terms, poke falls more in the category of sashimi than sushi as it is a raw seafood dish without rice.

Poke often will traditionally be eaten as main or side dish of a meal including other dishes of poi, laulau, etc. Regardless of presentation or cultural viewpoint, I think it is 'ono and will eat it as often as I can!


So many people make the mistake of thinking sushi is raw fish. It is not. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sushi

Re: "...poke falls more in the category of sashimi ..." They only thing they have in common is the fish being raw. They are each prepared differently.


How do we know if let's means you and I or everyone


You don't, so DL accepts kāua and kākou.

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