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How is my Esperanto pronunciation?

Hi all, I've been working on my Esperanto for a couple of months. I still consider myself a beginner, but I think I'm on the right track. The problem is, I don't know any esperantisto in real life with whom I can converse. There is an Esperanto group that meets up not too far from me, once I feel more confident, maybe I'll give it a try. Anyway, I was wondering if anyone can judge my pronunciation so far. I'm tongue tied, (a condition called ankyloglossia), so my r's are more of a tap than a trill. I made two recordings. Any thoughts?

Universal Declaration of Human Rights Article 1


The Lord's Prayer


December 10, 2018



sounds good to me bud, keep up the good work


Not bad. The first felt a little fast but otherwise okay. The second had some errors that'll be corrected with time and practice.


1 - Don't rush.

2 - The accent should be on the second-to-last syllable.


Thanks for the feedback. I tried to put the accent on the second-to-last syllable of every word, but I think I put it on the first syllable of "spirito". Probably because I'm used to saying "espírito" in Portuguse and Spanish, which for that word, due to the accent mark over the letter i, have the accent on the third-to-last syllable. I'll keep practicing.


Mark109702 - I hope you can see my comment. It's at -7 votes now. I think 5 are from one person with 5 accounts who is downvoting all my comments.

"Racion" is another example of a word which you accented on the wrong syllable. (For those reading along, Mark asked for feedback.)


Salivanto, I saw your comment. That was one that I didn't catch, I think because I may have been speaking too quickly, it seems like it came out with the accent on the last syllable. I appreciate the feedback, and I will work hard to perfect my pronunciation, as well as my grammar, etc. I don't know why people are down voting your comments. I upvoted yours.


My guess is that when I say "whoah, who downvoted my comment?" it gives people a chuckle so they do it again.


Woah, who downvoted my comment?


Mi tre bone komprenis cxion!


Ankoraux unu penso -- vi jam parolas Esperanton. Ne atendu gxis kiam vi "havas la memfidon." Trovu la lokan grupon nun. Tio multe helpos al vi.


Mi ne scias, kiel estas Esperantaj grupoj. Mi timas, ke se mi faros multajn erarojn, ili ne akceptos min, aŭ ili nomos al mi krokodilon. Mi eble devas uzi la vortaron aŭ Google Translate ofte! Ili akceptas komencantojn?


Ne timu! Oni certe helpos vin plibonigi viajn vortaron kaj prononcon. Neniu primokos vin, certe ne!

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