"My stores are at the market."

Translation:Toko-toko saya ada di pasar.

December 11, 2018

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I sometimes get ke and di mixed up


Is toko-tokoku a possibility?


My stores at the market:

  • Toko-toko saya di pasar

My stores are at the market:

  • Toko-toko saya di pasar
  • Toko-toko saya ada di pasar

Toko-toko saya di pasar:

  • My stores at the market
  • My stores are at the market

Toko-toko saya ada di pasar:

  • My stores are at the market


when do we use "ada". The previous sentence.."bola bola saya merah dan putih" ...my balls ARE red and white....why don't we use "ada merah dan putih".. Please advise.


Ada implies presense. In this example shops are present at the mark. But my balls are present red and white doesnt make sense. In english we use 'are' in both examples with different meanings.


Because if you put it in there you'll have to put warna (coulors) in the sentence.

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