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  5. "Dia suka hitam."

"Dia suka hitam."

Translation:He likes black.

December 11, 2018



'Dia' is common for He and She. I got wrong when i type she.


I agree, Duolingo have lots of mistakes, they do the same in French when I wrote 'elles' instead of 'ils' and also use 'tu' which is a very intimate word to only be used among family and close friends.


It's not mistakes. Duolingo is a crowdsourced site.

It means that the course contributors, that are users like you, try to include all the possible answers, but it's impossible to be an human being and to think about all the possibles answers for a sentence, so they added a system where you can report the missing alternative answers. And they add them after a while. So, it's not a mistake, they add it after your report.

I'm French, "tu" is not always so intimate, as I use it all the time to talk to strangers on the internet, young people also use only "tu" when adressing to another young. But it's not really the topic here.

Just report when they forget "he" or "she" for "dia", and it'll get fixed.


Officially, Ia is used for he


"Tu" is informal, not intimate. It's OK to use it with complete strangers depending of the context. If you want to show more respect "Vous" is more commonly used. Like talking with elderly or teachers


Same problem here


I also thought that my answer: "she" was not approved but later I filled in "she likes" instead of "she loves" and this was approved.


It doesn't mean that it's not approved, but sometimes we need to use the "report" button to add alternative answers.

Here, of course, both "he" and "she" are valid translations for "dia".


Remember Black is "hitam" like Hitler and his soul was black


How will i know if it was he or she tbh


It depends on the context.


Using either one here should be accepted. Report if not.


Once you go black...

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