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  5. "ʻO ka Lāpule ka lā pōpeku."

"ʻO ka Lāpule ka pōpeku."

Translation:Sunday is football day.

December 11, 2018



Judging by the fact that sunday was the day chosen im guessing this refers to american football right?


As Hawaiʻi is part of the United States, I would assume American football: a game that is played by two teams of eleven players using an oval-shaped ball. Players try to score points by passing or carrying the ball to their opponents' end of the field, or by kicking it over a bar fixed between two posts.


No need to explain to me what american football is ;) i watch far more american football than i do soccer :D But at school i was taught "football" for the game of soccer so i just wanted to be sure to which game this sentence refers :D


Okay 1) I'm kinda glad for this sentence because I'd been wondering whether the programmers were British (a LOT of the phrasing on which they insist is a bit foreign to me and I was born and raised in the US - and a little frustrated and offended that they seem to be trying to teach me English as much as Hawaiian) And 2) actually we here in Hawai'i aren't all that thrilled to be considered part of America - the culture there is WAY different from Hawaiian culture. It feels really good to hear tourists say They're "going home to the states."

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