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  5. "Ninazoea kula ugali"

"Ninazoea kula ugali"

Translation:I am getting used to eating ugali

December 11, 2018



My english is not perfect... but i thought it has to be: " I am getting used to EAT ugali." Isn't it?


In this sense, no, it would be "I am getting used to eating"

You would use Eat if you said, "I used to eat."


Curious. I just got this translation correction (from Swahili to English). But earlier in the lesson, when I was translating from English to Swahili, it required using the pronoun "Mimi" before ninazoea. Not sure which is correct, or if both are and there's an error in the lesson. Thank you to anyone who might know!


Mimi is optional. You could say it before ninazoea for emphasis, but the "nina-" in ninazoea means the same as mimi. Therefore, the person you are speaking to will already know you are referring to yourself when you omit Mimi.


Another inconsistent use of ugali/stiff porridge.


"I am used to eating stiff porridge" was wrong. Why?


I dont know, but maybe it is "to get used" and not "to be used"?


The translation they want is "i am GETTING used to stiff porridge/ugali"

The difference is that "i am used to" implies that you are already used to something.

I suppose kuzoea implies you are in the process of getting used to something.


It says i was wrong when i put "i am used to eating ugali." Clearly it wanted "I am getting used to eating ugali."

So... Is there a different word for "i am [already] used to" ?

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