"मैं घर जाऊँगी।"

Translation:I will go home.

December 11, 2018

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What's the difference between jayegi and jaungi


I guess जाऊँगा(Jaunga) is used for described about my own situation. जाएगी(jayegi) is used for others.


She will go, and I (female) will go.


this is the multi-choice style question, what clues are there to the missing word? - he or she or they could be coming or going


No, jaungi refers to 1-I, 2-future, 3-to go, 4-feminine Easy :)


The last time I did this sentence, I used jaoongee and was marked wrong, with jaoongah as the correction. This time I used jaoongah, and was marked incorrect with jaoongee as the correction.


Both are correct as gender is not specified here. I don't know why but the Duolingo only accept one form of gender here when the gender is not given and mostly it accepts the words for feminine form. If it is masculine then you would use "jaoongah" (जाऊंगा) or "jaayega" (जाएगा) and for feminine you will use "jaoongee" (जाऊंगी) or "jaayegi" (जाएगी)

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