"Di mana batas kekuasaan pemerintah?"

Translation:Where is the limit of a government's power?

December 11, 2018

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A number of alternative translations that are possible need to be added: "Where is(are) the limit(s) of government power?" "Where is(are) the government power's limit(s)?" "Where are the limits of a government's powers?"


Semantic aside, one could also say: "What is the limit of government power?"


"Di mana batas DARI kekuasaan pemerintah?" is also a correct translation, according to two Indonesian native speakers. For more information, please read the related discussion.



Duolingo officially announced the plan to shut down the forums. I cut and paste my previous explanation from the forum about the difference between "batas kekuasaan" and "batas DARI kekuasaan".

Your answer with DARI is also correct and sounds natural.


One of the responders on HiNative also explained the difference of nuance between "di mana batas kekuasaan pemerintah" and "di mana batas DARI kekuasaan pemerintah".

With "DARI", the speaker expects that there is definitely the limit. On the other hand, without "dari", the speaker doesn't have such expectation. So, the original Duo sentence sounds like "it doesn't have a limit to it and it's full of dictatorship and abuse of power". Basically, the original sentence without "dari" is not a question to seek an answer, Rather, it's more like a resentment.

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