"ʻUmikūmamālua papa heʻe nalu lōʻihi"

Translation:Twelve long surfboards

December 11, 2018

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i learned that different islands had their own way of speaking example: umikumamalua umikumalua maika'i meke'i either way is correct.

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    For those of us who live far from Hawaii and donʻt have personal access to the Hawaiian language and culture, a lot of this is a guessing game, certainly while DL ʻŌlelo is in Beta. Input like this is helpful. Mahalo.


    Umm.. I thought that this was supposed to be time and not numbers.


    '12 long-boards' accepted 5/30/20


    Is ʻumikumamālua a compound?

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      Per Hawaiian Dictionary (Pukui/Elbert): "Kū.mā-. Prefix to numbers as ʻumi kūmākahi, ʻumi kūmālua, iwakālua kūmākahi, kanakolu kūmālua, etc."
      So, then I looked up kumamā: "Same as kūmā- (rare in conversation, Biblical). The origin is uncertain. Ellis (1827:479) suggests that the old term may have been kumu ma, beginning and; perhaps kumu assilated to kuma before . ʻUmi kumamākahi, eleven (Biblical).


      Sort of. You may recognize the 'umi as the number 10 and the lua as the number 2. All that stuff between is how to connect them into a single number 12.

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      Not that Google Translate is particularly trustworthy for Hawaiian, but it also gives "ʻUmikumālua" as an acceptable translation for "twelve." Are either or both correct?


      Both are correct... umikuma(ma)lua just makes the word more fun to say


      Ha! That's funny. Actually, I believe it is the older generation (70+ years old) that uses the kumamā version with regularity.


      this is in the "time" lessons and should not be there.

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