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  5. "That cat is black."

"That cat is black."

Translation:Jene Katze ist schwarz.

April 4, 2013



Why is "die Katze ist schwarz" a correct answer?....wouldn't that mean the cat is black (not that cat is black). I put Das Katze (that cat) and got it wrong.


"Das Katze" doesn't work because "Katze" is feminine and goes with "diese", "die" or "jene". Technically "diese" is "this" and "jene" is "that", but Duolingo is lenient because Germans sometimes use "die" or "diese da" even when they mean "that".


Look here: http://www.udoklinger.de/Deutsch/Grammatik/Pronomen.htm under : Deklination der Demonstrativpronomen: dieser - diese - dieses Die Katze ist weiblich (The Cat is female). "Das Katze" is wrong


I've never heard a German use "jener" or any of its forms. Die Katze da ist schwarz. Der Mantel da gehört mir. Use the definite article + noun + da to specify "that".

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