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"È importante che io ricordi il titolo."

Translation:It is important that I remember the title.

May 14, 2014


  • "È importante che io ricordi il titolo."
  • Translation: It is important that I remember the title."

(in the Subjunctive-Present unit)

io ricordi" = I remember?

Ricordare would seem to want "Io ricordo" while "you remember" would be "tu ricordi".

Non e' vero?


Yes, you are right.

io ricordi = I remember in the subjunctive mood.

tu ricordi = you remember (both indicative mood and subjunctive mood)

lui ricordi = he remember in the subjunctive mood

In the subjunctive mood the first, second and third person singular are equal and so in Italian they use in the subjunctive mood often the personal pronoun to avoid misunderstandings.

ricordare qualcosa = yes, it needs the direct object pronoun (i.e. lo ricordo). (if a verb needs a preposition to collect it with an object it needs an indirect object pronoun; if its directly followed by the object it needs a direct object pronoun.)

  • ricordare qualosa/qualcuno (direct object pronoun)

  • pensare a qualcuno (indirect object pronoun)

  • spiegare qualcosa (direct object pronoun) but also: spiegare qualcosa a qualcuno (both direct and indirect object pronoun)

lo ricordo (indicative mood) I remember it/him.

io lo ricordi (subjunctive mood) I remember it/him.


It would probably make a lot more sense if (at least?) half of us English-speakers knew what "Subjunctive" meant, and why we would choose to use that!

In English, "It is important that I remember" = "It is important for me to remember"


Probably down to the fact that in English the subjunctive only differs from the indicative in the third person form (it's important that she remember), so people often don't realise that they're using it.


Good piece of information.


And THAT, is exactly why I'm going to do the reverse tree when I get done with my Italian lesson. I need to relearn my native English.


Very difficult to understand if I am trying to say 'I remember', why I must use 'you remember' in this exercise


It's not "you remember"; it still means "I remember" but "ricordo" changes to "ricordi" to indicate uncertainty. :)


Sorry, but why is there uncertainty in this sentence? Can 'ricordo' also be used and would it change the meaning?


The subjunctive mood is used to refer to hypothetical and counterfactual events. Things that may happen or may have happened, and things that the speaker believes will not happen or have not happened.

In this case, the speaker thinks it is important to remember the title. Perhaps she failed to remember it, and she is pointing out what a blunder that was. Her having remembered it is the counterfactual event. Or maybe she wants to get the title right in her speech tomorrow, but she doesn't know if she will. It is still a hypothetical event. Hence the uncertainty.

Finally, 'ricordo' would sound a bit strange here. Italians use the subjunctive more than English speakers do. Phrases that start with the word 'che' very often require the subjunctive.


Thanks for the explanation! I was (and still am) struggeling with the subjunctive, especially trying to find out if it is compulsory or optional, and when to use it. Going through the DL exercises didn't really teach me any of this - maybe it's time I took some lessons instead of trying to figure it out by myself :)


I am also struggling with this and some of the other grammar. I think I will look for an Italian grammar guide.


For Roodhan- I find the tips & Notes given by Duolingo to the left of the screen very helpful in understanding the grammar. This only appears when I use the laptop and not the Ipad or Iphone.


Why ricordi and not ricordo


Pretty sure you know that by now, anyway because it's subjunctive.


Why is the "mi" missing from "io mi ricordi"?


Is this a correct sentence?

I think it should be "è importante che mi ricordi il titolo".

Ricordare is a reflexive verb. If we use ricordare without 'mi' it would mean remind. So the sentence would be; It's important that I remind the title.


Is this actually correct? I've learnt elsewhere that this subjunctive form may be used only when there are two subjects in the sentence and they're not the same: https://onlineitalianclub.com/free-italian-exercises-and-resources/online-italian-course-intermediate-b1/congiuntivo-semplice/

So this one should in fact read È importante che mi ricordo il titolo, shouldn't it?


I thought the same thing, but "io" is not the subject of the main clause. The main clause is "É importante" ("It is important"), so "it" is the subject of the sentence, and "io" is the subject of the subordinate clause.


I don't think so, the Italian sentence seems fine. I think that what they say at the link is that the subjunctive can not be used when the two subjects are the same in a sentence.

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