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Ladies and gentlemen, we have exciting news! [ALPHA Testing!]

Happy Holidays, everyone!


This might be the greatest news we've gotten all year--the Japanese course Tree 2.0 is now in development! We've on-boarded two additional contributors (one English-native speaker and one Japanese-native speaker), and the course creation process has officially begun!


The new course will teach around 400-500 kanji, along with enough grammar to prepare for the N4 level of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test, or JLPT. We're so excited to introduce all this new material!


While the second version of the course is in development, we require two-to-three alpha testers who are willing to use the new course actively and provide us with error reports and general feedback before beta. You'll gain exclusive access to our chatroom, so you can let us know if there's an issue with the upcoming course. 募集中!We're actively recruiting alpha testers starting today! If you would like to apply, please fill out this form and write us a brief essay about why you would like to contribute to alpha testing. Be sure to write "alpha testing" in the box that reads "In Japanese ...". No need to write any actual Japanese there.


We look forward to reading your applications! Best of luck, and please let us know your thoughts on Tree 2.0! We can't wait to share the final product with you early next year!


December 12, 2018



Amazing! Will this expansion address some of the common complaints found in the current tree as well? For instance some kanji are taught in the early lessons but abandoned after level 1, and I've noticed folks have taken to re-writing the lesson sentences in kanji in the comment sections - sometimes with errors that confuse everyone. Additionally, there is a lack of variety in the lessons themselves. I sometimes get asked to translate the exact same sentence several times in a single lesson!


How proficient do you have to be in japanese and what other criteria are there to apply?


You should be proficient enough in Japanese to be able to try out the entire course relatively quickly. I would say level N4 (lower-intermediate) is a bare minimum.


So, more than finishing the current Japanese tree?

I'm good. I lived for more than a year in Japan, in Zen training. I also know Kanji from Chinese Hanzi and Korean Hanja.

I went to the application page and put down that and more.


Sadly i think i'm a bit away from that still. But hopefully i might just be up to scratch for the beta test if i can keep things up the way i'm doing now. :)


I am a simple man. I see Nichijou, I upvote. But yeah, let me know how progress goes!


Fantastic news :) Just a thought, be sure to tell us what we aren’t getting, otherwise people will be disappointed by their imaginations.




Very exciting news :D

Happy holidays!


Great news to hear! For those of us not Alpha testing, approximately when can we expect to see the new course released in Beta?


That question is a double edged sword. If they answer and don't make the deadline, they get a lot of harassment. If they don't answer, people get irritated. =(


double-edged swords are quite tricky, hmm. I just hope they get it done soon ;0


do we need to download a special keyboard app to work with the kanjis?


Hi mevans10, to take the Japanese for English speakers course, and the English for Japanese speakers course, folks will need to download a language pack. It will work with an English keyboard. I see that you are level 18 in the Japanese for English speakers Tree 1.0. May I ask what you've been using to navigate the course?


Thanks! I'm looking forward to it!


I can't wait!! I very much wish to be capable of speaking Japanese fluently, so I look forward to this!!


Great news, but I can't help wondering exactly where those wonderful animated gifs originated ^^


They were all taken from Nichijou


Wow! I'm really happy with that!!! [OFF Topic] I wish the Arabic course comes out next year as well. ;-;


It most certainly will; it was supposed to come out this year.


I'm so excited!!! Thank you for working so hard! Also, welcome to the new course contributors (and soon, thank you to the alpha testers!)



Is there any "timeline" for when it's expected to go live? I'm almost done with the first tree. (I'm going slowly right now because there's no more tree..)


As if this news wasn't good enough, the 日常 gifs made this post.

Quick question: how much of a commitment will alpha testing be? I would really like to help alpha test, but as a college student I'm not sure if I'll have a whole lot of free time.


Hey, i was thinking of starting to learn japanese now, but do you think it is better if i wait until the new version comes out? do you have a rough estimate of when it will be released?


I hope I can be an alpha tester. Since my Japanese tree is golden and I'm not on level 25 yet so it would be nice to go forward with a 2.0 tree.


I'm really looking forward to this!


Man, I’m longing for it now. When are you planning to launch beta test?




This is great news! I am not quite high enough level to volunteer but perhaps I'll get to n4 After some more hard work.  I enjoyed a short use of the stories feature and I'm super excited about the prospect of Stories for Japanese being released. Thanks Duolingo team for this incredible resource.


Yay!! Can't wait to see the new tree from you guys! :D


Oh that's great! Thank you very much! I'll enjoy it! :)


This is perhaps the most exciting thing I've read in a while


I'm looking forward to it. If I'm sitting at crown level 80 with a 92 day streak, and there are currently 200 total crowns in the course, I'll have the tree cleared by May of this year!


Luke, this person is deaf and would like a strategy to help with reading Kanji that doesn't require only audio. Would you be willing to take a look at it? I know that we have a fair number of d/Deaf folks using the courses on Duolingo. https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/30046613

Ty! :)

[deactivated user]

    What about further levels? Will the tree evolve to N3, N2, possibly N1?


    I'd love to help! Just filled out the form.


    I'd love to help testing it unfortunately looks like I'm underqualified. Still, I look forward to try the beta version. I realy appreciate your work.  ありがとうございます


    Will the new tree include better audio? As the sentences get more complex, the robot voice is sometimes hard to understand or is just plain wrong.


    Just my speculation, but to all of those asking "when" we'll have something to work with, he said "early next year" which IMO means the first 4 months.


    Nichijou Ah, I see you are a man of culture as well.

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