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Anyone have a good resource for common root words and their prefixes/suffixes?

hello! I'm getting into the 'di - ' 'me - ' 'me - an' and 'di - an' sections and finding them tricky. It helps me remember them if I can focus on the root word. I wondered if anyone had found a good resource that's just a list of a few common root words with their various forms and meaning grouped together? thanks!

December 12, 2018



I recommend using the online KBBI Indonesian dictionary:


And if you get lost, you can always switch on/off "Translate to English" in your browser and toggle between the two.


I recommend using the online KBBI Indonesian dictionary:

Yes, I agree.
KBBI is the ultimate resource.
KBBI shows for each base word the various forms with various affixes, together with their meanings and example sentences.
The example sentences show how the word can be used (context).
By reading the definitions and the synonyms, you'll expand your vocabulary.

hello! I'm getting into the 'di - ' 'me - ' 'me - an' and 'di - an' sections and finding them tricky.

Regarding the verbs 'me-', 'di-', 'me-kan', 'di-kan', 'me-i', 'di-i', they all follow the same pattern.
I think it's good to know the function and meaning of the individual affixes.
(active, passive, benefactive, causative, locative, etc...)
It's only a handful of them, and a transitive 'me-' verb has a passive 'di-' counterpart.
So, that makes it all so much easier, just like the fact that the inherent meaning of the verb is always related to the base word.
Whatever the base word is, noun, verb, adjective, etc...you can always check with KBBI and see the different forms and meanings.
This Tinycard deck could be useful if you want to quickly see the differences between the affixes.

EDIT: Regarding 'common root words', when I made these decks, these were common words for me.
It hasn't been updated for a while, but they're still common :)



thanks both! this is really helpful! x

[deactivated user]

    I wish I did! Unfortunately one of the reasons that it took the Indonesian team so long to complete the course and to release it into beta was that they had trouble finding English language resources to help them build the course. So there is a distinctl lack of good support resources right now. However interest in learning Indonesian among English speakers is slowly growing so hopefully we will get better resources in the near future.


    You might also find this page interesting.


    I have to skite... today and for another week or so I am in Bali, refusing to speak English!

    Don't be jealous...


    I have good dictionaries but these are not online ..

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