"Ini kalimat yang bagus."

Translation:This is a good sentence.

December 12, 2018



I wrote "This sentence is good" and got it wrong, but the missus says it should be correct.

December 12, 2018


Me too. Please can somebody explain?

February 12, 2019


(1) Kalimat ini bagus = This sentence is good.
(2) Ini kalimat yang bagus = This is a good sentence.

'ini' marks the end of a noun phrase. (see first sentence).
(kalimat ini = this sentence)

In the second example, 'ini' starts the sentence.
'ini' is a sort of a one-word-noun-phrase.
'ini' is the subject of the sentence.
Such a sentence is translated as "This is ..."

The same applies for 'itu'.

March 24, 2019
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