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  5. "These letters are from you."

"These letters are from you."

Translation:Surat-surat ini dari kamu.

December 12, 2018



I wrote "surat surat ini ada dari kamu".... which was marked incorrect. Please let me know when do we use "ada" . Thank you


Ada = there_is/are (you want to express the presence of something) .. ada surat surat ini dari kamu - there are these letters from you


Maybe think of "ada" like "estar" in spanish if you know what I mean. It's not a copula that links a noun with another noun or adjective like "ser" - it's an intransitive verb that means "be" in the sense of "exist". You could say "suratsurat ini ada" by itself and it would mean "these books exist".


Why not surat-surat ini berada dari kamu?


Berada means "to be existing at", base form is ada. It means existing, not really "is" or "are"


would “para surat” instead of “surat-surat” be ok , like “para wanita” in an other lesson , to provide an alternate way to express the plural intention of a word?

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"Surat-surat ini darimu" is also accepted.


You= Kamu You= Kalian

Ada yang bisa jelaskan?


Kalian = you plural, kamu = you singular


Previously has translated same sentence as *surat_surat ini dari kalian. Is kalian a possesive form for second person? i guess its like (kamu-kalian=you-your and kami-kita= we-our? or maybe i am guessing too much?


Kalian is a plural second person pronoun like you(plural), ye, or y'all. Kamu is a singular second person pronoun like you(singular) or thou.

Both kita and kami mean we.

Kita is an inclusive first-person plural pronoun. It includes you and the person or people to whom you speak.

Kami is an exclusive first-person plural pronoun. It excludes the person or people to whom you speak.


Can you suffix a pronoun to a preposition, à la "darimu"?

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