"I wrote it in my notes."

Translation:Saya menulisnya di catatan saya.

December 12, 2018

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I decided I'd translate this in the following way: "Saya menulisnya di catatanku." It was marked incorrect. Is this definitely incorrect, and if so, why?


Actually, it is correct. I don't know what might be their exact reason to mark it incorrect, but I guess it's the "ku" part at the end doesn't fit really well. "-ku" is like coming from the shortened version of "aku" to express that something belongs to the "I". But "I" generally can be translated in two versions: "saya" and "aku". Saya is a more formal form, you use it to talk to maybe a stranger, someone older or honored like teachers and professors. Meanwhile aku is a less formal form, you mostly use it when talking with friends or someone of around the same age as you, or younger. And in this case, "saya menulisnya di catatanku" might not be exactly correct because you mix saya with aku in the same sentence. If you want to use "ku" at the end, "aku menulisnya di catatanku" should be a better translation.


I put the better version, "Aku menulisnya di catatanku." and it was marked correct.


I wrote it in my notes = saya menulis itu di catatan saya I wrote in my notes = saya menulis di catatan saya Saya omong betul. Duolingo omong salah.



Saya menulis itu di catatan saya = i wrote that on my note

Saya menulis di catatan saya = i write in my note (no object)


Ya duolingo sucks on this one. Duo is often wrong, it's annoying


There are two questions that are the inverse of each other the answer for this one contradicts the answer for the other one. If you chaps from duolingo can't understand this sentence then what chance do I have?????

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