"Baked bread is not tasty."

Translation:ʻAʻole ʻono ka palaoa puhi.

December 12, 2018

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This sentence is terrible because baked bread is delicious!!


I give up. When is it "he" and when is it "ka"? Just when i thought i had it figured out, It's all different again! =(


Doesn't "he"start a sentence. I think it's a generic "a (something)...is". So you wouldn't say "A baked bread is not delicious." Also, the negating word " 'a'ole" seems to come first, so that would displace the "he" and then you'd have to use "ka" later in the sentence.


I may be wrong but I thought "he" was the indefinite article = a; whereas "ka/ke" is the definite article = the. I also have only seen "he" at the start of a sentence. Perhaps someone can add to this?


I think of "he" as a bit more complete, but still indefinite - "is a" or "are a." He haumāna au. I - am a - student. At this level I've only seen it at the beginning of sentence unless the sentence starts with " 'a'ole." " 'A'ole kēia he kanauika. "This not a sandwich."

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