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  5. "Puni ʻo Kaleo i ka hīmeni."

"Puni ʻo Kaleo i ka hīmeni."

Translation:Kaleo loves singing.

December 12, 2018


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I always learned that this would be"himeni 'ana" to turn "song" into "singing" but I'm not seeing that use at all on duolingo?


What I was taught was that ‘ana nominalizes something that is already a verb and turns it into a noun.

Hele can be turned into hele ‘ana for "the going."

If added to hīmeni it becomes singing as a noun but is redundant when hīmeni is already both a noun for singing and a verb for singing.

As far as I know, ‘ana is not added to create verbs or act as present participle. (These are not the same kind of "ing")


As someone asked above, shouldn't qe be using 'ana with verbs to indicate a gerund?


Yes! ‘ana is added to verbs for this (though the other person was stating for it to be added to nouns to create a verb).

Hīmeni, however, is one of those words thats already used for both the noun form and the verb form. It is classified as "nvt" which indicates noun + transitive verb. :)


MAHALO!! I've been searching all over for the meaning of nvt in terms of grammar and you just clarified it. Thank you!


Not always; as with Makemake 'oia i ka hoe wa'a: He likes canoe paddling or Makemake 'oia i ke kalaiwa ka'a: He likes driving cars.


Hmm DLHawaiian gave "Kaleo" a red underline for mis-spelling. I wanted to see what DLHawaiian thought I should have typed. it was "Paleo" so I guess its a healthy diet along with singing :-)


This can also mean Kaleo likes the song. Himeni also means any song not used in hula.

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Yes, but that's not the way it's translated by duo, so I think it needs 'ana


That can be right also! so many different ways to say the same thing in Hawaiian. One gets that when they listen to recordings of the kupunas as opposed to students of Hawaiian going as far back as the 70's.


I translated this a different way as well as in kaleo loves the singing as in listening to someone else perform


So was that counted as correct? And could it also be Kaleo loves to sing? (Or not?)


Was this word "hīmeni" brought to the native Hawaiians by the missionaries? I cant help but notice how similar it sounds to "hymn", which is a useful pnemonic device if nothing else.

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