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  5. "tera'ngan ghaHbe' torgh'e'."

"tera'ngan ghaHbe' torgh'e'."

Translation:Torg is not a Terran.

December 12, 2018



Would it also be correct to say "tera'ngan torghbe' " (or perhaps "tera'nganbe' torgh")? (I'm getting confused here.)


Unfortunately it would not be correct to say either of those. {torgh} and {tera'ngan} are standard nouns, and so cannot take verb suffixes. Pronouns are a slightly different specie that under some circumstances can act like verbs in the "to-be" sense. Your pronoun ghaH, for He/She/Him/Her, for example:
{tera'ngan ghaH} "she is a terran"
{tera'ngan ghaHbe'} "he is not a terran"
{tera'ngan ghaH qIrq'e'} "Kirk, he is a terran." or more simply "Kirk is a terran. "
{tera'ngan ghaHbe' torgh'e'} "Torg is not a terran."

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