"Is that kālua pig?"

Translation:He puaʻa kālua kēlā?

December 12, 2018

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Is there any way to get a grammar, or some understanding of Hawaiian other than dueling? Some of the other languages have something called tips with the language that they are teaching. Too bad Hawaiian language do not have these tip sections after the first two, then the learner is on his own.


Kālua to cook in underground oven, imu.

Puaʻa (Pig /Hog)

Writing in the journal Royal Society Open Science, an international team of researchers argues that Hawaii's hogs, previously thought to have arrived on the islands with English explorer James Cook in 1778, were brought there hundreds of years earlier by Polynesian settlers who would come to live there.

Link: https://www.seeker.com/hawaiis-feral-pig-ancestors-predate-captain-cook-2005835418.html


Thanks for the link and information


The prompts under the words are confusing and should be fixed so they inform instead of mislead.


Yeah, I love reading the hint as aia and being told the answer is he instead.

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