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"The child has dropped the big book intentionally."

Translation:chIch paq tIn chaghpu' puq.

December 12, 2018



Is chIch + -pu' basically the same as -ta' (paq tIn chaghta' puq)? Or does it have some other subtle meaning?

I can understand that chIch has other uses, especially if the action isn't completed (so no perfective aspect). But in this case, it states that the action is completed, and done on purpose. And that's my understanding of -ta'...


-ta' means that someone completed an action they set out to do. It carries an implication of intention. chIch makes the intention explicit. And you can use chIch even when you're not talking about a completed action.

But I don't really see much difference between the two.


Ah, I see. So my intuition was right.

But I now think there is a subtle difference. "set out to do something" feels like it refers to a planned course of action towards a specific goal (somehow related to -li), while chIch can happen spontaneously...

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