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  5. "We are on our way to Earth."

"We are on our way to Earth."

Translation:tera' wIlenglI'.

December 12, 2018



My answer, "tera' wIjaHlI'." was counted wrong. To my understanding, "leng" is an intransitive verb, and if that is the case, then you cannot have "wIlenglI" because it does not take a direct object. "wIjaHlI" does. In any case, I don't see how "wIjaHlI" is incorrect.


leng and jaH are both transitive verbs taking the destination as the object. However, I can see how jaHlI' would also be a good translation for, "on the way," so I've added it as an accepted translation.


Thanks. When I googled "leng", it said it was an intransitive verb, though. Maybe they were just saying it's intransitive until you want to say "travel TO somewhere".

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