Lessons Learned About Learning Lessons - Using The Duolingo App

I'm new to Duolingo. It's taken me about two months now to figure out a routine that works for me. Perhaps others may benefit from what I've learned about learning languages with Duolingo.

  1. I prefer using the mobile app rather than my desktop computer. It allows me to tio catch up on lessons during lunch at work, or relaxing at home on the couch. (Yes, I'm discovering that learning with Duking is relaxing and enjoyable!)
  2. However, the app does not allow access to the unit Tips and Notes, nor the discussion forum. I only recently discovered the web-based version of Duolingo, and it pointed me to many other resources.
  3. So, I use the mobile app only for practice.
  4. For the unit lessons I use the Google Chrome Browser app. I've bookmarked the Duolingo website, as well as the Forum.
  5. The Chrome browser app allows access to the unit Tips and Notes, as well as the discussion forum.
  6. Each exercise in the lesson displays a link to discuss that specific exercise. I can see at a glance how many comments have been posted about that specific exercise.
  7. The discussion link opens in a new tab, so it's easy to return to the lesson.
  8. Following the link to the discussion allows me to better understand the exercise, as well as finding like-minded learners whom I can follow.
  9. I've been intentionally following learners who ask interesting questions, or who seem to understand the language well, or who are curious and eager to learn.
  10. Finally, I've downloaded two dictionaries for my study of Welsh: Ap Geiriaduron and Geiriadur Prifysgol Cymru (GPC)

Anyone else using the mobile app exclusively for learning with Duolingo? What's been your experience?

4 weeks ago


Great tips, Milt! I've also been learning Welsh for about two months now, but I tend to use the laptop which offers more features. Those Welsh dictionaries you mention look great; thank you so much for the tip!

3 weeks ago
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I'll look into the two dictionaries you mentioned. I've been using Duolingo for 473 days now, and I know I'm techichly suppose to move onto other things- but I can't help it: Duolingo is comfortable, structural, bite size lessons- and I'll be lying if I say I know the tree 100%. Perheps in the 2 years mark I'll make that jump- but for now I'm enjoying doing them on the bus to and from work.

3 weeks ago

I hear you! I devoted four years of university studying Spanish, but in less than two months I'm gaining a working knowledge of Welsh using the Duolingo app. I too appreciate the bite-sized chucks of learning, the repetitive yet effective practice, and the comfortable pace. It's fitting my schedule and my skill well!

Thanks for the comment!

3 weeks ago
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