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"ʻAʻole ʻoe makemake i ka manakō?"

Translation:You don't like mangoes?

December 13, 2018



why is "ka" used here if "mangoes" is plural?


Good question. I wonder if it's sort of like how some languages like French always use the definite article to talk about a thing in general, e.g. Je n'aime pas les mangos = I don't like mangoes. I'll be interested in hearing someone with more knowledge comment here.


In English, we commonly invert the order of verb and subject in questions, e.g. "Don't you like mango?"


I wrote "You don't like the mangoes," and was marked incorrect.


In English, "the mangoes" would refer to specific mangoes, rather than mangoes in general. In that case, my understanding was it would be nā manakō instead.

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