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So I made a presentation about Celtic Nations and their respective language in class and I'm happy..

...because apparently they LOVED it!

I basically cut the presentation in 2 parts: history of Brittany and Ireland (I didn't include Wales, Scotland, Cornwall or the Isle of Man because I wouldn't have enough time to treat them all) and linguistics where I was talking about the Celtic tree, but mostly taking Irish Gaelic and Breton examples. I focused the presentation on this part.

At first I thought they'd hate it because I had to speed it up (since I only had 20 minutesuntil the end of the class last week because of a group who was presenting before) and I had to pause it. So I sped it up for nothing, kinda. Plus I felt like some didn't care.

However when I did the second half yesterday, I had more time to present the other half of my presentation. In this part I talked about grammar, weird word orders these languages have, pronunciation (I even explained the slender and broad vowels in Irish, and did a correlation on why Irish spelling was thus complicated!), I also did comparisons of sentences inter languages, and finally (that wasn't scheduled at first) I made them listen to a little Welsh, and I felt like it amused them a bit (because we all know Welsh sounds quite like an alien thing, even more to those who don't know anything about Welsh, no offence though haha.).

Finally, I concluded on the fact that they aren't spoken so much nowadays, but that it could be cool to keep them alive, refering also to other little-spoken languages like Navajo, or Maori (our teacher is New-Zealandese hehe). Then I said Slán Abhaile, and they all cheered me. And eventually, a group of three girls in my group told me they loved it, even though one of them was absent when I did the first part last week.

If anyone wants the PDF, tell me. I have Discord if anyone's interested.

In conclusion, this project motivated me to improve my Irish, so I can't be more happy about it! :D

EDIT: I got 16,25 points, the max mark being 20.

December 13, 2018



It sounds as if your presentation was well received... Not that I'd know anything about that... Sigh...


What do you mean?


I think he is just kidding, it`s "The_Blobfish" haha


If you want, my discord is Sashastan#4600.


OOO, I would love to take a look at that, it sounds really, really cool. I'm also trying to learn all that I can.

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