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"Aia ka pāka ma ka ʻaoʻao ʻākau o ka hale."

Translation:The park is on the north side of the house.

December 13, 2018


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Please explain how ka 'ao'ao 'akau can mean either the north side or the right side. I'm sure to get turned around if I get these directions.


Wouldn't "The park is north of the house" be an equally good translation as "The park is on the north side of the house" ?


"North side of" to me suggests "right next to, on the north." "North of" could be four blocks away.

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You might think- they are really similar in meaning- but the Hawaiian sentence specifies "side" with "ka 'ao'ao" so I guess they are going for the literal translation.


"'Ao'ao" is side.

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