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"Hoʻomoana kākou i ke kau wela ma Waiʻanae."

Translation:We all camp in the summer in Waiʻanae.

December 13, 2018



From Wikipedia: Waiʻanae is in Honolulu County, Hawaii. It is located on the island of Oʻahu.


(link) https://manomano.io/definition/36562 PH] 1 prop nCap.Quadrangle, mountain range, land division, town, valley, school, district, and homesteads, Oʻahu. A lizard goddess named Pūhāwai (water hollow) once lived inland at a place called Pūhā; she stole a woman’s husband; the wind god, Makanikeoe, restored him to her. (PH 161) [Lit. mullet water]

[KK] 1 Street name.


"We all camp in Waiʻanae in the summer" is also accepted.


I would think "We camp..." should be accepted, as well as "We all camp...", as it is standard accepted English grammar. "We all" sounds dialectal, like "you all = y'all," which is very dialectical and not standard English grammar.

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