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Introducing Duolingo’s Redesign!

Notice something new?

If you use the Duolingo app, you may have noticed that Duolingo is suddenly looking refreshingly different. We have been working on a new design of everything from the exercises to our beloved Duo. It is a huge project for us, and the result is a brighter, more intuitive look that has shown promise in being more engaging and fun, and has also permitted us to do things like add more animations, give Duo a lot more expression and personality, and improve consistency everywhere.

If you haven’t seen it yet, chances are you will soon. Currently all iOS users and most Android users should have access to it. Since the learning and engagement metrics are very positive, we expect to roll out to all users on web in the coming months.

(click here to see it bigger)

This isn’t our first major design update. In fact, some of you may recall Duo’s evolution over the years:

Visual changes tend to elicit passionate responses, and we expect this to be no different given how much this community cares about Duolingo and our mission. Many of our teams have been working on this massive undertaking. Our designers have spent days and nights drafting, iterating, debating, and redesigning to provide us with illustrations and animations that look and feel consistent with our new style, and that also lends itself to new types of learning exercises. Our developers have been working even harder than usual (and they usually work pretty hard!) to roll these changes out to everyone as smoothly and quickly as possible. These teams are looking forward to hearing your feedback as we all adjust to these changes. Thank you for all your dedication to language learning, and we hope this change will be a refreshing way to start the New Year!

December 13, 2018



Lessons have started taking much longer to load on the app. A full minute, sometimes even two, compared to several seconds pre-update. Is anyone else getting this issue?


Yep, plenty of time to see the newly-animated strolling Duo as the lesson loads, and loads, and loads. Huge negative.


Yeah I'm having this problem also. Sometimes it won't even load at all, or it will crash.


Yes. I, too, have experienced the site crashing multiple times over the past week and a half. The very frustrating part of this is that the site crashes After I have finished a lesson and then I don't get credit for the lesson when I log back in. Lessons are taking longer to load, as well. I do not want any animations for this reason, it makes sites too busy, too likely to crash, and too long to load. Granted my internet signal is not the strongest, but I haven't had issues with it until recently.


I'm with you - I had just finished the test-out from one skill that had 50 lessons in it (so 500XP) and the site crashed just at the end of the test. Not only did it not give me the 500XP, it didn't even register that I had completed a lesson - and my internet connection is just fine.


If that "Duo's evolution" picture is anything to go by, I definitely prefer the current look.

I guess I'll wait and see, especially since I only use the web version.


He seems to be getting younger as the years go by.


Duo is really a subspecies of Immortal Jellyfish. Unlike other species of Immortal Jellyfish that drift through the water, Duo's species floats through the air. (I mean, before Duo, had you ever heard of a green owl?? Green jellyfish, on the other hand... )
image description: a comparison between a bio-luminescent green jellyfish and the new duo owl on it's side.
The truth is owlthere. >.>


The green thing you circled on the left, is the next Duo logo. A green thing.


Exactly. The 2019 version looks like it's from a kids' game. But it's just one tiny thing among many, many other that may end up being far better.


Looking at Duo's evolution, I realized that Duo grows "younger" and now looks like a baby owl compared to the previous versions... I'm afraid if Duo keeps getting younger at this pace, soon we'll see an egg instead of the bird...


so true... I guess after the egg we will see Duolingo's mum perhaps?.....


Duolingo team, please ensure your redesign is easy on the system resources. The last thing your users want is more lag introduced for the sake of aesthetics. Don't forget that there are users with low or mid-range smartphones as well. It doesn't make sense if an education app eats up more resources than an actual game.


Or even those of us who have low or mid-range desktops and notebooks, and who also leave hundreds or thousands of tabs open (with their system processes finished through Chrome or Opera Task Manager) who we wish neither to close nor to add to bookmarks.

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add more animations

Will there be an option to switch the animations off? Otherwise this could be an accessibility issue.

Thanks for working so hard on improving Duolingo!


I don't think this is intentional, but the font size for certain languages are way too small.

Exhibit A (English from Japanese):

Exhibit B (Japanese from English):

Reading Chinese and Japanese kanji with that kind of font size would be a pain, and would force users to just rely on the audio (if it's available).


Wow, that's pretty bad! They should let people know that they'll need a magnifying class before starting lessons :b


Interesting point.

When I first learned Japanese, font size was really important. All the Kanji readers I used had large fonts, but as I progressed through kindergarten textbooks and then Middle school textbooks, the fonts got smaller and smaller.

So the font size for "お母さん、行ってきます" is probably the standard size for the novels I read, but when I started learning Japanese, it probably would have been too small.

Maybe Duolingo could start with a Large font for everything, and then progressively reduce the size of the font as people advance.


Having finished the English to Japanese tree some time back, it's far more friendly to newbies back then. (It's as large as the other text in that screenshot, more or less.)

But anyways, yeah, maybe they should make the font size larger for certain languages (Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and perhaps even Hindi and the planned Arabic) so that those who aren't used to them can have time to adjust.

P.S. Oh, it gets smaller too once I bring out the keyboard. There are other issues with the keyboard too, but I don't think it's part of the redesign.


お母さん、行ってきます make this bigger


I had that tiny font size issue a few months ago in the Spanish course! Strange, and I agree that it's irksome


Ever since this latest update, I've moved to the web version, so I didn't notice the same problem in the other courses using the Latin alphabet. Just now, I quickly booted up the app on my phone (I still have it just in case), and took a quick look at a French exercise. True enough, the font is tiny. On my phone, it's way smaller than a 8pt font printed out.

Sure, it's a bigger problem for the non-Latin alphabet using courses, but it's still a pain.


Agreed... this is true for romance alphabet as well :-(


If you're still having that issue, it's strange (though expected).

I've used the (android) app version yesterday and I found the issue with Japanese fixed... sort of. Now, the instructions are tiny and the question sentence text is kind of back to how large it was in the old version.

I wish I've made a screenshot of it, but I was in a hurry.


This isn’t our first major design update. In fact, some of you may recall Duo’s evolution over the years:

I like the 2014 version better. I do not use the app, but even the owl, you used for your current avatar, looks like a set of low-quality polygons. There are no straight lines in nature, but the new owl design is full of them. Sorry for the criticism, I understand that you can not please everyone.

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There are no green owls in nature either.


What, of course there are! They are sitting in the trees everywhere! They are just very well camouflaged. In winter, naturally, they get a coat of white feathers and they're called snowy owls then.


Do you think that if they repaint it, the problem finally disappears? Hmmm, it might work!


One suggestion: there really should be an option in the setting to turn off the animations. I usually use Duolingo when I'm out and about and would prefer to minimize data use. Other people have mentioned loading speed and accessibility as well. If we had a toggle switch, all those issues would be easily remedied.


They aren't listening. They are shifting from a language learning app to a game for kids. That's where the user base is - kids are funnelled in by schools and it doesn't matter if they drop out. It's numbers. So they make the font too small for older eyes and waste bandwidth with stupid animations (maybe DL has shares in phone companies/ISPs and are making their money on data sales - or maybe they just want to hurry on Global Warming with all those wasted server cycles using power).

Basic engineering - if it ain't broke don't "fix" it. How many people had issues with "not cute enough" , "too easy to see", "too easy to use"? Why isn't all that considerable resource put into FIXING AND COMPLETING THE COURSES?


You are right. They are not listening. Because their founder doesn't believe we have anything to tell him, and that's the corporate culture he has created. All the good from duolingo comes from the language teams, and they are volunteers! See this article: https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/290664


For whatever reason this guy has been making the rounds lately. He was interviewed last week on a US radio program MarketPlace. I don't know why I was surprised to see how young he is. But now it all makes sense. Living in the Bay Area, you can see everywhere how the aloofness of tech "wizards" is almost epidemic. And it shows in products like Duolingo. Of course he doesn't listen to users, preferring only metrics. Of course his site doesn't care about functionality, only appearance. Of course it's maintained mostly by unpaid volunteers attracted - and thus exploited by - the idea of community. This attitude is practiced everywhere in countless sites and companies, from Uber to Tesla to Facebook and Apple. We could all chant "burn the site down" on this forum and as long as the metrics at the Apple Store are kept up, no one in this company will care two figs. He's a rich entitled kid raised in a poor country and is used to living in a bubble.


I'd wish to be a programmer, I would create an alternative to Duo once it's gone (and maybe soon, as the founder probably seach a new and better source of incomes than Duo.)


If you do a quick google search it says the average user is about 18 yrs old and 18 yr olds make up the majority too. Kids arent really that serious about language learning. A better idea is for duo to make features that serves an interest to schools rather than to children directly. i dont understand big corporations tbh


It's not good statistics. It's not about the age of the average user, it's about having a working site, and a working communities.

You can have a ton of kids in the app, you can have a ton of grown-up people. But, as the way to moderate the forums are not efficient, and the app is based on free volunteer helping, replying to grammar questions, it's mandatory to have elder users, not kids too. A community based on kids is useless, as kids won't stay for a long time, they'll find other games, and switch.

And if none is more mature than them, the forum is only a long list of spam messages "Hello, I'm 8 and you?".

So, it's not about the average user, it's about complementarity in the community, but Duo didn't understand that...


Can you share where you found that? That sounds interesting and I'm having trouble seeing that for myself.


It's a long time the process began. And you're very right Judit.

1/ They aren't listening. So all the complaints made here and elsewhere are pointless.

2/ The new Duo business plan is an app for kids.


everything is getting uglier :(


I don't like the redesign. As others said, it's too bright, too crowded and too childish. And personally I find the font much harder to read. Other design changes that I don't like: - Removing the flag scarve from the owl trophy - Removing the owl from the daily streak screen (I have the champagne tracksuit and the owl looked really cool in it in the daily streak screen, this is very motivational, so why was it removed?) - Making the owl look overly cutesy to guilt-trip people into doing more/coming back to the app. Honestly, it makes me want to use Duolingo even less.

I read in an article that Duolingo wants the app to feel even more like a game: https://www.theverge.com/2018/12/13/18137843/duolingo-owl-redesign-language-learning-app

While this can help attract people learn a language who might otherwise not want to learn one, I think it's a bit dangerous to turn it more and more into a game. We already have a lot of frustration from people about the confusing crown levels, having the feeling they lose everything when new skills are added and their crowns are not golden anymore, the health system and lost streaks. Instead of actually learning a language and embracing the progress they make, people might be too focused on getting achievments and will be frustrated if they "lose" something in the "game".

Instead of design changes I would really appreciate if Duolingo would add more features to the app (instead of taking them away!) There are still no notes for most languages on the app. The stories are still not on the app.

Another thing I dislike about this new update is that the XP bonus for not making (many) mistakes in a lesson was removed from the app. I always found this very motivating. It was also a great way to give people a bit more if they didn't make mistakes, but didn't really punish people who do make a lot of mistakes during a lesson. It would have been better to also integrate the feature on the web or at least to KEEP it in the app.


The thing is, personally I never wanted a game. When I began using Duo, it was because the site was easy to use, and taught things in their own segments, with explanations; it wasn't difficult at all to start learning.

I didn't come to play, though, I came to learn; and the app, in fact, slowed down my progress, which was remedied when I switched to the web version. I wasn't given Tips & Notes, and originally I didn't even know they existed. I thought, when I came to grammatical points, I'd have to figure it out myself separate of Duo. It was frustrating to lose "health" when I made simple mistakes. Why was I being punished for mistakes, when mistakes are vital to the learning process? Why was I unable to proceed with learning, when I made too many of these, especially when Duo wasn't telling me what I needed to know in the first place? After all, wasn't that why I decided against continuing Rosetta Stone, because I wanted grammar subjects presented clearly to me?

Then I started with the website, and all of that changed. I had all the things I liked about Duo, without the faults of health and the absence of Tips & Notes.

I don't care how "cute" it looks, because it was fine beforehand. I'm here to learn, which is why I'd rather see progress in language courses, in bringing stories to new languages, in getting rid of that hindering "health," in implementing Tips & Notes in the app to help people learn. After all, Tips & Notes help me learn, not a redesigned owl logo.


i just like it.


Why hasn't anyone addressed the elephant in the room‽ The health system is unfortunately still here. If this update is more "child friendly", why is the feature still there?

If I was seven years old when I started Duolingo, which I think is actually earlier than when I made my first account, I would have been annoyed by having to wait hours upon hours to get more "lives" to try something out. This is similar, to me, at least, free trials or premium only deals.

This feature is almost insulting, and I'm still unsure why it is still a thing.

(Also, I know the top comment relates to mine, but more discussion!)


It seems like the "Health System" has returned in this new Duolingo look. It wasn't here while we still had gilded system and crowns/skill levels.


Bring back the ability for redoing lessons and see the words introduced in each lesson. Please. :)


Bring back the flag scarves!!! Please!?


my biggest problem is actually: if I make a mistake, the correction and translation cover my initial sentence and I can't compare my sentence and the correction to see which mistake I actually made :(


Yeah this bothers me too :(


On iOS, you should be able to drag that panel down.


Yes, you should be, but you are not able.


You could on the old release. One of the "improvements" was to remove the ability to drag that panel!


Yeah just two weeks ago they removed that ability on the mobile web version. I can't bring myself to use the mobile web version anymore since that bug makes it a mess. Several people have posted it to the troubleshooting forum. Have you reported it as a bug?


I'm going to miss 2014 Duo.

[deactivated user]

    We all are going to.


    I don't mind the new one..although I kinda liked the different lessons being different colors when they were all completed. I don't like the orangy gold but then again I'm not an 18 year old. I'm 55 going on 12 :D

    And I decided to go Plus at the end of last year when I saw it was on "sale." I am not sure I will continue it after this year is up because, frankly, I think it's really annoying that when I don't work on it for a few days, and it breaks my streak (it was something like 265 days or something like that), it used up my monthly streak repair and because i went over the two days, it wanted to charge me 13.99 to fix it. That should be something that doesn't happen if you are a plus member. Gee Duo, sorry I was out of internet service/phone service for a few days.... Like it was my fault.


    Four redesigns of your logo in eight years seems incredibly excessive. Here's the thing, I recall seeing the 2011 logo in the past yet when I joined Duolingo a few months ago I did not realize it was the same thing. I will say I am primarily a mobile user and I don't want to see animations as that's not how I want to waste my data. Ultimately as long as Duolingo remains an effective tool for learning the visuals don't matter so much but constant change is not a good thing.


    I agree. But then again I'm a cranky old lady....


    And the money they spend on this. A new logo is expensive, it's not free.


    Let me preface this with the fact that I like Duo and find it very useful. However....

    I don't really see a point in the new redesign. It doesn't improve my Duo experience in any way, and as some have noted, the app now takes much longer to load on my phone, sometimes a lesson will take a minute while I watch the owl dance.

    I don't really have any negative feedback for the new design, it's just different, and I don't see how it's improved anything. I'm just glad I didn't have to sit through endless internal meetings to discuss and implement something so trivial. But you guys party on with my now naked owl. The irony in this being that I spent lingots or gems on the one thing available - clothes for the owl - and now he/she is naked again. That's funny in a very Dilbert kind of way.

    Things that would improve the user experience for me:

    1) better audio 2) fixing sentences that have long been flagged as bad by many users 3) offline lessons that actually worked offline 4) more context for sentences, dialogues, images, virtual scenes where you have to complete a task, like go shopping, or order food. Like for Spanish we need a virtual taco truck. 5) tips and grammar improvement 6) more consistency between phone apps and the web experience


    I really like the virtual scene idea! Have a lingot :)


    I've been working on Irish. Perhaps we could have a pub and order a Guinness! At this point I need all the help I can get :D


    I hope the new design includes readable text? I am refering to the crazy light grey text on white background.


    That's a mayor point in my opinion. The correct sentences currently are really hard to read. Reading the correct sentences can be a crucial help when it comes to improving your learning. So why make it so hard?

    I don't like much of the re-design, but I can live with it, as long as is does not distract me from learning. But sometimes I think that there should be a grown up design for adult learners.


    I am one of those that has been around this site since 2014. There are some more that have been around even longer. We have been through a lot of changes. There has been some positive changes and a number of negative changes along the way.

    In my opinion, Duo is working too much on the visual aspects on the website and too little on real functionality that adds value. Unlike others in this thread, I do not care if the Duo owl has a scarf or not. That is soo minor to worry about.

    What is a pity that there were a number of userscripts that actually add value over what the site offers and each of these UI revisions break them. Why doesn't Duo take a look at these scripts and incorporate some of that functionality natively.

    BTW, we still do not have a viable method to communicate with other site users after activity stream feature was taken away. At the time, it was said that function would be brought back. It does undermine collective learning and collaborating with our friends. How hard is it to bring back a simple text messaging like system. It does not even have to persist too long. A week is more than enough.


    The activity stream was great! I was so sad when it disappeared! It was motivating seeing what my real-life friends were up to and not just whether they had more or less XP than me.


    Which ones were positive? The only positive ones for me are: more languages added, and new skills. But I don't see more.

    Everyone tells Duo that Duo focus too much on the visual things, and the futilities while the boat is sinking. But Duo is deaf...


    Thank you for Duolingo, I love it! But the Chinese characters in the new design are very small (on iPad) and therefore difficult to read. Please change the font size to be at least as big as it was in the previous design! Thank you.


    The menu for switching courses between different base languages on the app used to be bright and appealing with interesting images and a nested structure. Now it's all one long grey list. The old version gets my vote.

    And landscape mode. Please bring back landscape mode. Typing in the app is hard enough without being forced to do it in portrait mode.


    Oh no, another app going more childish with time without changes that would matter much more than an ugly new design... like adding more content. Is there an option to stay with the current design? Pretty please?


    Fix the fatally broken stuff in the courses before you piddle around designing new owls.


    The new design is
    1) ugly
    2) less readable and less informative than the previous
    3) no more funny and no more intuitive than the previous.

    I am pretty interested how is it possible, that "the engagement metrics are very positive". Isn't it because it is also less demanding, as there are only 7÷12 phrases per exercise, instead of 16÷20 phrases?


    Yes, I really think things go toward a lighter Duo (as the look), lighter content, lighter lessons, and all for kids. Grown-up are not welcome anymore.


    I'm personally not a fan of the redesign... it's far too childish and bright for my liking... also a bit unnecessary. Also for some reason, my lessons won't load and my app crashes more often than not, with this new update?


    how do you say "this update is horrible" in all D.O.'s supported languages??


    Αυτή η ενημέρωση είναι φρικτή - greek


    Questo aggiornamento è orribile ~ italiano

    Esta actualización es horrible ~ español


    Эта новая версия ужасна - Russian.


    העדכון הזה נוראי - hebrew (Ha-idkun haze nora-ee)

    German: Dieses Update ist schlimm/schrecklich

    LOL to this thread.


    Ĉi tiu ĝisdato teruras (esperanto)


    Esta/essa atualização é horrível - português brasileiro


    In French: Cette mise à jour est horriblement horrible, et une perte de ressources matérielles qui pourraient être utilisées pour lutter efficacement contre le spam.


    The main difference I notice is the change in font. I actually prefer the new font, but it is far too small. One of the reasons I liked to use the app was because of the large eye friendly font. Also, the owl animation is cute, but takes forever to load. I am also dissapointed that there seems to be less overall art in the redesign. I was hoping the character illustrations above the sentences would return, but so far I have not seen any duo people in lessons, accept in clubs. I love delightful way that animations are used in the Duolingo Kids app, to introduce vocab and grammar visually, but in the adult app they don't seem to be serving the same teaching goals and just slow things down. Last but not least, I wish that duo could have some new outfits to wear... maybe a dress?


    I wish that duo could have some new outfits to wear... maybe a dress?

    Yes please! I also vote for a Duo dress outfit. :)


    i just want the good font back!


    Your "redesign" has made the app essentially unusable. Each time I try to start a segment, I have to watch the graphic of the idiot owl strolling across the screen for over a minute with the same vapid little factoids (wow! Japan has the longest average streak? Fascinating the first seventy times I saw that.)

    My duolingoplus subscription is due for renewal. Hadn't even considered not renewing it before this. Now I'm pretty sure I'm done. I don't have the time to sit around watching your stupid time-wasting graphics.


    Now they don't listen the premium users, the end is near...


    Sincerely, I dislike the design, reason for which I now prefer the website.

    The brightness and the redesigning doesn't match my style.


    Please upgrade the store so that we can spend our lingots. Now earning lingots is not exciting as I have plenty of them. Do something about it.

    And I also suggest you that you can make an upgrade regarding chatting to the followers. It will add one more way to use the language resulting in learning faster.


    So much this. I'm having plenty of lingots, and nothing for being spending them on.


    Exactly, it makes you lose interest. I remember when I started earning a single lingot gave me immense pleasure and it is one of the many reasons for I got hooked on Duo.


    How do you do? I have plenty of lingots, but I use them to reward good questions and good answers, and make them more visible.

    But you're right, it's supposed to be gamified app, and they are in need of money, but don't want to propose fun things to buy. I don't understand, because it would bring more money to Duo.




    Seriously, this is why I deleted the app. It was useless.


    They did it, it's not on the web.

    It's a forced change for everyone. No choice.


    When the developers update the app only to make the tomates thicc


    So, learning languages makes you fat!

    I don't dislike the new design, but it is too childish in my opinion.

    What about a dark theme?


    A dark theme? YES PLEASE!


    I mean, if you use Firefox, and don't mind certain icons being broken... https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/dark-night-mode

    I do wish Duo would add a dark theme though.


    Honestly, I do not care about the look nor about how many Lingots I got or can spend (got 2000 at the moment). I use it because I really want to learn Swedish to be able to move there eventually. But it has to be functional. I use the app on my smart phone. And since the changes, the display between correction and translation covers up the text I originally wrote with a mistake. This means that I cannot see anymore where I made a mistake and not learn from it anymore. That is very annoying.


    I'm learning Spanish in Duolingo using my phone. Thank you for providing me this great opportunity, I appreciate this app very much, and I always recommend it to my friends. Here's my little feedback regarding the last update.

    First of all, if I'm making a mistake when I'm studying, in the new design it's impossible to move pink field with the right answer to compare it with my answer. It may be still visible, but if the phrase was long enough, sometimes I feel like an idiot: "hey, why was that wrong, I've written exactly the same thing, haven't I?", but I can't check my answer again, the pink field covers it completely.

    Second thing, Duo is not always correcting accent marks. I'm not sure if it was like this or not.

    Third, round pictures of lessons have become too big. I have to scroll down and scroll down, and scroll a little bit more until I finally get to the lessons I need.

    And the last thing, I have more than 300 lingots, and you tell me "don't spend them all in one place"? Can you please show me that place? =]

    New design is ok in terms of colors, art style and typefonts, but usability somehow dropped. I'm sorry, but for me it looks like you tried to fix what was working perfectly fine.


    I only lost the ability to move the banner / pink field two weeks ago! There are a few other people who have reported it in the troubleshooting forum. It's so annoying not being able to check the original question and my answer! I'm puzzled how some people say it happened to them 4+ months ago - I guess it was a staggered rollout.


    Why do you focus on useless changes? A "massive undertaking" to achieve nothing. Wow. What a business proposition.


    That's what I wrote to Plus support (there screenshots included). Here an excerpt.

    While fonts were improved in the new GUI, please note that the design of the buttons and other elements are just awful and and do not in any way meet the iOS requirements and standards of a clean and beautiful user interface.

    There are several problem zones:

    • the pseudo 3D outline of the buttons, which is too thick, blurry and disturbs the otherwise flat appearance of the remaining interface (screenshot1)

    • bad contrasts between background color and font, which makes it difficult to read for the visually impaired (screenshot2)

    • an information bar at the bottom that covers all the lower part, can't be moved really (what is the little horizontal handle on top of it for? If one moves down, the check button disappears ...), and has bad contrast between text and background (screenshot2)

    • bad contrast of the grey buttons in the bottom button row (screenshot3)

    • a bad mixture between 3D and flat elements. The level popup should be in front, not flat with the level icons, the buttons in it should be flat. Now it is just the other way round. (screenshot3)

    • the new Courses navigation under the language button +Course - switching to another app language is now hidden under More ... . There is now only text in the menus and no visual help with an image representative of the country as before. The old navigation was much more intuitive.


    What are the system requirements for the Android app? It seems it no longer runs on my Galaxy S4. All I get is a green screen for a minute and then it crashes. I tried multiple times with phone reboot in between. :(


    I had the same problem on S5. What worked for me was clearing cache, turning WiFi off and restarting the app. Once it gets past the green screen turn WiFi on.


    I was able to run it on my s4 a month ago, I'm wondering if maybe the phone's memory or storage is close to full?


    I certainly hope the android redesign gets some serious work done on it very soon. Whilst the old one looked and worked fine, on my one year old phone I'm having such problems as (i) completed lessons not being registered, forcing me to do them again, (ii) word buttons covering each other when trying to construct a sentence, (iii) the text box being too small to show the whole sentence I am writing, and not expanding to show all the text, (iv) the popup for failed translations covering what I typed so I can't see where I went wrong.

    All these have been introduced as part of the new design, suggesting more QA should have been done before release.


    Yes but, Christmas Skills? It has been like 2-3 years (depending how you count) with no Christmas Skills. That's 2 years to fix the problem. I don't understand why you tried to fix a problem no one wanted fixed while ignoring a problem everyone wants fixed. Puzzling.


    Christmas skills aren't coming after all? : ( As a new Duo user, I've been looking forward to those and saving Lingots for them since hearing about them, and I don't even celebrate it! Christmas skills, and more bonus skills besides, please! There's no point in Lingots without things to use them on.


    Art definitely isn't a skill the owl has is it? These graphics are horrible. HORRIBLE!!!!!! You are so good at teaching languages but asthetics you fail entirely. Honestly I am incredibly fond of duo but someone in Pittsburgh has incredibly poor taste. Why you want people to be able to dismiss your wonderful system as a pathetic sad little cartoon game is beyond me. It is very hard to take anything so unsophisticated seriously. I am glad I found it years ago as I doubt I would even glance at it now.

    I really liked the crown system right from the start. It has a simple elegance and scales well so you see I am not simply against change, but this, yuk just yuk. No elegance whatsoever.

    If only all that deveper time had been spent reimplementing a spaced repetition system...



    Oh boy, where to start...

    1. I don't really like the new graphics either, too childish, but I feel like it's not too much larger of a step considering the way the owl looks already.

    2. Crown system is great too, although it's implementation removed strength indicators for lessons. (Although they can be accessed at duome)

    3. Duolingo is about simplicity, not elegance, and it's part of how they want to stand out. Simple is good, because it encourages many people who would otherwise not bother with language learning. Simple also means it's easier to tell when progress is being made. (aside from missing strength stats)

    4. Duolingo DOES have a spaced repetition system (well, they're working on it: https://support.duolingo.com/hc/en-us/articles/360002253131-Crown-level-decay-and-spaced-repetition


    People who would otherwise not bother with language won't stay anyway. I say that as a private tutor. All of these marketing strategies always only work for a short period of time. Too short-sighted the whole system.


    The design was fine before. I wish Duolingo would focus more on improving the actual language courses offered rather than the site's appearance.


    Yes, everyone wish that.


    I'm not a fan at first glance. The angular buttons feel less polished to me, and the art looks sloppier and as if it's lost some of its character. Maybe I just need time to get used to it. I will miss the absurdly happy chef, but perhaps I will learn to love the suspicious one as well. The change in the chicken's design, however, reminds me of how "meat" chickens have been bred to grow too big to support their own weight and can suffer leg fractures and other serious health problems as a result. Somewhat depressing to look at.

    Chicken graphic aside, I do appreciate the work that is regularly put in to keep Duolingo feeling fresh and new after so many years. I've been enjoying Duolingo for a long time now and I don't expect this redesign to change that.


    Maybe we have secret vegan activism going on behind the scenes. :P


    New to Duolingo...so I'll just say when an owl is portrayed, I prefer something like the 2012 version. The 2019 version would appeal to my 4 year old granddaughter. Not a big deal, though.


    dude, it looks too childish. Ive also liked when companies have more sleek, simplistic designs... but this is way too simple. For some of the icons, you may ACTUALLY HAVE TROUBLE figuring out as to what it is...


    How about instead of changing how DL looks, you try adding more lessons and topics to existing languages, or add new languages? For all of this unnecessary new design, you could have done things like stop ignoring the Finnish and Basque requests you've been ignoring since 2011.


    On Android. When I saw the redesign I thought that something was wrong with my display resolution. It looks like a 1990 website on a 8 bit screen. The font, the shadow effect and the green area background have gone from smooth and round (2018) to bulky and pixelated with the green background after you answer a question taking over the screen area (looks like an old Nintendo game on an UHD tv). It would be nice if people could vote a new design. Also the owl went from a mature, teacher like classy character to a toddler entertainment character. This is clearly a downgrade of your app. Far different from a redesign. Please bring us back to 2018 design.


    I hope all of you people at duolingo see this. This "upgrade" is a complete GARBAGE. This update makes it seem like you think this website/app is for only children. It isn't. This is for children and adults. And you know this is true, by pairing with speedrun.com . And what are most speedrunners? Adults. This is not OK. Everytime I get a question correct, I don't want to look at a G.I.F.. Make it a option. Like if you agree. THIS. IS. GARBAGE!


    Being a grump I'd like an 'animation off' switch please. Razzle dazzle isn't what keeps me coming back.

    Let new users delight in Duo's flapping fun just remember to leave an opt out check box in settings and I'll turn my clock green in celebration.


    This would also be of huge benefit to people with bandwidth issues.

    • 1191

    The design changes look ok to me. I like the new skill design.

    But am I the only one who thinks that the new cook looks somewhat menacing? Good thing DL left out the bloody meat cleaver!

    [deactivated user]

      Looks like you have all been working hard. There are a few thing that could be better: 1) On the app the Spanish flag on the left is cut off. 2) The last digit of the number of lingots is cut off. 3) Also the font is very small, maybe there could be a choice. I like the animations if they don't affect my battery life.


      My biggest complaints about the new design is the font is difficult to read and the font in Duo on my iPad is VERY SMALL, TOO SMALL! I have tried adjusting the font on the iPad, to no avail.


      Your new look on an android device made me uninstall it. While typing in a Spanish phrase the second line causes the first line to disappear and can't be edited for typing errors. Your understanding of English leaves much to be desired. I have been using Duolingo for quite some time and it is useless in everyday speech. I can't go into a store and ask for a screwdriver or a wrench but, I can say "el piguino bebe leche. " I use that all the time in conversation. When I mess up a verb you don't tell me why. I learn more spanish at the markets and it is useful. Haven't heard a penguin mentioned in 10 years in Mexico. Adios DuoLingo.


      The android app is incredibly slow after the update. Even before it wasn't very fast but now it is abysmal.

      It takes me about half the time to do my daily 5 lessons on PC / web browser than in the app. And 5 lessons on the app drains roughly 25% of the battery charge, sometimes even more.

      What about using some other engine or rewriting it (also) with respect to performance ? On older/slower devices ?


      Apart from being totally dissatisfied with the need for redesign - as if Western culture isn't already too focused on design instead on content - I'm missing some important features that this change deleted for me in the app, namely: (i) when I complete a sentence, there is no number indicating the number of posts in discussion about that sentence; (ii) when I want to test multiple lessons to jump a level ahead, there are no more three hearts indicating the number of mistakes you can make. How can you take away such informative clues???


      I have 2 major issues with the latest update:

      1. The font size is too small. Still another redesign not offering the option to change the font size. I seriously doubt it was ever tested on a bigger tablet. 90% of the screen on my 12" iPad is not being used, yet I can not see the characters because too small.

      2. The progress indication in a lesson is .. interesting. 4/6 lessons means you finished 3 of 6 and are at 50%. 6/6 means you still have 1 unfinished lesson. Anchoring the progress bar at the 5 o'clock position (instead at 12:00) doesn't make it any clearer.


      BRING BACK IMMERSION. that was the best thing on earth, lost all motivation after it was removed.


      I really like the 2012 design.


      My friends and I use doulingo and the only one I know who enjoys the new update is my younger brother, he's 9. I feel like there are more adult/teen users and that duolingo should seek to satisfy them and not the younger users. I learned Spanish in school, and duo wasn't added to the curriculum until the fifth grade! That doesn't mean I don't think there are younger users, I just think that adults/teens would be more likely to use duolingo.


      Not to mention adults have the money.

      [deactivated user]

        Yeah, but Duolingo probably wants to use the kids to pressure the parents (what parent would resist to buy their small child an educational and so cute game) and the schools (those will buy lots of stuff with limited attention to the quality). And this way, Duolingo can disconnect the paying person and the person actually seeing the good or bad quality of the product. That plan brings a lot of promise to the future :-D


        The point is, that now I don't only resist, but I actively forbid my children to use the app. All of these useless ads and the blinky give-us-all-your-money-stuff is way too distracting and luring to let my children "learn" with duolingo.


        This reminds me of what Memrise did two years ago with their ugly and stupid alien. No one liked it, and they've since reverted the change. This new owl is visually revolting, and as @pentaan already wrote elsewhere in these comments, why did everything and everyone suddenly become fat and unfriendly?


        Oh, they changed it back? Nice. Then I'll head back there. Thank you for the information. :)


        The app redesign made me appreciate the browser version more.


        Ouch, that really is ugly. Please change it.

        Its not that I thought of the previous design as being absolutely amazing but this just looks like something from a childrens game or a paperbook about basic subject vocab. I understand the whole 'gamification of language' thing and there's a reason for my streak - turned out the concept works - but the new design is not really what I consider to be motivating. A few playful little animations and stuff is nice but thats just too colourful and too childish.

        Btw, I am not the 'any change is bad' kind of person and I like bold design and visuals. But this is just too much for an educational app.


        Since the update, the Android app has frozen so much and been so impossible to use that I've given up on it. If only Duolingo spent as much time on functionality as they do on form.


        This happened so much to me, too. In fact, I could only run it on 4G. It failed to work on my home wi-fi. I had to turn off DHCP6 prefix delegation (part of ipv6) in my home router.... this got the walking owl (who walked forever) to finally load the lesson (or test) very quickly. So, clearly, something in the internal networking of Duo changed, too. Not just the owl pictures.


        The only thing I've seen anyone ask for on the app version was simply the option to use the word bank OR type out the sentences. Making the actual learning process more optimal would have been more useful than making prettier graphics (no offense to those who made them, they're nice, but the practical stuff should have come first).


        Thanks for all the hard work, but you've blown it on this redesign. The type is much, much smaller and more difficult to read. I don't need all the extra white space you've created; I need to be able to see and comprehend the complex characters to help me master each lesson. Please consider enlarging your text for visually challenging languages such as Japanese; the incredibly detailed kanji, hiragana and katakana are almost impossible to copy from your lessons now because they are too small to decipher. Thanks!


        Also not a fan of the newest app update on android. Still no tips & notes for each chapter. The overall visual look is more distracting. My total xp is hidden, and losing the bonus xp per chapter for making fewer mistakes is a loss.


        So that is why there is a "sort from" option in the comments. A big thank you to all of the hard-workers involved to give us a better experience!


        It's not "just" a visual overhaul. My "owl" in Spanish disappeared until I did the newly introduced checkpoint at the end of the tree. That's the third time I've earned that owl!


        That's an addition to the Spanish tree unrelated to this update.


        Thanks for the info.


        It's also there in the English for Spanish speakers tree.

        [deactivated user]

          My web owl is gone too.


          Someone left Duo in a river or something. Over time, it's getting sanded down.


          Previous version was awesome..in this version you guys uses the graphics of olden times like mario and one more change is that in previous version we get bonus XP for answering all 15 ques without mistakes but in this version no matter what you do, you'll only get 10 XP for each chapter you finish. My humble request is to please roll back to previous one


          I'm gonna miss my golden owl scarves. They made each owl special and unique. Now they're all just kinda the same. I hope they add some sort of unique flag element back to them.


          I hate it. If it goes to the website, I will have to quit using your services. If you're going to change the look, at least make it not hurt my eyes to look at.


          Just one word... Stop.


          FACT, more adults use Duolingo than children! The new design is a little too playful and bulky which acts more like a distraction rather than an improvement.

          I still love the app but i really hope that you guys are already working on the replacement for this playful downgrade of an interface.


          The font keeps getting smaller and smaller, with no option to increase text size. It doesn't respect system settings, either. Use whatever colors, pictures, and gamification methods you like, but the app is becoming unusable for me. I'm using the on-device magnifiers but it's so irritating to need to move the zoom window around to various options, or back up to a sentence, across a window, etc. For East Asian languages especially (Japanese or Chinese, specifically) where details matter more than in Latin character sets, this is really becoming a hindrance.

          Please consider users with vision limitations and rework this new design. I'm this close to just quitting the app entirely.


          I made a comment a few days ago and I just wanted to follow up: I am displeased with the change because it is change for engagement's sake. Which is to say, the change is not to increase the website's functionality but to rather draw more users and then use those users for profit. The goal is definitely not "make good software that assists in language learning", it's "make an addictive app that will generate money for business interests."

          Right? And I could see someone saying, "That's great, buddy, welcome to the Real World, that's how business works!"

          And I guess you're right. It's just a pity since it was a good service.

          Coming from the Free Software community it is just one of those stupid things to me. Like, the meat of the service -- the courses -- is provided by volunteers. The stable software of years passed requires no updates and is in disuse -- there's no cost to it, at all. So that, what is valuable was produced by community members and is now being used for profit by some ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ shareholding asshats.

          So OF COURSE they have to be like, "We've been hard at work providing things for you! See? It's not a scam, we're not taking advantage of the community, we had to pay graphic designers!!!"

          Just really bummed cause it's been one of my favorite services.


          I think the reality is that the team has costs, and until now it is running with dificits. so we are at the mercy of the investors. since the philosophy is to provide a free service, it has to come from ads. the more users, the more ads will be shown. so yes we can sit here and say why don’t you concentrate on the functionality, but the functionality is good enough for us to be here, however we do not generate enough profit to even cover the costs. that’s the hard reality.


          I don't think they're running at a deficit, unless something has changed in the past couple of years. See: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/15695026/State-of-Monetization-at-Duolingo

          (Well, I guess, "deficit" and "low on money" aren't necessarily the same.)

          I think if they are telling the full truth in the post I linked, they want stable ways to handle growth, while remaining profitable.

          But if we suppose they are at the mercy of their investors, then the mission is already lost. I want to believe they are not and are looking at ways to monetize unintrusively, but I'm a little cautious these days with how monetization is in a lot of markets. For example, them saying in the post I linked, "Most people don't realize how expensive it is to operate a platform that is actively used by tens of millions of users. We spend about US$42,000 per day on servers, employee salaries, etc. And this cost keeps going up with our number of users, which doubles every few months."

          Which lumps in employee salaries with server costs, obfuscating how much it actually costs in pure maintenance money to keep the app running, setting aside continued development.

          To my understanding, server costs are not nearly as expensive as some people make them out to be, so I'm suspicious of them lumping the costs together in such a way.

          I'm also suspicious of it because it assumes that servers are inherently necessary for all aspects of the app and as far as I can tell, that's not the case. Most of it seems like it could be downloaded to a computer or phone and be done without any internet connection at all.

          Maybe I'm just misunderstanding how the app works on a technical level, but the only reason I can think why they'd be against such a thing is: 1) not wanting to take up the space (mostly on a phone, not a PC) and 2) being afraid of competition stealing the files and using them to make copycat programs.

          If there is some other reason, I don't know what it is. It's not like regular automatic updates couldn't be done to handle tweaks to languages; plenty of programs do that kind of thing.

          Oh and if it's purely because it's a web-based app... I'm sure it wouldn't be hard to rewrite it. I know those are arrogant words in software development, but the app can't be that complicated. The bulk of it is probably an interface with some input/output and some algorithms behind the scenes for trying to give the best review setup for learning.


          it assumes that servers are inherently necessary for all aspects of the app and as far as I can tell, that's not the case. Most of it seems like it could be downloaded to a computer or phone and be done without any internet connection at all.

          Really? Load all the software and the all the data onto people's phones? For how many languages? I'm not sure if that would even be possible - but that first download would be huge. And it would require the app to run natively 100%

          And that would lose the streaks and community stuff.

          Finally, I suspect "servers" doesn't just mean "machines to push stuff over the internet". There is a lot of background processing and storage happening as well.


          In theory, you don't need to download every language for ever user. You could just download the courses they start working on. You could probably even hybridize it, where to avoid delays in getting started, it's on a server at first and then it downloads the course they are working on, so it can be used without a connection (it would seem Duolingo already has something like this if they have an offline version with Duolingo Plus?). Obviously the storage thing is much more viable for a PC than a phone, but it's not like it's impossible to get creative with it to reduce reliance on servers. Hardware people didn't spend decades refining hardware and increasing the amount of storage available for computers, so that we could proclaim that everything must be on a privately owned server online.

          In short: I don't contest the point that storage could be an issue for phones, but it's not like the web-app part has to be identical. I would guess it's different already, since the software for phone operating systems won't necessarily run the same programming languages as whatever the web app uses.


          Well, it could certainly be made so that duolingo could be packaged as a single-user piece of software (running your own local server) and that that package could be distributed via Peer-to-Peer networking, which would mean that actually ads are not required for its existence.

          But I understand that's pure fantasy on my part, and I knew from the day I signed up that since it was a SaaS app this would happen eventually.

          Web apps have that unfortunate truth to them that as the user you have no control over which version of the software you want to run. I can never again run the version of Duolingo that I most liked, but I am certainly grateful for the service as I have used it. :)


          if you are an ios user, you could download your favorite version with itunes (instead of installing it directly on the phone) and then install it on your iphone. now you have a copy that you can install even when the most recent version is different. (you cannot download older versions though. and some apps require you to use the latest version)


          Hello Everyone, Could I through this media ask that you return/put back the gender under nouns in the drop down ???? Please, pretty please? It was soooooo useful to quickly see what the gender was and then carry on with the correct response, whether it was in the nominative, accusative, dative or gen. There are thousands of nouns in the german language and having to constantly stop and look up the genders in Google Translate or Leo or my dictionary takes up so much time. Please, please Duo, could you reinstate the der, die das, for me and any others ?????? Regards Flora Peach.


          I am doing French and have exactly the same problem on the website.


          I really don't understand. this is Duolingo's last concern, the content itself is problematic enough with phrases like "the bear wears pants", "the duck drinks beer", and lack of more (or even slightly) complex sentences, their lack of context and irrelevance to reality, insufficient to non existent Grammer, repeating sentences to the point you just know the answer by heart (and not actually learning a language), recordings with no human like intonation and pronunciation, no interaction..and it goes on. Take all the design designated money and pay professional teachers to a more and better content in existing. Please please please, content is so much more important than design!

          Regarding the app itself, it needs some serious construction done in all aspects as of now, it is highly inferior to the web version. No Grammer notes. No stories. Comprising a sentence out of a bank of words? How does that teach you anything? The design is too bright and the font is way too big, it's child-like. Strengthening all skills is useless, make it individual to every skill like it used to be. The web version is so much better than the app, Please don't make the web version like the app


          @AviaHazut-- YES I totally agree!! Thank you for posting that. I hope Duolingo reads yours and reconsider some of these new things..


          When I first started Duolingo in 2016 I was able to redo any lesson that I desired. I found that tool to be very useful as I knew the words and the areas that I found difficulty. I would like to ask you to please give us back that feature.

          Duolingo may repeat certain words regularly that you believe may be troublesome. Sometimes you are right but most of the times you are not. It is the individual person that knows best where they are weak and can target those lessons with problematic words or grammer.

          So please give us back the ability to redo a lesson.


          There's a page I can visit on the web that shows me every word i've been taught and how well i know it and when i last tested on it... so how come my worst word was last tested 6 days ago?? i am using the training button!!

          I wish I could practice more on new vocabulary before moving on to more new vocabulary, i.e. the first few lessons of each category force you forward before letting you practice any of them


          Please stop the gimmicks - just reintroduce a measured way of learning languages where an explanation of grammar is readily available and you don't expect people to guess things. It used to be great when I joined some years ago now not so much

          [deactivated user]

            The new redesign occasionally has the answers overlap each other or overlap the initial phrase so that the question cannot be answered because the phrase is not readable.


            Hate, hate, hate the update. Rollout on the Android just hit my phone and wow, I feel like DL is trying to attract the 5 year olds.


            Yes, that's the case. I'm serious.


            I don't have a problem with new design, except for two things (using the phone): 1)There is not enough space to type more than one line without scrolling and thus blocking some of the lines. Please reduce margins so that we could see at least two lines without any scrolling. 2)It used to be that after a successful or unsuccessful response the green(red) banner was free to move, so I could easily compare my response with the correct one. Now the banner is locked, and whenever i make a mistake, i have no chance comparing it with the one on the banner because it is blocking my response. Since i cannot remember everything i wrote down to a symbol, i am forced just to memorise the correct response for the given moment instead of replacing a bad memory with a good one by comparison and contrast.


            That immovable banner bit is terrible and several people are complaining about it on the troubleshooting forums. It only appeared for me 2 weeks ago though. I find the mobile web version really hard to use now with that bug!!


            Your visuals are better, but you effected them at the cost of usability. I haven't bothered to write for some time as I wanted to see if I could get use to them. (Also I read an interview with your founder where he said user input should be ignored! because we don't know what we are talking about!! so I doubt anyone at duolingo even reads these notes!!!) Seriously, the language forums which are monitored by volunteers problems are fixed or answered sometimes within hours, I have never had a response to any platform based report -- not once. It is clear that you have been taught to think like your founder. Why am I wasting my time writing you?? ... I guess to share my workarounds with other poor users.

            1) The old application allowed me to see what I typed after you graded it. That meant when I was wrong I could see my mistake. This one covers it with the correct answer, The old application would sometime do that on longer answers, but it allowed me to move the correct answer around on the screen to see under it. This is bad educationally. IF I don't know what mistake I made it is harder for me to correct it..

            2) The new application kills running exercises if I leave them a while to do other things on my phone. When I come back to it I see where I left off, but as soon as I activate the duolingo screen it clears my work and restarts duolingo. This doesn't happen if I am away only a few minutes. It also never happens on the computer app.

            3) Sometimes when I am working on an exercise at home I leave and while I'm out I do exercises on the phone. I am careful to never do the same exercise. Occasionally a lesson I complete on the phone gets lost in your record keeping and I need to do it over.

            4) The app occasionally restarts in the middle of an exercise. I haven't seen this enough to know if there is a pattern in something I do.


            Quite a few people have posted to the troubleshooting forum about not being able to move the "grading banner". This really feels like a devastating bug. When I get something wrong, sometimes I wonder if I misread the question, but can no longer see it!! (or my answer)

            Oddly enough, that change only appeared for me two weeks ago. Perhaps it was a staggered roll out.


            It's not the visual changes (although as a 52 year old I don't really need an animated bird waving at me)... it's the dumbing down that I object to. There's now no option to select keyboard answers instead of word box answers. Word box presents almost zero challenge, and reduces opportunity to learn spelling and use of accents. I am massively disheartened by having to essentially click through some lessons.


            "the app"? Does that mean that you are merging the iOS and Android apps to provide the same feature-set in the future?


            I really dislike the new app design. It looks really zoomed in and the shading looks childish and sort of ugly. Why are the buttons and text so large????

            I also am not a fan of mastering an exercise only to practice with the word Bank. Doesn't make sense.


            So are you saying this redesign promotes usage of duolingo? I see it as a waste of time of this teams effort, but thanks anyway.


            I dislike the new redesign with the app. I don't like how the word font size got smaller and the illustrations' style. I like the old design!! Please BRING BACK the old design!


            A waste of time, effort and resources, how is such a face lift going to make any difference? I vote to have a no graphics at all option.


            WHAT! The owls don't have scarves? Whats the use of owls then? Why not just kill the owl if no one knows what owl you have!


            There doesn't seem to be any indication of the number of comments on an exercise now. It was nice to see this number, as if lots of people commented it indicated that it might be a good discussion to view.


            Please go back to previous font size. New one is too small. Thanks


            for the love of god, add a "duolingo classic" mode, a mode that is without crowns, that instead includes strength metrics on individual skills, that gives you fanfare when you level up, and is not completely fk'd in the future (dream mode: and can be downloaded and ran offline)

            there is no cost to it and an immense benefit to society

            gd i hope to finish italian before you completely f the site

            ps: the changes in the past year are SO OBVIOUSLY not for the benefit of language learning! 'engagement metrics', gtfo


            It actually causes me significant eye strain gives me a headache. Might we have the option to choose between different ‘looks’? Silver lining, I suppose, is that I’m spending more time with old fashioned books to give my eyes a break.


            I am not much concerned about the looks. What bothers me is the fact that now DL app takes much more time to start, see https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/30077617


            Suggestion! 1. Increase the font size on the IOS versions. 2. Drop the ridiculous "High Valarian" and other pretend languages. I dont meet many Valarians on the beach or in business negotiations!! Stop fussing with the silly cartoons and concentrate your resouces on the thousands of errors in translation and sentence formation which have been pointed out to you by so many native speakers of many of the languages and which remain uncorrected after several years. 3. Kill off the "health" system in IOS. I get so annoyed with it especially when I lose lives because Duo refuses to accept perfectly correct answers in my native language!


            Having used the app a bit now I have to say, as someoneone who is dyslexic, the new design is harder to use.

            The biggest thing is that it is far less grating and easier to see things clearly on a non-white background (at least for a lot of dyslexics.) So I would ask that you seriously consider changing it back to grey, or to another shade of off-white.

            For me the images also add to the overall ‘bitty/grainy visual texture. They are quite cute (especially the new owl) but unfortunately create a lot of visual noise. I think it is because they seem like a collection of smaller units. Anyway the visual noise does make things harder to see.

            Both these points are especially noticeable (though not so important) on the tree screen. For example having the little white gaps separating the progress rings from the module badges, combined with the ‘bitty’ badge images themselves, make it very hard to see things as a whole and make out what is happening.

            More importantly, on the practice screens the stark white makes it harder to decipher the words. I am very glad to see you have kept the shaded edge to the tiles. However I found it easier to use when the gaps between the elements were a little wider apart, and when there was more contrast between the shapes. ( i.e when the ‘continue’ button was more rounded, the word tiles more rectangular, and the progress bar more of a line.)

            Like I say, I would not not dislike the redesign in another context, but the changes (especially the wite background) make Duo more harder and more grating for me to use, and so unfortunately I will probably spend less time practicing.


            The new design is awful. The font is way to small and difficult to read. I have a huge page of blank space and a tiny font for a few words. I've been so excited to use this app but this could be the end of my streak.

            • 1487

            For me was the old design better. And Duo nicer.

            • 1180

            I of course and as always don't like the new design :-), But - hey, we will get used to it.

            There is one thing, where functionality is changed: in the android-app, I cannot see anymore, how many comments there are on the discussion-page, before I open it. As it is quite time consuming to open the discussion page, I only opened it, when the number was high enough to make it seem worthwhile. Or a high number indicated, that there was a problem with this sentence, that I might have failed to notice (learning one foreign language from another foreign language).

            Please bring those counterse back in the new layout! It is important information!!!


            Does anyone like me just to read the feedback here


            thank god I have not got android or iOS


            Okay. He's cute, but I don't trust him...


            Tried posting a negative but it didn't go.. I guess DL doesn't like bad press. The new release for android is the pits. Can't edit spanish typing because the top line disappears. Great design kids.


            I am still unsure of the new update. It looks quite interesting, although a little childish. I, myself, believe that Duo needs to work out a theme or style that suits all ages. Soft and vibrant for younger users, and cool and basic for older ages. I hope that the next redesign will follow what I have said. I like Duolingo, but, with all of this bright, fluorescent, vibrant theme, I am, as mentioned before, unsure.


            I think the health system should not be implemented.... It makes Duolingo more of a game than a learning website... Also the "gems" are a poor substitute for lingots..... Generally, Just leave the site as it is..... Go ahead and change the logo and fonts, but don't make duolingo a game.


            Ok Lets Change It Back


            I’m not against the redesign but hate the smaller font. There should be an option to change the font size in settings.


            You should really involve a dark theme, something easier on the eyes for my midnight learning!


            On the iPad, why has the text and the overall interface made smaller? Was there feed back on the previous version that “hey, that nice big text is too hard to read?”

            Or is there some settings where I can choose which size text I want?


            OMG! I just got the rest of the new version. I retract anything I said positive about it previously, except that SOME of the font is easier to see. But Duo clearly did not consult with Vision experts. Many low-vision adults, and CHILDREN whose visual perception is at the pre-eight-year-old level (even if much older chronologically - this is true for many smart children of all ages) are going to have sooooo much trouble with the newest app version on iOS. The worst is the red on red, green on green. Contrast is imperative when teaching children (I work in the field) as well as many over 45 yr old adults. Accent marks are almost impossible to read.


            More negativity likely isn't required ... however, I don't like the update. It's way dumbed down from four years ago, and it's way uglier. Seriously, is this what your dev team is up to? Making messy looking icons is more important than app functionality?




            Ngl i wish yall put this much effort into mechanical stuff like allowing people to change the proportion of target language to native language. This is probably like the 5th visual redesign you've had and it really doesn't make any difference to me.


            I prefered the 2014 Duolingo :c


            In my personal opinion, the redesign is way too childish, and the icons on the android are huge. The previous one was much more stylish and pleasing. Especially the little graphics that represented each country. But one thing that concerns me is: before the update, completing a lesson gave you 15xp. completing a practice gave you 10xp. After the update, completing a lesson yields only 10xp. Why?


            What happened to the XP bonuses for getting all or most of the questions right first time in an exercise? It seems now you just get the standard 10XP for completing an exercise but no bonus points. Also, I've noticed that on completing a question the "discussion speech bubble" no longer shows how many comments there are - when using the android app. Before if there was no number you knew there were no comments, so knew it wasn't worth tapping on to read, but now there are no numbers.


            Yes, while I realize the extra XP in the app was an unfair advantage for some people (though I still miss it!), the lack of a number of comments in the discussion showing on the exercise page is definitely an issue. We can't tell whether there are many comments - or none at all - without actually going to the Discussion page, which takes up a lot of time. If it is too hard to tell us/keep up with exactly how many comments there are in the discussion, then at least tell us if there are "comments" or "no comments," so we know whether to click on the discussion or not.

            For that matter, since the update, the discussion pages are getting harder and harder to get to within the app. I often wait up to a minute after clicking on the comment button, only to be told there was "an error" and I can't get to the discussion page at all, usually for the entire rest of the lesson. This seems to somehow be related to an even bigger, more fundamental issue: completed lessons are often not registering on the app, a problem which has gotten MUCH worse since the update. Today alone, I did at least five lessons that I did not get credit for. It's very disappointing when you are eager to advance, but have to repeat a lesson 3x before it finally registers. This is DEFINITELY related to the upgrade, not to my internet connection - I remember the day it started to get worse, which turned out to be the day the Android update was rolled out. It used to be periodic ... now it's happening every day, and with increasing frequency. I love Duolingo, and could care less about the app's appearance. But not getting credit for lessons - or, getting the credit, only to see it taken away again a few seconds later - just might be enough to make me quit.

            • 1191

            You had the privilege to earn extra XP, while the rest of us just got 10 XP since ever. Be glad you could enjoy it while it lasted.

            There once was a short-lived experiment with granting 13 XP per lesson (I don't remember if that was adjusted somehow based on incorrect answers), and a fair amount of people complained that they had problems figuring out the amount of lessons they had done based on an odd multiple of 13 and that they preferred the round number 10. Hard to please everyone!


            I dislike the redesign. It's too bright and childish for me (plus the golden owls are missing their flag scarves!) The real drawback with it though is the font is not very easy on my eyes. So I'm not looking forward to this being adapted to the website, but it is what is.

            The real thing I'm worried about though is if the Health system gets implemented on the website version. It's the main reason that I primarily use the site over the app.


            We have no plans of porting the health system to web.


            Thanks for stepping forward Luis. I'm sure your inbox is blowing up a bit.

            But look: I came to the discussion board to make a simple, albeit annoyed comment: Under the German People 1 lesson group, Menschen essen Tiere STILL does not have audio, it has been that way for months, and yet there it is on the tests. I got penalized because I heard nothing and could not continue the test and the discussion is locked. Oy. So frustrating.

            Then I saw this post for a "new look Duolingo." Which apparently is all about appearance and not about actually fixing anything under the hood. I have given up on the apps because they are contra-instructional, in design and philosophy, so I'm likely not affected by the redesign. I know the staff is small, but honest to God, you guys are spending all kinds of silly time and effort on surface stuff and relying on the generosity of unpaid volunteers to fix a considerable number of bugs, useless translations, problems, questions, issues, etc, which in the end are not being fixed.

            And now that you are unveiling this new-look app and not doing away with the hypocritical and uneducational health system... my goodness. So thoroughly unhelpful and disrespectful to the community that supports this business and is the one constant asset Duolingo has. I hope for the sake of the company and its faithful community that something other than the mascot gets redesigned.


            This is not uncommon in the German course, I regularly encounter questions - including but not limited to listening questions - which have no audio.


            I don’t know if this applies to the problems you are talking about but I recently discovered that the audio problems I was having on the Firefox browser disappeared when I switched to Chrome. Even the ugly computerized voice sounds decent.


            seems like mine, first i thought that the web had setting to turn on the audio, but then i found this discussion and it turns out true there is no sound effect on web.


            Could it be that German is just an ugly sounding language? [Joking!]

            My odd sense of humor will eventually get me killed....


            Especially when u have that default skin looking profile (I am sadly no different)


            No, the missing audio problem mentioned above is one that I have also encountered while using Chrome.


            I use Chrome and also have run into occasional missing audio on listening questions in German. It is a minor annoyance when doing a regular lesson, but really irritating when attempting to test up to the next level and have to start over for making too many "errors"


            What happened to “Achievements” in the mobile version?


            On the iPhone, I can no longer check my progress in total number of points each day over different languages. Previously, I could tap "profile" (3rd of 5 options) at the bottom of the screen set for any language, and then, when "Achievements" were displayed, tapping "view" on the right side of the word "Achievements", would show details, such as the number of XP earned that day under the "Overachiever" badge. Similarly, the "Wildfire" badge would display the number of days in the current streak. While the streak information will show up at the top of the home screen, where the 4 tab icons display the "course" (or selected language), "crowns" (earned for the corresponding language), "streak" gives the number of days in the current streak, and "lingots" gives the number of lingots used, there's no easy way to check on the number of XP progress each day. I have to either get this information from my computer web page for Duolingo, or through a browser which emulates a desktop web page, or else I need to view this information on a tablet.

            It wouldn't make a different if I were only learning one language, or only trying to do the bare minimum in each language from the iOS mobile app, but the present mobile iOS version doesn't seem to me keep track of XP when I want to put more effort in -- e.g., the days when I want to go back and put in 200 XP on later occasions when I have time during the day.

            Again, when I mainly used a single language, like French, it would not have been a problem to track progress. (And the older iOS app would separately show the progress profile when I changed languages). I can still do that for French and Italian, where I have an older version of Duolingo on an old iPhone, but I updated so that once Russian and Mandarin were supported, I could use the iOS app. I can't track the additional progress from the home screen when I'm using Mandarin Chinese or Russian, because I finished both of these trees, and am working on going back through the different areas.

            So, yes, I think @RicoSuave1212 has a legitimate point about features that we need disappearing from the mobile version


            That's great to know....Now all you need to do is discontinue the health system on the IOS IPhone and IPad


            What is this health system I keep hearing about? I have been using Duolingo for over 3 months and still don't know what health system is. Can you please tell me?


            I use apps on my phone and iPad if I'm in a hurry or away from a laptop. The apps allot me a circle of "health". Mistakes made cause the circle to be broken - I think 1/6 of the circle disappears for each mistake, until I'm completely out of health, and need to buy it back by watching advertisements or with gems (like lingots). It punishes me for making mistakes. Not fun, not encouraging, but that's a big reason to stick to the PC version if you can.


            Usagiboy7, when you make a mistake on a new lesson with new material, being forced to review old material does nothing to actually help you learn the new content.

            It's counterproductive for people who are trying to move forward.


            CatherineHawkins, I don't have ios so I haven't encountered the Health system yet. However, I believe there is an alternative route to having to watch ads or pay with gems. If you go back and review/practice the skills/lessons you've already done, it will restore your health, allowing you to proceed to new content again. That's within the ios app. Outiside of it, there is the website that doesn't have the Health feature. The Android app currently doesn't have it either.


            CinnamonTe1, I didn't create the health feature, I can't remove it. I've never used it. I just give people the info I have and if they have information that I think might be wrong, I let them know as much. I'm not pro-health or anti-health feature.


            I agree. I hate Health and use the PC if at all possible. On the IPad please do away with health.


            You can also go and practice a language you find easy and delightful to get your health back up and then tackle the other language again. In my case, I was trading off Swedish and Japanese.


            great advice...a big reason to stick to the PC version if you can...thanks


            AkshayJadye The Health system is only in the mobile version of Duolingo. It adds a health system where you lose health for making mistakes, and if you run out of health you can't proceed with the lessons. You can do things to replenish your health, of course, but all-in-all it is a mechanic that hinders learning progress. Somehow it has not been removed yet despite it being proven to be a psychological harm to trying to learn another language.

            Since it only exists on the mobile version, the solution is simple. Don't use the mobile version.


            You don't have a reply button, Usagiboy7, but I think you'll still get this.

            I've read several forum posts and watched countless reviews so I'll have to dig around to find the video I'm thinking of, but here's a segment from Reddit that explains the psychological issues caused by the health system:

            "The stated purpose of the health system is to discourage binging and encourage you to do more practice rounds. However, general consensus is that health is a poor way of accomplishing that because of the numerous frustrating things about it:

            <pre>The only way to replenish all health instantly is spending 400 gems. Gems are fairly scarce and can be bought with real money, which leaves the health system feeling like a cash grab. Running out of health blocks you from the regular lessons of every language course (with the exception of beta courses, which don't seem to use the health system). This is frustrating and adds an unnecessary amount of pressure. It punishes you for random silly mistakes, typos caused by autocorrect, clicking the wrong button by accident because your finger slipped, entering a correct answer that for some reason isn't accepted... It's infuriating when you fail a lesson and just want to try again straight away, but the health system instead forces you to choose between forking over gems (which severely sets you back if you were saving up for a streak freeze or bonus skill), waiting several hours, and doing multiple practice rounds you almost certainly don't feel like doing (technically 1 hour/practice round is enough to get another try, but going into a lesson with 1 health [or 2 if you watch the ad] is not too tempting)." </pre>

            [Link to forum post: https://www.reddit.com/r/duolingo/comments/6ewchy/new_health_system/]

            It's a somewhat well-known fact that in learning something, having to stop and being unable to correct your mistake triggers a negative reaction in the human brain, one which discourages further progress in whatever endeavor the brain currently is engaged with. I can find you a source on this specific issue if you want. It's not so much that the health system has no benefits, but that it comes with too many negatives to be worth it.

            Duolingo is currently doing a study to see if the health system is truly discouraging users from continuing learning. The main argument in defense of the health system is that with it the users will have to go back and practice completed lessons. This is not an ideal way to incentivize this though.

            EDIT - Found the video https://youtu.be/gca-C2GQsHA?t=503


            @chaos_hawk I got your reply, thanks! I don't think that qualifies as proof of psychological harm. I'm not saying the Health system is good. I haven't used it and I haven't read research on how it is performing in terms of whether it is significantly increasing retention of both materials studied as well as people using program.

            I hope you don't read this as my having asked a question already prepared to reject it. It wasn't asking a rhetorical question but a genuine one. I have read many unexpected things in these forums when I ask follow up questions for clarification.

            Having read your reply, what you said about proven psychological harm isn't something I'd repeat based on the source of information. If Duolingo was proven to cause psychological harm, parents would be reasonable in not letting their children use the Duolingo ios app. I don't feel you've presented sufficient evidence to present that statement to parents. Though, if you and anyone else feel psychologically harmed by using Duolingo, I would encourage you and them to stop using the ios app. (This is not me being sarcastic.)

            There are numerous language-learning tools (including free ones) that utilize a variety of alternative teaching methods to the point that I don't feel it is necessary for anyone to put themselves in harms way to learn a language by staying on Duolingo if Duolingo harms them. Duolingo does not prevent learners from using the forums to request and sharing recommendations to alternative language-learning resources so long as it is not someone who is using Duolingo to advertise their own products. I have been in education systems that were not only not beneficial to my learning but that were psychologically harmful. I did not attend school for 8th and 9th grade. I waited until I had access to a school that would not harm my well-being. Plenty of students went to the schools I did not go to and they were fine. But, different people have different learning needs. And that's a fact.


            Somehow it has not been removed yet despite it being proven to be a psychological harm to trying to learn another language.

            Sounds like you're referencing research. Can you link me to where you found that info?


            To add to other repliers, the stupid health system is only on Apple mobile devices. But Antonmo - this is the first I've heard that there is random sampling among Apple device users who get stuck with the health system. If true, that would support some folks who've been saying that health is in A/B testing mode.

            Which makes health even more stupid and galling.

            If Duo is only testing Health, it's been going on longer than a year, even 18 months by my reckoning. Do they honestly need more data? Or to hear from more members how frustrating it is? Or perhaps more acutely, could it be that there's like four overworked staff members running this whole thing, working out unnecessary design changes and thus have no time or priority to end the test and either implement health globally (boo!) or trash it (yay!).

            [deactivated user]

              Its only on ios. Simply put, five mistakes and your frozen out of the app.


              Don't ask you might be unlucky enough to get it. You don't want it....Run, run as fast as you can away from the health system!


              Thanks for asking, I had the same question.


              Thank you for responding Luis. Are there any plans to make any changes to the design or is it set in stone? My personal opinion is that it’s too cartoony and child-like.


              The new design is set in stone. I understand you may not personally like it, but the change is actually pretty minimal when you see the app itself. Also, interestingly, when we did the last redesign in 2014 (the one everybody here is saying was so amazing), the community almost revolted because they/you hated it so much.


              Of course, your statement is missing the part where the amount of users has increased massively over the past four years, and I presume several of the old users who thought the then new design was bad did actually leave and never come back. The fact that you're getting so much negative feedback on something as simple as a design change (for the sake of change and nothing else) means that your testing was very skewed or non-existent, which is not a good sign either way. This is not just talking about which picture is used to represent the owl or other pictures in the courses themselves, but about everything else people have mentioned, like the strolling owl taking minutes to load when it used to work instantly. Also, the post we're all replying to says that the "teams are looking forward to hearing your feedback", but given your post, they aren't looking forward to anything because no matter the feedback, it's all set in stone anyway. It's a bit like saying a dictator is looking forward to being elected in future elections when he's the only candidate.

              As I already wrote in another comment, Memrise did the same thing two years ago and refused to listen to any feedback, but a couple of months ago someone finally realised that they'd received perhaps 0,2% positive feedback on their new design, and they partially reverted their changes.


              The "like the strolling owl taking minutes to load when it used to work instantly" was my first comment from my cell phone in the wee hours of the night when the change took place. and as far as Luis about "all set in stone" I think we should add this to explain hubris.


              To be fair everything I am seeing is pretty average when places change. People don't like change. People have never liked change. Even when change is good change, people don't want change. And to be perfectly honest, I think duolingo is right to wait it out. People will get used to the new format, and new people grow fond of that format. Then when they change it again in the future it will happen all over again. Besides, there's a ton of people who like it but are unspoken. Give it a few months and see if the same amount of people are up in arms about it.


              Oh, the owl is supposed to stroll?

              That might be cool, if it worked on my Android device. It might give me something to look at during the 30- to 60-second delay while I wait for the lesson to load. Or something to chuckle about while I wait an hour to try to do my lessons again because the lesson wouldn't load at all. Or something to think about and smile back upon as I complete the same lesson for the THIRD time, because it didn't register the first two times.

              But as it is, I don't get the animated, strolling Duo. Only the delays, the failures, and the frustration.

              Design updates are fine, or at least negligible, as long as they don't hinder function. But this one DEFINITELY has done just that; I can pinpoint it to the day the update was rolled out. My 15 minutes a day has now become an hour plus, tinged with frustration.

              Please (re)consider this, Duolingo design staff. I see I'm far from alone with this problem.

              [deactivated user]

                Thanks for the news that Memrise may have partially come to their senses! I stopped using the website regularily, when they turned it into the childish thing I would be ashamed for using, if anyone was looking over my shoulder. :-D

                You are also absolutely right that it is stupid to be asking for feedback but only positive feedback. Especially as some of the issues raised are not about aesthetics but about the new font not being that easy to read by some people, or the app loading slower.

                It looks to me like I will stop returning to Duolingo one day. I always have times with Duolingo and without (as I use various tools to learn) but one day, Duolingo may simply become too unpleasant. And I am primarily speaking about the real content and communication with the community, the design is just a symptom of the problems.


                you have so much duolingo clout


                Luis, I think part of the complaints are not that they dislike the design but some people feel like this is at the expense of things that have been left unfixed without explanation. If Duolingo doesn't communicate what is being done about certain issues they assume they assume they don't care or are doing nothing which may not be the case.


                I may be alone, but I would rather have a fully functional (complete audio, more relevant practice, etc) in greyscale. The content matters so much more than the look.


                Set in stone design-wise is fine to me, but how about getting the app to respect System settings like font/text size? It's gotten to the point now where I have to use the device Zoom window to read text on my tablet. Prior to this latest update, I only needed to use it on Japanese (where the small details of character differences matter a great deal), but now I need it for Japanese, Spanish, and German...


                yeah, you guys should definitely set up an accessibility taskforce of some description! I've had a temporary eye issue these last few days and it made the use of the app on my iphone quite tiring for some languages, Hebrew being the worst culprit.


                Oh...and we really needed a change management course... the users "hate" change type...One can adopt when there is no other option available, when any other alternative come with a fee (that a lot of people nowdays cannot cover) etc. Unbelievable! and coming from an admin, I dare say insulting.


                As a web user - Windows 10 Chrome, I would like to see a sign of health on my tree as when you get to Level 5 i.e. gold a few weeks/months later you start to forget. The old health system (on my Nokia Windows 10 phone) shows which areas you are weak and suggests which words you haven't used for a while. I find this really useful. Otherwise eventually we will all have a completely gold tree and no clue as to where to target weak areas.

                Thanks for all you and your team's efforts and have a Merry Christmas.


                The old health system (on my Nokia Windows 10 phone) shows which areas you are weak and suggests which words you haven't used for a while. I find this really useful. Otherwise eventually we will all have a completely gold tree and no clue as to where to target weak areas.

                That's not called "health" in Duolingo but "Spaced Repetition"!

                What about spaced repetition? How do I know what to practice next?

                Crowns adds a lot of choice to Duolingo. Some learners love that choice, while others prefer recommendations for what to do. We're actively gathering data on current usage to try to make an intelligent system that suggests the right next steps for each learner.

                Fortunately, you don't have to wait for Duolingo's staff.
                You can still see your "skill decay" in your personal (unofficial, but very useful) progress page in duome.eu


                Thanks I would love to see a circle around each topic that showed how long since I'd practiced the content. Obviously skewing away from the basics i.e. with some intelligence behind it.

                Thanks for all your efforts over the last year. Happy Christmas.


                Are you planning to change the lingots to gems on the web?


                The font is very small on my iPhone. My only complaint.

                Thanks for the hard work! The look is fresh.


                The font is next to unintelligible on my iPad Pro, and I can find no way to alter that. I have no concerns re health or strolling owls, but I’d like to be able to SEE the material I’m tasked with translating.

                [deactivated user]

                  Thank you! Maybe you could dig up some old code instead? When I began using duolingo, I did new lessons twice wherever I made mistakes. (This has now been impossible for quite a while)

                  [deactivated user]

                    Thank god for that. If the health system ever finds itself on the web Im pretty sure DL would notice a very rapid migration of its userbase,


                    I love it, and recommend Duolingo all the time. I feel the same about the Health system, and so as I advance in different languages, move to the laptop where I feel free to make mistakes without worrying about Health. It ensures better learning. I don't mind watching ads, though, so you could find a better way of encouraging me to watch them.


                    Do you have any plans for doing away with the Health System at all? I hope so it is horrible!


                    We have no plans of porting the health system to web.
                    44 lingots (popular)

                    And 1 year later, it is on phones.


                    Ah, that clears things up. Thanks so much!


                    Whoa Luis how do you have such a huge streak??


                    Isn't it kinda clear when this comment gets more likes than the original post, this whole stupid idea should get stopped?


                    I think it also shows that users are tired of visual changes that make little difference to the effectiveness of the site. There are many things to do with functionality that people have been posting about for years but Duolingo has been busy making the site look better.


                    People who dislike something tend to go and voice their complaints in far greater numbers than people that enjoy something.

                    I'm fully behind the change. The only thing that's missing, imho, is the skill notes(lamp) on the app like it appears on the website.


                    The real thing I'm worried about though is if the Health system gets implemented on the website version. Its the main reason that I primarily use the site over the app.

                    That’s one interesting point. Duolingo should definitely do something to take account users like you because you are getting so much upvotes. I view that maybe users could do healthless lessons in duome.eu. That way people are given freedom if they decide to roll health to web.


                    What is the Health System?


                    The health system was very sneakly put into the phone app without anyone's approval. They only selected a random group to test it is awful. It is a way they are trying to earn a few more dollars from it's users. You get 5 mistakes and must spend 450 blue stones if you want to continue learning. Here's the con, if you run out of blue rocks and want to continue you must buy them with real money! What a scam! So much for being free. bob


                    You can renew health via the practice option. You don’t have to buy anything.


                    I attempted that on mobile and was told I had nothing to practice...


                    Too bad they also took out practice for individual lessons.
                    Fortunately, you can still go to https://www.duome.eu/username/progress to do that.


                    I take it it's only on iOS from the comments I've been seeing, not Android? I haven't seen it at all on Android. I can safely say that if I was dealing with it, I would simply not use Duolingo. I use Duolingo because it is good for learning. If pressure-based microtransaction monetization takes priority, I will just quit. Learning a new language is already a very taxing endeavor for the brain without dealing with psychological manipulation on top of it. If they do manipulative monetization, their "mission" becomes a total lie. Just setting aside the ethics of it all, it is impractical to try to learn effectively in a setting like that.


                    I have never seen a health system and I have no idea what a blue stone or rock is, although I use te app daily. Is this only an IOS thing?


                    The blue rock, I think, is the red lingot I see in the website and Android app version.


                    Health System Optional? In order to improve Duo for other learners, I often answer with responses that I guess will not be accepted, but probably should be. I do this in my native language only.

                    It seems the Health system may diminish my ability to help course creators improve acceptable correct answers. In the courses I have done, I would say that 60-70% of questions are missing at least one perfectly acceptable answer. I usually know the answer that is expected, but it often occurs to me that the expected answer is not the most correct.

                    Why can't "Health" be user controlled, so that we are not all painted with the same brush?

                    • 1611

                    I do something similar for the languages I am learning. Each time the same question appears I try to find a different but correct answer. Of course I make mistakes by doing this, but I am learning more this way than if I would give the same answer again and again.


                    Exactly my point, it helps you learn more while helping others - win/win for you and the community especially with popular languages which are regionally nuanced. Our methods help creators and learners alike. I would hate to recite the same answer over and over. I don't think they see or consider this point unfortunately.


                    I have to say, I'm not too fond of the redesign aswell...

                    the previous one was nice, not too childish, but worked quite well.

                    To be fair, it's no deal-breaker, it's still okay...


                    I don't really like it either...but I'm here to learn soo whatever..I guess..just as long as they don't add anything too horrible or take away good stuff..

                    By the way, are they getting rid of lingots and replacing them with the blue things?? They better not..


                    What is the "Health System"?

                    • 1191

                    the golden owls are missing their flag scarves!)

                    What??? That surely must have been a mistake! That is the best thing about the golden owls!

                    ETA: Just had a look in the app. The owl is completely naked now! What were you thinking, DL??? What about all the kids that use DL? Do we need an R rating now?

                    But seriously, the owl looks rather sad now and very unmotivating. Please, DL, bring back the scarves!!! What’s the purpose of collecting several owls if they all look the same?


                    This Is Very True. Golden Owls Deserve Scarves. And I Believe That The Scarves Serve To Positively Reinforce The User's Commitment To The Language. And they really look cool.


                    Please don't criticize the Duolingo staff. Their numbers are really small and some are just volunteers. They are doing their best, I'm sure.


                    Yes, do away with the health bars.


                    Hopefully, with so many people disliking the new design on the app, Duolingo would bring back the old design!


                    Don't count on it. Check out the history of the reddit redesign. I think this will be a similar situation

                    • 1349

                    Don't take the scarves away from the golden owls! They're the laurels of the language arena!


                    Yeah. I don't have any Golden Owls yet but I've seen some images and the owls do look way better with the scarves! Also the font isn't very good for my eyes either so I'm disappointed... But other than that I think the re-design is okay.


                    I also dislike the new app. i quit it. also i miss the flag scarves. i have not gotten one on this profile, but on my other one, i have gotten many! i guess i will have to live with it.


                    I like the redesign. I was never interested in this site because of the style of golden owl trophy or the scarf it was wearing, I was interested in it because they always said they wanted to offer free language education to the world, and whether or not the methodology they used was perfect or the experience they had to offer was the best, the important thing was that they actually really meant it.

                    It's really hard to put into perspective, but when I was growing up, I would have quite happily sold my soul for this product, and yet here it is, they are giving it away, and somehow we are all able to complain about the minutae of how they are doing it.

                    If you think the redesign it's too childish, you've probably forgotten that a good portion of duolingos target audience happens to be kids of school age, so making the site look friendlier and less intimidating is a probably good policy on the whole.

                    I personally don't find it too patronising not to use it despite that. When duo tells me that I have worked really hard and got 10 in a row, or that I am still learning even though I made a mistake, I just smile and nod :)

                    Dáme lingots!


                    Gave a lingot because of the scarves thing.


                    I just started using Duolingo - so I'm not familiar with what the earlier incarnation looked like. Out of curiosity, did the previous font have a serif?

                    You are a hard-core user. Very impressive! I wish I had discovered this website earlier.


                    I second this comment. The health system encumbres my learning pace by putting in penalty time I could be using elsewhere in the process.


                    What is this "health system" thing to which you're referring, Anna?


                    What is the health system?


                    Yeah, you're right. I haven't been able to visit for a while, and when I did, I suddenly noticed the changes… but I don't like 'em though. Also seems that some of the audio has changed as well. The Irish I've learned to pronounce sounds waaay now different all of a sudden. Now I'm not really sure if I learned to speak it correctly in the first place /:


                    What is the Health system that you mention?


                    Look above. There are tons of responses to this query as it has been asked before. Be glad you don’t have the Health system in your phone. :-)


                    I agree...it is what it is...well said.


                    2014 is still the happiest of all :)

                    [deactivated user]

                      Comment of the year.


                      How evolution works... for owls!


                      Beautiful. This is true art.


                      The update glitched my profile and I had to make a new one and I lost my progress and lingots.


                      the redesign if fine now and it was fine before. I like Duo-lingo and I use it to learn and I am progressing very well with the program. the one thing is that health bar thing that you added before and refuse to take down. I do a lot of my lessons on my IPhone because I am away from my computer most of everyday and I can study when I get to stopping places. For a person with fairly large fingers on a small keyboard I will know what to type in but many times my fingers hit the wrong key and I lose a health bar and it isn't long during the day that I lose all my health and I can't study any more until I get home because it doesn't refresh for many hours. this is only thing that frustrates me about this program. I have requested like may others for you to do away with the health bars. It is not helpful for learning. The program over all is great and I enjoy it as well as I have learned a lot. YOU NEED TO DISCONTINUE THE HEALTH BAR! Please.


                      I don't mind the new design but I'm quite disappointed that the user's achievements have been reduced to a shield that shows one or two or three stars. Prior to the redesign one could see for eaxmple, how many weeks they won, how many lessons they did without error and so on. There are no numbers now apart from which level one is up to.
                      Speaking for me, I like statistics and numbers. They encourage me to try to do lessons without error and to do extra lessons to keep up with someone in a club which I might have joined.
                      It now feels like my achievements have been reduced to just a shield and after almost 750 consecutive days of learning, I'm feeling a little demotivated I have to say. I do think the app is brilliant though except for the statistics now being reduced to a three star shield of achievement. Thank you for all the good work you do anyway but I think in this case, you've done a little too much work in the achievements area.


                      Well said...how does one track goals if not with numbers as visiting the countries is not an option at this moment!


                      This redesign is terrible. I will not be using duolingo on any platform that includes it.


                      All platforms will do. Web included.

                      [deactivated user]

                        It's not a good design for my devices: 1) In some cases the first row(s) of sentences I am asked to write get hidden as I write, making it impossible to see how I started the sentence. This was never a problem before. 2) When I get the verdict incorrect, the red field sometimes covers too much of the screen, making it impossible to see and compare what mistakes I made with the correct answer. Your previous app was better. (I preferred the looks of the older one, as well, but that is not important.)


                        What I liked and what I did not like in the new version:

                        I loved the owl becoming animated.

                        I liked the animated clickable buttons.

                        I loved the more "childish" environment, even though I'm not a child anymore, because Duolingo is a game mostly that helps you learn foreign languages. That's his power afterall..

                        I like that Tips and Notes are accessible now.

                        These are the pros.

                        There are some minus though:

                        Some typefaces are too small.

                        The menu buttons are too close each other.

                        I don't know how many XPs I have got in each language. I have to go to the web version to know.

                        I have some followers, but I cannot communicate with them. Just they exist. :)

                        Look! Today in the games we are at a much more advanced level than in the 80s and 90s. And this environment reminds me this: The 80s and 90s, with buttons that were in this shape and size. So: If we want a game that belongs to the 2020s, we are asking one step further. Buttons are no longer in this shape. Better to find another inteface, completelely redesigned, videogame makers have very good ideas, hire one!

                        This pointing system is not that good. I have worked several languages ​​and I have reached to a level that does not motivates me enough anymore. It must be more and more tempting to continue! I have thousands of XPs and some other in lingots but I cannot spend them except for changing Duolingo dress! Okay, I can give somebody a few whose post I like :)

                        I keep some clubs in the languages ​​I learn. Most learners have a rate of around 100 to 500 XP per week. Some are like comets, come and go, don't insist on! A percentage of about 20% does not make even 1 XP in a week! I have to keep high competition by deleting inactive players. I have, of course, given in my profile the club codes so that learners know where to return if they want. Clubs, Stories and Labs are precious tools and you have to promote them. So: Why cannot I go to them from all versions?


                        I can live with cosmetic changes to the design if it does not make easy of use more difficult, but if the health system is added I will probably stop using Duolingo.


                        NOOO LEAVE THE OWL ALONE


                        I don't hate the redesign, but I feel that the teams time could be better spent on other things...


                        I know change is good, but I do think the font is not friendly to the eye at all. Also, with the update I can't check my mistakes because now the response box covers my up my entry. I miss the previous version.


                        the 2014 owl design is the happiest one. why does the new design have the eye bags? too sleepy?


                        Change is fine when it improves the product. I have no problem with the recent update other than the font is about have the size it was making it more difficult to read. Bring back the previous font, please, or give users a choice for a bigger one. Thanks. Love the program otherwise


                        New Duo looks a bit like a cross-eyed chicken.


                        I think the previous owl was better. I think I am not alone.


                        Suddenly on a given level, instead of indicating how many lessons have been completed (e.g., 4 of 20), the app now only indicates a percentage of completion. This is annoying, and provides less information than the previous system! Before you easily knew how many lessons were remaining to complete a particular level. Now -- especially since different levels and different topics have different numbers of lessons -- seeing a percentage of completion makes it very hard to know how many lessons remain for that level. This seems to be an example of making a change just to make a change, and makes the product significantly less helpful and more frustrating.


                        How do I change back to the old design? The font is too small in the app. It’s making me want to use the Duolingo less to avoid the eye strain. - Very disappointed!


                        Using an iPhone (not Plus), the font on little numbers on the lesson icons are now so small that I can't tell a 2 from a 3, even with my reading glasses on. Using the low contrast of red on orange was already a bad idea, but shrinking the font obviously makes it worse. It seems like font within lessons is also smaller in some places, but numbers on those lesson icons are definitely too small.


                        You should probably fix Chinese.


                        I am not interested in the cuteness level of a green owl, but care about functionality:
                        1. Font size is still not adjustable and simply to small to read complex chinese characters.
                        2. On iPad, still no possibility for split screen.
                        3. In China, I keep being directed to duolingo.cn, without access to this discussion.
                        These are some topics that might require real development work, not just cosmetics.

                        [deactivated user]

                          What if I don't like it? Can't I go back to previous versions?


                          I’ve just come back to Duolingo (Welsh) app on the iPad after a three week break - hard to keep going over Christmas! - and found the font has been considerably reduced. After ten minutes my eyes are aching. I will be constrained in how long I can learn for by eye strain. Please increase the font size again.

                          [deactivated user]

                            I have mixed feelings about the change. Some parts of it are good: my courses finally got rid of the stupid pictures taking majority of the space. So, the font in the Spanish course looks actually bigger, but that may be just an impression. But it really is too small in the Japanese course. But even in the Spanish course, the font could be twice as big and my eyes would welcome it. What about the older users or people with worse eye sight in general? Perhaps having several font sizes in the settings would be perfect.

                            I cannot choose to type right away in the app, only the boxes, that is a big disadvantage. It really turns Duolingo much more into a game and much less into a learning tool. And that is not a good thing, in my opinion. When I want just a game, I use other apps.

                            For some weird reason, I can test out of only some skills, not all of them, that is a reason to stick to the website. And I think the app takes a bit longer to load and to react to my answers than it used to.

                            I would personally appreciate Duo not interrupting the learning sessions with the "encouragements", it distracts me. You know, like that kind of overly caring grandma rushing into your room offering cookies every five minutes, while you try to study.

                            For some reason, I am lucky enough not to have health and blue gems, I have lingots and normal crowns in the app (unlike some people, I like the crowns. and I wonder why there aren't more options in the settings, so that everyone can choose. such settings would even be a good thing to monetize unlike health). That makes it ok to use. But should I get health, I will probably leave the app.

                            After all, Duolingo should remember they are still number one among the free apps (with optional premium and ads). But as soon as they push me to pay, I will go to the best products in the paid category and with a clearer selling strategy (either one time payments like Lingodeer, or monthly payments like Kwiziq, or I'll just stick to non-digital tools that are even clearer about what they sell and for how much). I guess that is what many adults learners will do, there are lots of paid products on the market these days. Many might even take the childish looks as a good incentive to reconsider their learning priorities and have a look at the books again :-)


                            I looked up lingodeer in the Apple store, and it is subscription now.


                            I really don't understand Duolingo any more. There used to be a logical progression now it makes no sense. Am I missing something?

                            • 1611

                            One issue with new vocabulary words: they are shown as yellow which is hardly legible, and the color doesn't change to black any more after clicking on it.

                            This was different before: after clicking on a new vocabulary word, the color changed from yellow to black and the word got legible.

                            The new design makes it difficult to learn new words. It would be great to have the old behavior back or at least have a more contrasting color for new words.


                            The first two Duo owls look creepy, especially the 2012 one.


                            I can't visually process the new visuals on the levels screen. Is there a way to revert them to the old ones?


                            This is just the ugliest thing I've ever seen. It made me cut down on using the Android app. Now I don't want to use the desktop version anymore either.


                            Does it really matter what Duolingo looks like, if the purpose is just for language learning? Think about that


                            It looks a bit infantile, like a toddler primer. Since I like Duolingo so much, I wish I could respond in a more complimentary way.


                            Indeed design is never done <3


                            So, you're giving us a new look to the Android version but what about the promise that you made a year ago about designing new communication tools? Personally, I like Duolingo just how it is. We don't need a more enhanced, animated look to Duolingo!


                            Quote: Since the learning and engagement metrics are very positive, we expect to roll out to ALL users on web in the coming months.

                            Hello Duolingo team,

                            didn't you test the new crown code before exclusively on the Android app and rolled it out to all web users in April 2018?
                            Same problem, same issues, same metrics?!

                            Are you aware that this will break again Tampermonkey user scripts and Stylus userstyles if you change previously generated classes or rewrite the html/css code completely?

                            Several users have been working on userstyles or extensions e.g for a "Dark mode".
                            Now they have to restart from scratch?!


                            Can I please opt-out in the first 3-6 months, please please please?!!

                            I might test it after 8-12 months once you have initially fixed ALL new introduced bugs!
                            I might even roll into your special alpha / beta testing group on a 2nd (testing exclusive) account or when it is the right time for me and I want to see UI changes or I might be looking for a font size improvement.

                            If you want feedback from users on their test accounts: Just ask them. Don't force them.


                            Personally I just want to do my practice lessons and benefit from the additional audio and old Duo lesson style (before your new lesson web update).

                            I am very satisfied with the web portal as it is right now (with additional user script support)....well some backend features are needed here or there and the one or other review bug needs to be fixed...but this is not really new to your team.

                            I am quite sure that I will not benefit from ANY web UI frontend changes at the moment!!

                            Corrupted userscripts because of fundamental web code changes will just give me a hard STOP on my learning experience...

                            ......it will take weeks / months to fix them again (and I can not do it personally).
                            I have seen it with the "forum maintenance update" in late September 2017!

                            Sorry, I do not want to run into it.

                            I might pay for Duolingo Plus if I can opt-out from the first rollout phase!


                            Honestly, I would be more glad if I could:

                            • complete my PT->DE tree
                            • and start and finish the PT->EN very new A/B tree with the web code as it is right now.
                            • opt-in to the new 108 skill PT-EN tree
                            • stay on the better English->French tree3 and start it in 2019 (26+ dedicated French grammar skills which have been removed on your staff 8+12 A/B trees!)

                            This will be very much (more) PRODUCTIVE for me.

                            You (neither we!) simply cannot expect from userscript programming gods like Camilo (Duolingo Tree Enhancer) or userstyle writers like Tiramisue or any "Dark scheme" programmers to fix their code over and over again!

                            One of the most important goals in IT

                            Never change (and break) a running system -- without a very good planning and detail testing phase!

                            Since the learning and engagement metrics are very positive

                            Sorry, but are we now comparing apples and bananas? Again?

                            Who from your mobile (tapping) app users have Camilo's userscript "Duolingo Tree Enhancer" installed to assist with TTS audio in the right, the target, language??

                            • 1) You simply can not measure typing metrics and how benefiting it may be to hear the L2 TARGET audio, if your mobile app - with almost tapping only - does not support it!

                            • 2) I am not sure how many smartphone/tablet users might use the mobile browser (compact mobile view) on their handheld device instead of the mobile tapping app:
                              But how many of your million of users are IT specialists and actually skilled enough / or have the proper time to get Tampermonkey/Violentmonkey and other similiar addons or Stylus running on their mobile devices and browser together with the above mentioned userscripts and userstyles from the web (desktop mode)?

                            Please provide more detail statistics about this and how you measure(d) this.

                            Please don't fake your own metrics!

                            "Traue keiner Statistik die du nicht selbst gefälscht hast!" (this sentence is not from me, but well known)


                            Your mobile (Android tapping) app for example is a real pain to use for a reverse tree, e.g Portuguese->German, as you completely miss playing the target Portuguese audio.

                            I am learning and trying to improve Portuguese, don't I?

                            @Dr. Luis van Ahn

                            Hi Luis, aren't you learning Portuguese here on Duolingo too?

                            Aren't you interested how to improve the reverse-/laddering trees and how all the review SR bugs (quote often with a ZERO spacing, 4-6++ same question) can be fixed to give a better - the maximum - learning experience?

                            I would be so glad if your team could focus all your efforts on the IMHO real prio 1 things
                            (e.g let the user deactivate simple picture type exercises, remove "fill the word into the blank" challenges, both on L2+ crown levels; fix the wrong translation direction on crown L4+L5 levels (too low ratio), re-engineer new review bugs with L5 skills or a full L5 + 100% strength tree,...).

                            If you need metrics:

                            There are almost 17,228 (12254+4974 alumni members) power users listed on the SHOF http://www.duome.eu portal and I am almost sure that not too many of them will be using mobile devices - with tapping - for a too long time.

                            Please start a public question query which users want to opt-in/opt-out or want to stay - and for how long - on the current web code.


                            Last time the Memrise developer team (for whatever reason) brought "some mobile features and design" from their apps to their web portal / dashboard, it completely broke the homepage.

                            I still can not review my words in the backlog queue with a single "classic button" click as I now have to press the "More" button first and wait for a 2nd popup screen.

                            I just can hope that you do not do the same errors as them?


                            I don't think that it makes very much sense to rollout an update to ALL of your web users at the same time - like with the half-baken crowns update (no spaced repetition, no skill detail overview page) in April 2018.

                            I need to remind your team that I did not click the opt-in button, but finally you FORCED all users into it with the "simple crown conversion rule"...many of us hated your final move without asking us!

                            • 1) Please create alpha opt-in and beta testing groups.

                            • 2) Give yourself more time to fix any potential bugs (or for how many months have you been testing your new web code before you roll it out to everyone??)

                            • 3) Make your long-term users happy with a high code quality and good QA, not your investors with fancy UI frontend changes!

                            • 4) Your last "Duo lesson frontend redesign" brought us too small text fonts on the web portal and a conflicting text field which collidates with the upper translation text and hints.
                              Only a userstyle could fix this (maybe after a few weeks/months it was changed back with the next web update, maybe not).

                            High quality and bug fixing counts and priorising on #1 bugs/improvements is more important to many of your users than fancy - but probably unnecessary - UI frontend changes on the web at the same time / big rollout.

                            Thanks for your attention.

                            With best regards from Germany

                            I am not an English native speaker, but I tried my best writing this.
                            I do not want to hurt anybodys feelings, but I wanted to write my thoughts down and hold you back from potentially breaking the web system as so many of your user base are enjoying (instead of using mobile tapping apps).

                            • 2354

                            Thomas, I think it's safe to say Duolingo would improve substantially with you in the developing team. Unfortunately, it seems they are just changing things for change's sake (and getting rid of the things that work, too) instead of adding useful features.


                            Duolingo sometimes hires people from the community. Here are the job's listings. :)


                            I'm pleased to see they're hiring for a French from Chinese course.

                            And, my goodness, how many jobs!


                            Nice link! It would be awesome if they ever complete the Chinese course for Japanese speakers.


                            There is however a Japanese course for Chinese speakers in the incubator.

                            [deactivated user]

                              How long did that take to right


                              @Thomas.Heiss, I would like to tell you that you are amazing. Writing that whole comment in your non-native language. You did a great job!


                              You have my respects for taking time and writing this.


                              @Luis @Duolingo staff @all subscribed users


                              I wish you much personal success in 2019 and realizing all your goals.

                              May all the potentially good and new feature requests from your "What changes would you like to see" thread https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/28202855 and your internal company's TODO/bug list (prio 1+2) be able to be implemented from your developer teams so you can bring them to life for us and further extent your product or improve quality.


                              On 12/29/2018 I received your "New year" offering e-mail for buying "Duolingo Plus" for continuing my Portuguese course with a "Save 50% off" in 2019 (expired 29 December 2018 11:42pm).

                              Maybe your team is interested in an honest feedback?

                              Your calculation table (three columns) on the web however was only comparing prices for the 1st (monthly) subscription column, which indeed tells a very different truth as the yearly cost (3rd column) normally is already a bit reduced, hasn't this always been the case before?

                              For this offer your announcement e-mail did not show the 3rd yearly price column if you make an one-time payment at once as you usually do.

                              Why is that?
                              Hatte ich etwa Tomaten auf den Augen?

                              Currently I do not see any table with three columns and transparent prices anymore as your URL https://www.duolingo.com/?purchasePlus=forum only shows for my account your 7-day trial offering with the two buttons "Try for free" (this might be a new feature you have introduced in 2018 as it was not always working like this!) and "No, thanks".


                              My impression is that you now try to get more users into buying a "Duolingo Plus" subscription at the end of the year (before!) and AFTERWARDS you will rollout - as announced in this thread - somewhere in 2019 your new UI redesign/ frontend code to the web portal.

                              The DRAWBACK in doing this - and for all other new confirmed (yearly) Plus member subscriptions in Q1/2019 - is, that you high likely might introduce new bugs (well, we all know how software development usually works, especially with some pressure on set deadlines, don't we?) and I still fear that the new code potentially renders previous existing functionality (user styles, user scripts, etc.) suddenly non-working as I tried to explain previously: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/29997264$comment_id=30000236

                              Wer will schon komerziell eine "Katze im Sack" kaufen, d.h ein ggf. nicht mehrere Monate von der QS Abteilung gesteter neuer ALPHA/BETA Web Code, ein nie selbst zuvor gesehenes Frontend UI Design?

                              And if your users made the 50% off "New Years" payment wanting to support your company (either monthly or yearly which is not always really understandable from the offering / choice table as some users seem to complain on the forums after payment!) because they like the current professional web UI design, why should they be happy when you take it away in 2019?

                              In my opinion "Plus members" should have at least the option to opt-out from any forced web design rollout in 2019+, at least in the first 6-12 months!

                              I have already requested this in my comment above: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/29997264$comment_id=30000236

                              @Luis @Severin H.

                              I have another suggestion / idea:

                              Q: Why can't you make the web UI design option at least switchable (different user base: kids, teenagers, adults, etc.), please?

                              Warum wollt oder könnt ihr denn mehrere Frontend UIs nicht - sowohl (vor allem) im Web bzw. auch in den Apps - PARALLEL anbieten?

                              Dann müßte theoretisch für jeden User in den drei Kategorien (Kinder, Teenager, Erwachsene) etwas dabei sein und niemand braucht sich aufzuregen oder dem alten Web UI Design hinterherzuweinen, wem genau eben das gefällt und er/sie als "Plus Mitglied" genau dafür 2018-Q1/2019 gezahlt hat!

                              Ein gutes Gelingen dieses in 2019 "heil" - d.h mit möglichst wenig User-Kritik - über die Bühne zu bringen wünsche ich Eurem Team!

                              Best regards / Viele Grüße


                              Wow, that is the longest comment I have ever seen!




                              Quote: we are getting close to the end of the month and have a ton of updates that we want to share with you

                              Source: "April 2019 updates": https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/31849174

                              Sorry to say, but since the last rollout of your "web frontend update" changes my Firefox V52.9.0esr EXE process runs on Windows amok and consumes on the "Home" and "practice" pages 50-60% of its CPU time when only one page is open, always; your website now freezes quite much, I have to restart after a few lessons.

                              I cannot even open anymore 4-6 skills with the "/practice" URL link in parallel in multiple browser tabs.
                              This 100% completely kills my browser even I have not started any review sessions (I did not press the normal vs timed button)!

                              I also have monitored other threads from users that they have got freezes or lags with the "new web design", so obviously I am not alone?!?

                              When only the community forum http://forum.duolingo.com is open firefox.exe CPU load is 20-30/36% which is still quite high (for having only loaded the top menu bar).

                              Normally an "inactive" website (once it has finished loading) either consumes 0% or very low (5-10%) CPU load.

                              BTW: This does not happen with Mondly, Lingvist, Memrise or any other normal (Opensource) forum websites, so for the moment Firefox does not seem to be the issue here?!

                              Could it be that your new web code and fency new JavaScript API updates broke your previously stable web system or how have I suddenly got this issue?!

                              I also had turned off Tampermonkey and Stylus addons testwise and restarted! It didn't help anything! What "real benefit" have I got besides this corruption with the update?

                              No, I cannot upgrade on this Laptop system to Firefox Quantum V64.0 or Google Chrome V71 / 73+!

                              Is anybody still testing with Firefox V52.9.0esr (32-bit)?
                              What browser versions is your QS (quality assurance) team using in parallel?

                              I will do some additional tests in the next days for the high CPU usage and lags / freezes with a fresh Firefox profile as well on another newer (stationary) 64-bit PC system (not Laptop) where I do not have daily access to.

                              Is this really only on my side?

                              Is there any advanced developer who can maybe help me to track it down what type of code is causing this issue in Firefox?



                              Please provide more detail statistics about this and how you measure(d) this.

                              I guess it's simply from all these "little" (3rd-party-)scripts/trackers in Duolingos website and especially the mobile app.

                              See here for more information on the app: https://reports.exodus-privacy.eu.org/en/reports/43493/


                              Quote: The top menu bar on web will get updated and look a little different, inspired by the app look

                              Source: "April 2019 updates": https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/31849174

                              Won't this break the quick "language course switcher" code hidden behind the flag left besides our avatar where you can jump from courses with a different base/source language back and forth?

                              I answered here: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/31849174$comment_id=31852751


                              Quote T.H: Won't this break the quick "language course switcher" code hidden behind the flag left besides our avatar

                              Quoting myself I can now answer my own question:
                              The newest "top menu bar" with buttons did not completely break the quick language course switcher code.


                              But you have already REMOVED the language levels 1-25 which we could always see in our language list, why!?!

                              At least your latest web updates from the past days (regenerated classes?) managed to BREAK again Camilo's "Duolingo Tree Enhancer" userscript for multiple-choice questions and playing the audio in the L2 target language!!


                              Where was my celebration Portuguese L25 congratulations popup level up message and donated lingots when I finally reached 30,000XP after 2,5 years of hard work?

                              Before your 2-3 recent frontend web UI changes in 2018 or 2019 your old web portal ALWAYS gave us a nice popup message and notifications (somewhere around 2016/2017) when we leveled - with XP - up from one level to the other and we also received a few lingots.

                              What was exactly the point in removing this existing code, just like the 1-25 levels in your course switcher dropdown box?

                              Yes, I know...you have already removed the language 1-25 levels on the recent mobile app versions.


                              That. is. the. longest. comment. i. have. ever. seen. It is even longer than the longest post i have ever seen!


                              hey i noticed the new "words" list in the italian course, which is really useful! any idea when it's going to the other languages, like turkish?


                              I like the owl and the chef but everything else is better as they are. You could maybe find a better color palette if you want to make design changes because the layout is all bright and very different colors, a nice color palette would make it look really neat. I especially don't like the layout for answers, the font and the bubbles etc, it looks like a beginner's app and kinda floppy.


                              Also I'd much rather additions to the shop than a redesign! I have so many lingots saved up and I want to spend them. Maybe more Duo attires? Or some niche language lessons about specific hobbies/fields? Something like the stories in the "labs" section but for more languages? That being said I'd love a color palette, preferably darker/faded colors because I don't like these bright and light colors, it hurts my eyes after a while.


                              2012 Duo is me everyday I wake up at 4:00 AM to wait in the line for the bus. UGH.


                              Why Duolingo team didn't add the display of language level like the web version or the older version of app?


                              They are getting rid of xp levels because they introduced crowns


                              2011 - owl, 2012 - owl, 2014 - owl, 2019 - darth vader helmet with eyes, huh?

                              [deactivated user]

                                This current (unchanged) design looks better than the new one, if you ask me!

                                [deactivated user]

                                  Also, please don't implement the Health System and replace the Lingots for Gems on the website! That is why I sold my iPhone in the first place!


                                  Duo is way too fat. What have you been feeding him, Duolingo team? Also , I like the pictures and lesson redesign, but not the homepage. This isn't just for kids


                                  Regardless of whether or not I'm a fan of the new redesign, I'm still incredibly thankful Duo is there. A free and enjoyable way to refresh and get the basics of foreign languages? Yes, please! Although I do miss it, I don't need a flag-scarf on a golden statue to help me become a global citizen. Merci, Duo. Continue comme ça, on va unir le monde.

                                  [deactivated user]

                                    I think I prefer the previous design, it's the one most of us have been used to since we started out here.


                                    Im totally okay with the the redesign but what i would love to know is, what happened to the lessons that you could have where you respond to what is said in the language from duo? like you would a text.


                                    Can you possibly not update it?


                                    I think that the health system should not be added becouse its a waste of time and money also many peaple will not like it becouse they won't have the money to do it or the time to waste on it.


                                    I kind of like the 2014 Duo better. He looks much more excited! The new one is kind of boxy...


                                    how do i go on vacation and get a 1 or 2 week sabatical without losing my 346 day streak


                                    ok I like the 2014 one instead.


                                    I would like to see the fluency level thing back. I remember looking to he side of the screen and seeing I had 72% in Spanish fluency and then being able to improve myself for a higher fluency score


                                    i like the look just fine but miss the lingots tbh! I like the fewer lingots vs more gems system. Just personal preference.


                                    I love the way that the Duolingo app now looks. It makes lessons a lot more fun and want to take more lessons each day. But, I've got a couple of complaints. Firstly, (and what a lot of other people have mentioned) is the health system. If at one point, you run out of blue stones, then you have to buy them with real money. One of the main reasons I use the Duolingo app to learn my languages, is because I can learn them for free! But, with the new health system, it's easy to run out of stones, and then you have to buy them again! This does not make it free. Secondly, I don't like the fact that you can no longer review the words that you have learnt. Now, I have to write everything down on a notepad instead of simply going to the Words section to review them. Other than that, I love the new design. But please, change the health system. Thank you!


                                    I do not really like this. The new Duo is not DUO! Where are the scarves on the GOLDEN OWL??? What was so bad about the 2014 version? I liked it fine, and I'm sure a lot of y'all did too! Wow, what a shame. Now the owl might as well have been changed to a kid's drawing. What was wrong with 2014??? WHAT? Besides, if your goal is to make Duo simpler, then keep the Duo bird the same! It was good enough! I think y'all should have saved yourself some time by improving language courses.


                                    If there are no scarves on the golden owl, you might as well just be making one on MS paint or finding a picture online!


                                    And I miss Duo's smoking jacket :-(


                                    And there are still random periods in some of the Japanese lesson titles.


                                    I love the redesign, however I really miss the list of numbers for how many courses I need to do to complete that level Crown. I found having the numbers listed for how many courses there were to go - really motivated me and I miss having that in the new redesign. Please put back the numbers - of how many courses have to still be completed for each Crown Level, instead of telling me where I am at based on what percent I am at. The percent is not helpful at all and not motivating. The numbers are. Please put the numbers back.


                                    Can you bring back the option to type in landscape mode?


                                    At first I was annoyed by the design but I know that people generally don't like change so I waited a bit before stating my opinion. I think it will still take me quite some time getting used to it but I can live with it now. However, I still find it very understandable that the redesign is pissing off a lot of users, including myself. We all know that Duolingo has limited resources. I have a lot of respect for everyone who spends their time trying to keep this amazing concept alive and make it better. Wouldn't it be best to put those limited resources to good use? In my opinion the priorities should be:

                                    1. Fix existing features (update trees, fix bugs, etc.)
                                    2. Add new features (dark theme, more ways to spend lingots, etc.)
                                    3. Make upgrades in the design (like this update)

                                    These first two points is what I read people complaining about, I haven't seen discussions with users begging for a new design. Personally I also would really like it if the problems with the Chinese tree would be solved. A dark theme and more ways to spend lingots (even if it's just another silly costume) are obviously less important but would still make me (and a lot of other users) very happy.

                                    I almost only use DL why traveling so the website is often not a good option for me. Please get your priorities straight and ensure that the learning material is correct before investing in things like owl animations. I love animations but that's not why I'm here.


                                    You should really involve a dark theme, something easier on the eyes for my midnight learning!


                                    I can’t see what level I am on anymore. Is there a work-around?


                                    Try duome.eu, it also lets you know the strength of a skill as well as other stats.

                                    You can see it at duome.eu/Kariukiga/progress


                                    The new design does not look as good. You guys should keep it the way it is.


                                    This reminds me of “Lunarstorm” Sweden’s most popular social media site, appealed to both children and adults alike, with the audience being mostly teeanagers and younger adults. It was something like facebook with a teddy bear logo, I even think it made a whole generation become huggy. It seemed like there was literally noone without an account and it encouraged interaction with guest books, diaries, pms.

                                    Then they started to change it. It became more and more childish to the point the feeling was it was turning towards the very young. So much that it started putting off the older audience.

                                    Then suddenly, they closed. Would you believe facebook just call it one day? but they did it. And it was missed much more than anyone would miss facebook today. I lost many years of diaries, emotional e-mails, guestbook entries, not to mention daily contact with whom I interacted through these...

                                    well, I hope this logo change turn towards children does not go so far. But while parts of the functionality seem a bit broken and bugstricken, continous huge design tweak efforts like this, make little sense.

                                    I suggest dropping it. Don’t update the web. Concentrate on system stability and user friendlyness instead. don’t try to “switch” audience. that really doesn’t bode so well..


                                    We had a similar experience in Brazil, with Google just mutilating Orkut to make it more connected with Google+, which they wanted to sell forcibly to us to make it competitive against Facebook, which Orkut could be not because it was dominated by Brazilians, and we shaped the entirety of its culture, with the English side dominated by Indians, the second largest group (at a much smaller 12% or so of users at their peak).


                                    How about you try to please Greeks and Trojans by giving us different versions? You could have done the same to the crowns system, but it seems that you really did not reflect on what pleases your userbase the most and just decided to ignore our wishes even more abrasively than last time (since this actually seems to be messing up with Duo's functionality for tons of people, and effectively excluding many).


                                    I really hope these new things won't adapt to the web version of duo. I'm still a bit disappointed that there are such huge differences between iOS, Android and web.

                                    Yet I benefit from some differences, such as getting Lingots for keeping the streak on Android, I missed that when I needed to switch to iOS (due to my phone not working). I think there are things that should work on every language and version of Duolingo such as the 'words' section which sadly works only for the 'big languages' (Spanish, French, English...). But I enjoy the 'club' section in the app, it should adapt to the web version just as the 'discussion' section should adapt to both app versions.

                                    I am disappointed of the iOS version where I can not follow discussions of the tasks in the courses at all! Sometimes a user needs help with sentences, that is not given here. I frequently used this option when I didn't understand a e.g. word order. Due to using iOS now I can't pose questions on difficult tasks.

                                    Also I experienced the little bulb for explanations of a theme in the courses on the web version. I missed this little bulb while using both mobile versions. Maybe they could be scripted into the mobile versions too? This could solve many questions users could have.

                                    Though I like the new cute little Duo, I am still not satisfied with the new design. I agree with AnnaMayBates that the redesign looks too childish. Personally I think the previous design looked childish and clean enough to attract children as much as adults. Due to smaller displays on some phones the icons are too detailed in some points, it was easier to look at them before the redesign.


                                    I am learning Chinese and am impressed that Duolingo managed to make its already bad redesign on iOS..worse.
                                    1. No indication of #lessons completed or #lessons in a topic (6/6 meaning 5 finished out of 6 lessons was crazy, but knowing the number of lessons is useful. How about going back to 5/6 = 5 lessons finished out of 6).
                                    2. Progress in topic indicated 2x by counterintuitive circular progress bar and %.
                                    3. Level indicated 2x by color and text in each topic of a level.
                                    Good is that now the total number of levels available is indicated.


                                    can we get more things in the store to purchase with lingots?


                                    For the record, I prefer the 2014 owl


                                    Would it possible for the noun to have gender in German lesson? Thank you.


                                    With this update, I would get the endless walking owl before taking a lesson (or testing out) on my Android app. This happened only when using my home wi-fi, so I had to resort to using 4G only with the Android App. FINALLY, after much effort (weeks), I got the problem to disappear by turning off DHCP6 prefix delegation (part of ipv6) in my home router.... this got the walking owl (who walked forever) to finally load the lesson (or test) very quickly on the app. So, clearly, something in the internal networking of Duo changed this past month, too. Not just the owl pictures.


                                    I wish I could applaud. However, someone at Duo Lingo just does not get how difficult it is now to navigate and prioritise what to do next with these "crowns". I am about 5 lessons short of the full German course. That means I must have about 40 subjects on the go. How on earth am I meant to make sure I keep them all reviewed in some kind of balanced manner and recall where I left off ? The crown system has pretty much killed off DL for me although I try occasionally to dip back in


                                    Just upgraded to the new version; the percentage completed for each skill is a nice addon, otherwise it's sort of meh. I never liked the figures that appear (as hypothetical locutors, I guess) on some courses: waste of screen space, basically, so their redesign doesn't matter to me the least bit. On the accessibility front, the added shading on boxes is more tiresome on the eyes; as mentioned elsewhere, proportional fonts are still unavailable. That makes the app a quite unpleasant way to use Duolingo if your eyes tire easily.

                                    I understand putting resources into the look-and-feel thing. What would be better though is to have functional improvements, to help the app catch up with the web site. For instance, why can't one display the XP and level in all the languages one is learning? I use that to share my work between the courses. Even more important: access to grammar tips! You don't learn a language by practice only. As things are, trying to learn a language using only the app would be a fool's errand!

                                    One matter I won't be complaining about: the health system. It is unpleasant and it is counterproductive, of course. But I do understand that you guys need a business model!


                                    Nice work on the re-design, but I must say that I preferred the previous version. I DO like the tile format in the listening exercises. It makes getting through the lesson less cumbersome, especially on the iPad where you can’t type as quickly as you can on the phone. But the previous design version had a slightly more sophisticated style to the icons and the color palette was a little more varied which I preferred. However the thing that I feel the most strong about is that the font is just too small!! It seems to be half the size of the last one and that can sometimes make it difficult to see in certain environments. Not all of us who are learning languages have eight years old eyes !


                                    The new version takes forever to load on my app and the web version no longer has a voice for Spanish or German.


                                    The new app version takes forever to load and the web version lost their voices


                                    The type is too small


                                    I still have the old design on my computer, and wish to never get the redesign


                                    It's an A/B test, so you will have it in some couple of weeks .


                                    I use the app on the phone and the web on my mac. One thing I think could be improved on the app is the green answer box at the bottom of the page when you have answered a practice question. The writing and the green screen have little contrast between them.


                                    The new font makes it difficult to distinguish between lower case "L" (l) and upper case "i" (I). This makes it hard to read languages which are new to a DL user. It is especially difficult when reading the words in the Klingon module.


                                    Duolingo's "refreshing redesign" looks disgusting. It is so washed out in colour that I can hardly read it, and the typeface is supremely ugly. The icons are now infantile. Duolingo is now the ugliest application on my phone. I am amazed at the destruction you have wrought for NO GOOD REASON. If I go to the desktop site, is that going to be destroyed too, the day after tomorrow? I come to Duolingo to get away from the horrors of Trump and Brexit, and now you have done this!

                                    Barrie Davis Guildford, Surrey United Kingdom.


                                    There are also practical difficulties of this new app design. 1) Typing window too small. Now cannot see whole phrase as typed. It scrolls, which is hopeless. 2) The red "Wrong" banner is now made huge.... so big it hides everything previously typed so we cannot identify what is/are the supposed errors. This wouldn't matter if we could move it out of the way as before, but it is now nailed down!

                                    Also, the reward of bonus experience points for a faultless round of responses no longer seems to be happening..(??)

                                    So, DL it is now not only very ugly, it has got pretty hard to use. What a disaster! Until now I was spending two hours on DL per day. Now it is not a good experience. To say I am very angry is putting it mildly!


                                    Yeah a number of people have complained on the troubleshooting forum about the immovable banner. I hate using the mobile web version now because of that. (The app is still missing too many features for me to use that)


                                    Where did my club go? Did you get rid of clubs??


                                    On French, I think I was the only one that went there. I was no great performer, but I was "Weekly Winner" quite regularly!


                                    There were a bunch of different clubs and you could leave and join new ones. Took me a few tries but I ended up in one with pretty active discussion. Now gone without warning?


                                    I like the animated owl, but I’m having trouble reading the new, smaller type. I use Duolingo on my iPad. Please have mercy on users over fifty, and use a bigger font size in the next go-round!


                                    The new makeover is poir on the android screen. The font sizes are far too small and I struggle to see tgem even with glasses, which I don't normally need for this app. Please revert to old layout, there was nothing wrong with it. Don't 'fix' something if it's not broken.


                                    Happy with the redesign overall, except this one simple but significant problem:

                                    After pressing 'Check' during a lesson, the result banner is no longer movable. This means that it is sometimes impossible to compare the correct answer with the answer that the user gave (if the answer is long, the banner takes up a lot of the screen and obscures the submitted answer).

                                    Hopefully this is easily fixed?


                                    My level 4 Spanish has all disappeared and I much preferred the old format Help !!!


                                    Why did you bring back the wheel! I was so glad to see that go. Now instead of maybe getting 60-100 gems in a day- it’s 5....almost EVERY SINGLE DAY... bring back the treasure chests please or fix the wheel!!


                                    I had a streak freeze- and skipped a day- and it's gone! Isn't that what a streak freeze is for? And they wanted $14 to return it. Nope. Not necessary- and apparently not necessary to buy streak freezes if they don't do what they say they do- making points worthless. So dissapointed.


                                    I bought a new computer a few months back, and this page of basically just text takes ~4 seconds to load. I don't mean to be rude, but how well trained was the squirrel you used to run across the keyboard to code this site?



                                    I especially love how the chicken grew up to be a magnificent middle-aged pizza baker.


                                    Indeed. He's grown into quite the big cheese!

                                    Personally, I love how the tomato changed its mind, mid mitosis, metamorphosing into a lovely red hat. :D

                                    Cardinal truth (too much?), the red creates a nicer contrast. And, whereas Chefs are known for their white hats, Fromagers/Fromagère are known for breaking the mold. I approve. ^_^


                                    In Duolingo's new design, things and people are big, fat and unfriendly (tomato, chicken, cook)!
                                    Do Duolingo's new pictures really fit within the modern American (food) culture?


                                    I guess they're all just a bunch of fatasses wow v_v


                                    Where does Duolingo still use the people characters? I haven't seen them in the mobile app in months, and when I asked here a while back, I was told they were discontinued.


                                    I see a vocal group of people who dislike the design so I just thought I'd chime in and say I quite like it! It feels refreshed and lighter to me, which was the stated intent.


                                    I'm quite indifferent to the GUI elements, honestly, except where the text size comes into play. They can make the design as mature or cartoonish as they like, but the font needs to be resizable for those with vision problems. As it is now, I've gone from using the Zoom window just on Japanese to all my languages.


                                    I feel like it pushes the design a little too far into the extreme of "child-like", but I personally don't mind it and would even go as far as to say I'll get used to it pretty quick. We've had far more drastic changes to the owl before.


                                    It says all about their philosophy. Childish look for childish users.


                                    Are these changes going to be for the web version?


                                    Currently all iOS users and most Android users should have access to it. Since the learning and engagement metrics are very positive, we expect to roll out to all users on web in the coming months.

                                    Emphasis mine.


                                    The main thing I miss most so far is how many chances I have left when testing a skill.


                                    So normal tomato, normal chicken and normal chef have turned into big, knobbly, misshapen tomato, chicken so obese it can't stand up and Quasimodo in a toque? The new design seems to consist of a deformed, corrupted version of the old design.

                                    However, much as I don't like it on first glance, I don't consider the aesthetics of the pictures very important so long as they're all easily recognisable; one quickly gets used to these things whether one likes them or not.

                                    What is much more important is having a spaced-repetition system that tells us which skills need practising. Please could you take a little of the time spent adding drips of icing to pictures of cakes to come up with a spaced-repetition system that works with crowns, and then Quasimodo can cook as many morbidly-overweight hens, nightmare, deep-sea fish and blotchy, mutant eggs as he likes without any complaints from me.


                                    The ability to test to skip through loads of activities and allow me to level up on skills seems to have gone? I rely on it as I’ve been away from Duolingo am starting to complete the skills, but I recall most of the vocabulary and thus testing to complete skill levels is very good for me.


                                    Really? I am still on the old build, but If they have changed it that much, I don't want to "upgrade"?


                                    If only I could roll back


                                    If I'm honest, it doesn't look that big, especially compared to the others, but I'll still support the new ideas anyway.


                                    Why am not getting any talking training anymore. I only get listening reading and writing.


                                    I prefer the web version for one particular reason, well two but because I subscribed to the plus version only one now (Health Shield on) With the app it is soo easy to hit "enter" by mistake and your answer is submitted. I would have prefered to be able to only submit your answer via the "check" button. I would also have liked to see less translations and more associations like Rosetta Stone but I must admit that the user interface on Dualingo is far superior and quick, except for that damn enter/done button ... I don't know how many times I almost threw my phone against the wall because I pressed enter by mistake


                                    I got an upgrade notice on my Android version. I installed it, and now my phone and desktop levels aren't in sync. Any suggestions to resynce them?


                                    Well some glitches do occur. noticed that somehow I got knocked back to lower levels in a few lessons. Guess I just have to redo them but they don't seem to be working.


                                    i think there's a lot of room to improve the course, more practical in particular.


                                    I am using Duolingo plus. It has stopped working after 230 plus days. It is very frustrating. I use it on my iPhone. It suggested a download upgrade, which I tried to do but still the same problem.
                                    It is indeed frustrating to stick with the program day after day, to work hard with it, only to have such a disheartening crash. Can you help me?

                                    [deactivated user]

                                      A better design would have been to add the notes to the app version rather than this childish idea. Plus subscription cancelled and account deleted. Bye bye!


                                      There is a new League tab on mobile but now I can't find the clubs tab. I liked talking with people through that and now I can't find it anymore. Does anyone know how to get back to it?


                                      It would be great if you could use speech recognition for the app in English. I get tired of writing translations.


                                      never mind the new design...wondering how/why i lost my 122 day streak today while i was on duolingo...never missed a day yet I'm back on day 1??


                                      Please add the 'Words' tab to Esperantooooo, pleasseee! :)


                                      I'm not sure about the evolution for the Duolingo logo for 2018. It looks...weird. I like the current one better.


                                      Suggestion ... generally I like your design. At this point, the only suggestions I have is: increase the number of "SLOW" buttons a learner may use. I am closing in on 80, my hearing is not that great, and so more slow buttons would be helpful. Also, consider a button that provides alternate responses. I use several translators and a friend that speaks fluent Chinese and find, at times issues with following your translations.


                                      I agree. They need more slow options. I also find the woman’s voice is clearer to my ears than the man’s voice.


                                      Oh, that is very sad that Duolingo did not progress the way I expected. In December 2014 I began using it. But now, always the same lessons and boring words. I thought it would be the future. I tried once again today and keeps repeating the same words over and over again. So boring. Sorry for saying. but I criticism I wish this toll come back as great again.


                                      Nice that the flag drapes have been restored to the golden owls.


                                      I like the redesign (though I'll miss the current one). I do have one suggestion: give the little trophies their flags back. It just makes it a little nicer. Or maybe input a little cosmetic "trophy case" in a user's profile? Not really major complaints, just things that would make it look nicer.


                                      "Visual changes tend to elicit passionate responses, and we expect this to be no different given how much this community cares about Duolingo and our mission."

                                      Nice way to turn those "passionate responses" into "loving support," Duolingo.


                                      Nice way to say we hear you when they're not listening.

                                      And nice way to say that they won't change features but only design, when they change it.

                                      And "passionate" is another way to say "you are boring us with your complaints".


                                      Could you guys finally include the gramatic explanations in the app? Some of the lessons are super annoying because there is no explanation as to how the gramatic behind it works. Why would you only offer the explanations on desktop anyway? Just include the little lightbulb (from the desktop version) in the app and show the site with the explanations for each lesson. You could even use a forum post for each lesson if you don't have the frontend resources to develop a good looking version for the app...


                                      I don't know, I kinda like the old system better. The crown system is a bit odd. Lol. :)


                                      If you haven’t seen it yet, chances are you will soon. Currently all iOS users and most Android users should have access to it.

                                      I'm assuming the screenshots are iOS screenshots. What should the update look like on Android? (I haven't gotten it yet.)


                                      you still have done away with that horrible Health system on the IOS. that would be the best improvement that you could make!


                                      where are the Levels?


                                      You used to finish one 4-part lesson and move on to the next. Now I seem to be stuck on Interests. Am I supposed to choose topics at random? If so how do you gradually make the lessons harder?


                                      Looks aside, the changes I've seen made Duolingo slightly more difficult to use. When it comes to the graphics, I preferred the earlier version, but the change in those is largely irrelevant to my use of DL.

                                      The larger font size is helpful, but the larger text tokens overlap each other on some questions. Also, not being able to move the notification after clicking Check makes it difficult to review an incorrect answer. And how is progress measured - by levels or by crowns? Levels for points obtained (to include points in language chat, I'm guessing) and crowns simply for lessons completed? Is DL keeping both measures?


                                      why have combo bonus xp been scrapped. Its a little demotivating


                                      A dev said this in response to a similar question in the Leaderboards announcement thread:

                                      Combo bonus was removed for other reasons related to the redesign and we are hoping to bring it back. Currently we're trying to find a clear design for it & hopefully bring it to all three platforms.


                                      Owl 2012 was the best, 2021 will be only a green rectangle with a yellow point.


                                      The update for rid of nearly all my achievements despite having got to level 5 on over 20 topics. I'm back to square one. And I am having to pay 20 lingots to take a level test (why does my wife only pay 5?) so I can't easily get back to where I was.


                                      Hello Duolingo team, I really hope, that you change some Things back! I don't like the new Upgrade. Not only that it looks now more like an Kids-App, the new circle where you can see your Daily Goal is now all same coloured. And if you are good in one topic and you want to skip it, you gain only 20 XP, not 10 XP per Lesson. I understand, that it is meant to give new enthusiasm, but maybe you should have changed not so much.


                                      Just got the update on the browser version and it looks so much worse than the previous version. It all has a very childish feel to it and just don't like the look of it at all. Also, the icons for the skills are awful. How did your team spend so long to design worse icons. In addition, a lot of the icons are reused heavily down the tree, for example, all 'people' 'cases' and 'pronouns' skills ALL have the same awful icon, whereas there was a wider range of icons previous to this update. This change makes the tree look worse as you move down it. Furthermore, a lot of the icons make no sense now! Why is the icon for adjectives a hand? And money some weird chef hat? And both the body and future perfect skills are both a bike now!? Please could you consider reverting the changes that you have made to the UI, or correcting some of the aspects of the redesign i mentioned or simply allow an option to choose which UI you want, the new or (much better old)


                                      This new design is soooooooooooooooooooo much worst than the previous one. It's harder to read, childish, unpleasant. Don't waste time and money making things worst! And please rethink your priorities: why not work on improving the relevance of the sentences? or improving the reviewing function (which is terrible, always going back to the very basics, rather than following through all subjects covered). I don't expect you'll revert back, but at least let us opt for the 2014 Duolingo look please!


                                      While I prefer many of the features of the older layout, I can adapt to most of the changes.

                                      The brightness, however, is painful and is limiting how much time I can spend practicing. Looking at the side by side layouts, I think this could be helped a lot if you would just change the background color back. Apparently it was a light gray, but it was so faint that I had always thought it was white.

                                      Although I only recently discovered Duo, I loved it and was eagerly recommending it to others. Now I can barely use it myself.


                                      i loved the default 2014 apppeareance. It is familiar like home. I still like the default apppearence now!!


                                      I love it all. Big job was worth it without doubt


                                      You can use me as a "I don't like this button"


                                      My thoughts exactly. There are three things I look at here: the skill tree, the lessons and the discussions. The cartoon characters and Duo appear in none of those (thankfully). I only see Duo at the end of a lesson when I try to click through all the unnecessary stuff as quickly as possible to get back to studying.

                                      I am secretly hoping (while talking about it on a public forum) that the time spent on this could have been used on something that affects how, how well and what (hint hint) we learn but that's not in the hands of the design team so... they did their thing and hopefully others are doing theirs.


                                      The app looked fine as it was. What I would prefer to see is development in courses, in content, in usability, in features. Where exactly are the Italian stories, for example? We've been told that they won't expand to other languages while they're still working on stories in the four languages that have that feature, but what are they doing, precisely? Also, Tips & Notes are nowhere to be seen in the new and improved app, besides in the Spanish course (maybe in some others, but not in Italian or Russian).


                                      What I would prefer to see is development in courses, in content, in usability, in features.

                                      This is a design update involving (mostly) the designers. The experts in charge of pedagogy, course creators / maintainers and developers who have the responsibility for the tasks you mention would be minimally affected by this project. In other words, Duo's staff can manage more than one project at a time.


                                      Ok, that is good to hear, thank you


                                      The first thing that really got me started to complain about Duolingo would definitely be the crowns/skill levels (that I got out of nowhere), which hindered my effective learning on Duolingo. I could go down the list of problems I faced when going down the trees, then a new redesign came outta nowhere on my android app that made the app look even more different. I honestly prefer the 2014 version than the one right now.


                                      I used to do 20-30 lessons on an average day before the crowns, and now I barely make my goal of 5. I'm definitely a lot less enthusiastic about Duolingo than I used to be.


                                      I agree regarding the crown system. I also noticed that the lists of words disappeared from individual lessons, which greatly hindered my studying as I would use those lists to quiz myself later. I'm open to change, but when that change makes Duolingo less effective at its goal of teaching, it makes me less able and enthusiastic to learn.


                                      I agree. I liked using the quizzes when I completed lessons. Now I have to redo the lessons for the third time to get to the quizzes.


                                      And the necessary changes will be made... Never.


                                      Please, unify the two versions!

                                      [deactivated user]

                                        I don’t dislike the redesign, but it seems a bit too childish. (I know people have already said that) I use the app, and for me the sizes of the buttons are way too small. But I don’t know what the website will look like with the redesign.


                                        ah the 2012 owl... reminds me of my middle school days, when we could just duolingo to practice... and be frighted by their mascot lol


                                        Nothing untoward about the 2012 logo...


                                        It says all ios users. I have ios and there has been no change at my app.


                                        Look in your achievements area


                                        Well, I actually like the new exercise were you get to practice saying the word its pretty cool!


                                        I know a lot of people are complaining about the golden owls can some one please explain what they are?


                                        Great work! Really enjoy Duolingo! Could we please spend some time and resources on the correct solutions in Portuguese and Spanish? some of the solutions don't make sense and there are many comments in the discussion recommending more appropriate solutions. Gracias y obrigado.


                                        The new owl looks like a cross between a deer caught in the headlights and a baby hoping you'll pick it up. I like the conducting owl better . . .


                                        I don't see any changes to mine, unless it was applied to certain languages. I don't see it on Korea, maybe my app hasn't updated yet. I'm not worried or even care about the visual changes as long as I can continue my learning. What I would like to see more of is speaking skills and Korean stories in the lab section.


                                        I like the new redesign of the Duolingo app. However, I think it would be beneficial if vocabulary lists of words were added to the program.


                                        I don't really like the redesign either. I think the new Duo looks cute, but I think I like the old one better.


                                        Is this new update only for mobile or also computer?


                                        I dislike it- but website still gives the users what it supposed to.


                                        i like the 2014 owl better!the new one looks like a girl though(judging my own kind!)


                                        Is there any way to see how many lessons are in a given circle now? That was the primary piece of information I was using to decide which lessons to do on a given day. Now they switched to percentage. 0 of 2 lessons is much different than 0 of 16 lessons. But 0% tells me nothing that I did not already know and it removes valuable information without any other way of determining it.


                                        Thank you to the entire staff for a job well done.


                                        the new duo owl looks like a girl one! but i prefer the 2014 one!!!!!!!!!!who's with me?!


                                        Duo keeps getting cuter and cuter. I miss the flag scarves for the golden owl that I have. Please return it.


                                        re-designing the logo may be an interesting way to spend the company time, however business shall come first. and there is still a lot of business to do - if you only look at what users complain about in their comments. I'll suggest two - IMO- necessary additions here: a multilingual on-screen keyboard and user "native tongue" marker (voluntary). Happy New Year and good luck!


                                        I like the "https://www.duolingo.com/words" Words learned section :-)


                                        I wonder how you found it - no reference to such useful section on the pages I visit. Or is it the same wish that I have :)


                                        the words section is just working for the 'big' languages: french, spanish, italian, english


                                        Will the change of Duo come on the web site?


                                        I don't know what health system people are referring to. I've been using the Duolingo App on my iPhone for months and have never seen any kind of health system?


                                        Hey Duo, I like the new look. I especially like the font and the buttons with rounded corners instead of the squared ones. Thanks! I'm working on learning Spanish. I know several months back you added a whole bunch of new lessons. Seems like for Spanish anyway you addressed the content first then went after the wrapping. Makes sense to me. Yes, there are some things with Duo that don't always work. And sure it's really frustrating when I lose health because I accidentally hit the return button before I finished typing the sentence, but I know my Spanish has improved greatly since starting using Duolingo. Keep up the good work! A satisfied student.


                                        Personally, I really like it. I think moving Duo to a simple, less shaded style works!


                                        A couple things.

                                        First, I agree with those here who have said they don't like the re-design. @AnnaMayBates said it's childish, and I'd second (or third? or fourth?) that comment.

                                        Second, the app still has the problem where when you have a question requesting that you type a sentence, it fights with you in order to capitalize a letter midway through the sentence. The only way to make it work is to try and tap twice on the shift key quickly enough to shift it into caps-lock mode, then type that letter, and then disengage caps-lock to finish typing that word and whatever other words are in the sentence.

                                        This problem has been present across every version of DuoLingo I've ever used, and has been present on two different Android OS-based phones using numerous versions of Android OS.

                                        [deactivated user]

                                          does this mean that we will lose some of our progress on our languages already learned? just like on April 2018?


                                          The icons are a bit childish, but I don't really care. I appreciate that they are colorful and descriptive. I'm having trouble using the microphone to speak the words to the computer. I use a headset. sometimes it works but most times the app doesn't hear me so I lose that answer. I don't think it's the headset or computer. Both are very high end and function well in other settings. It's frustrating, but Duolingo has given me a way around it by choosing to not use the mike for an hour at a time.


                                          I've come back to Duolingo recently to learn Esperanto. Is there no way to check the vocabulary for each lesson? I remember being able to preview the words before starting lessons. It seems a little counterproductive since I have to do the entire lesson again looking for a word that I wanted to note down. I may be missing something, but eh..

                                          With that being said, I do believe Duolingo is one of the best free language learning tools to date.


                                          Those owls from previous designs are pretty freaky.


                                          A more contrasting color, for 'new' vocabulary words, would be better than YELLOW, which is sometimes difficult to see. ?Maybe ORANGE?


                                          I have only one question: why oh why do you ban the 2nd person pluriel. My friend tells me you do it in French too (he is studying French) where the 'vous'-form is crucial to learn good Frech. I seems you teach people to 'tutoyer' which is very rude in France if you do it to people you don't know yet. So who on earth in Duolingo decided any language can do without the 'vosotros' or the 'vous'?


                                          In Spanish that would be Usted (gramatically 3 pers. sing). I did notice that Duolingo tend not to introduce polite forms early on, quite notably for the German and Italian courses (Sie, lei). This has also been mentioned about the Hindi course (there are three level of politeness for the second person singular in Hindi; I'm still rather confused by the whole thing).I guess that's a deliberate choice...


                                          I wonder if there is the -masu/-ます form implied for the Japanese course because speaking to foreign people without that verbform is considered as rude in Japan, people would feel offended if they would not be addressed like that. Also I wondered if there was a polite form in Swedish but I once read that there isn't one.


                                          i didnt get the update, or at least it didnt apply the update


                                          I don't mind the new design, I remember the last two. Eventually I will get used to it.

                                          I just want my "stories" progress menu and my lingots score to stay the same regardless of platform. Is there a way I can do that?


                                          "New Year" Sure... Not any different from now. Just a nine behind a 201

                                          [deactivated user]

                                            That is one thicc tomato.


                                            I have been using the English speaking Spanish course daily for several years. I had kept my tree "golden" for a couple of years and was annoyed my new look took that away. But, after several months of dutifully regaining my golden tree (on Dec. 31st as planned) I know and understand SO MUCH MORE !!!!! Thank you Duo. Yes there are bugs in Duo but get over it. Stop complaining and start learning. Happy New Year to you all. XOXOXO


                                            The new design disappeared on my computer. Why. It used to have checkpoint tests and 7 sections for French. Now it is back to the old. What is going on?


                                            Has the change affected online because nothing has changed...


                                            Good Morning All. I use both my iPhone and laptop to study French - and I am thorouhly enjoying it. However, why is it that the amount of lingots earned and shown on my laptop differs significantly from the amount shown and earned on my iPhone. Looking forward to your reply. Lianna, Perth, Western Australia.


                                            Probably has something to do with the app having a slightly different shop (bonus lessons). Whereas in the website there is not.


                                            Not overly impressed with the new design. But I am more concerned that my spelling mistakes are now being marked as 100% correct. On the old version I might have been given a correct answer but with a note reminding me of the correct spelling/accents. This is now missing and the only way I can tell I have made a mistake is to check the answer in the comments. Also, it would be useful to know how many comments there are before opening them.


                                            I find the new app to be extremely frustrating to use, to the point where I might just give up trying because of it.

                                            My main gripe is now, at least for me on Android, the English keyboard has word suggestions at the top even when I'm not typing in English. It has several times now thought my German word was a mistyped English word and autocorrected it, causing me to mis question.

                                            Secondly there are a lot of bouncing animations every time you do something. They are straight up stupid additions that provide her value. If you're so set on keeping them in the app, then at least give me the option to turn them off. I want to see messages appear on screen, and not have to track down where exactly I need to push to continue, as everything moved around for no reason.

                                            • 1611

                                            My main gripe is now, at least for me on Android, the English keyboard has word suggestions at the top even when I'm not typing in English. It has several times now thought my German word was a mistyped English word and autocorrected it, causing me to mis question.

                                            The auto-correction can be annoying. It is one of the first things I switched off on my Android phone. Within the settings app of your phone (not within the Duolingo app) look for something like "auto-correction" within the keyboard settings and disable the feature. In addition to that, if you don't want to see the word suggestions, disable "Show correction suggestions".

                                            • 1611

                                            Secondly there are a lot of bouncing animations every time you do something.
                                            option to turn them off. I want to see messages appear on screen, and not have to track down where exactly I need to push to continue, as everything moved around for no reason.

                                            I agree that an option to switch off the animations would be great. Not everyone is able to adjust to things like this.


                                            Hopefully the brighter colours attract more of a younger demographic, great when they presumably have more time on hand to study.

                                            [deactivated user]

                                              Will duolingo pc have chests ?


                                              I CAN'T GET THE NEW DESIGN


                                              why does my friend have this on her computer but i don't? i hope i will get the new update soon! please help


                                              My Duolingo changed about a week ago. All of my Crown Levels were wiped out and the app suddenly got so easy that it was barely worth practicing every day. I was at level 202 and now when I practice, I'm getting questions like, "He is a boy," or "I hate tea." I'm not sure what's going on.


                                              I don't mind the changes in general, so I'm OK with this new design in particular. However, could you please fix the website bug with "use the keyboard" banner?.. It covers up the third row of hint words, alas :(


                                              I love this new design because it looks vaguely similar to the animation style of the Kurzgesagt youtube channel!


                                              I haven't seen anyone else with an avatar like mine. I remember making it when I started many years ago, but is there no more option to do this?


                                              Click on your icon in the top right and select Your Profile. From there you can click on your icon to upload a file.


                                              We need the scarves with the country's flags on the trophy back!!! They are much better. Now all the trophies look the same with no flags. I wanted them to be different and unique!


                                              Can I change the background color on an iPhone?

                                              [deactivated user]



                                                Awww! He looks so cute! ❤️️

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