Verbes ~issant groupe : Les verbes du 2e groupe

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These verbs are often also referred to as "verbes en -issant". According to "Le Petit Robert" there are 396 ~ir verbs, being (6%) of verbs. In most english texts these verbs are referred to as ~ir verbs. However the in french texts they are more commonly referred to as ~issant. And I believe there is a VERY good reason for this !

The pattern they follow for 'Verbe Présent' tense is:

" je " ~is

" tu " ~is

" il " / " elle " / " on " ~it

" nous " [~issons] ( note the final "s" is silent )

" vous " [~issez]

" ils " / " elles " ~issent (remembering the " ~ent" is silent - while you do pronounce the "<sub>iss</sub>" part)

  • note - this final 's' is silent - except where liaisons occur. Check out this thread

This is referred to as :
Le 2e groupe des verbes Verbe du 2ème groupe verbe du deuxième groupe and it includes all "regular" verbs ending in ~ir and whose present participle ends in ~issant. As such it is also referred to as 'verbe ~issant' . While all the verbs classified in this 2e groupe have their present participle ending in ~issant,
and that their infinitif end in " ~ir ",
not ALL verbs whoes infinitif ends " ~ir " follow the rules for this 2e groupe.
That is why the french do not refer to this group as the " ~ir " group. It is only in english texts that I have found this to occur. French refer to is as the " ~issant groupe "

And to the extent of my research to date - there are no spelling rules that upset the simplicity of the 'groupe des verbe ~issant'.

However there are verbs that Base Verbale ends in '~ir', and they ARE exceptions, and are considered as part of Le 3e groupe des verbes. This is why I prefer to refer to this group - as I have heard some French people refer to them as Verbes ~issant groupe.
For a bit of an example - check out these verbs, whoes base verbale ends in ~ir, but belong soundly in Le 3e groupe des verbes .
courir : to run
cueillir : to pick up
mourir : to die
offrir : to offer
ouvrir : to open

NOTE: most of the french words in this stream - will give you an audio file - so you can "hear" how to pronounce them, and hopefully understand them when you hear them.

May 14, 2014

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Check out some of the verbs that follow this standard ~ir rule on the links below:

batir ; to build

choisir ; to choose

convertir ; to convert

finir ; to finish

ralentir ; to slow

remplir ; to fill

reussir ; to succeed

May 14, 2014
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