"The poi is in the kitchen."

Translation:Aia ka poi ma ka lumi kuke.

December 13, 2018

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    This might help. Dictionary defines ʻai as "Food or food plant, especially vegetable food as distinguished from iʻa, meat or fleshy food; often ʻai refers specifically to poi..."


    There is a similar usage in Japanese where 'rice'/'gohan' can also mean 'meal' e.g. asagohan (morning rice)= breakfast


    Why is the verb "to be" is used as "aia" instead of "he".? There has not been any explanation of using different forms of the verb "to be" given.


    How are different forms of the verb "to be", such as "aia" rather than "he" for instance?


    Maybe aia is about where something is and He is about what or how something is? Like an equivalent? I am processing


    Weren't we using a different word for poi?


    Yes, sometimes it's "ka poi" and sometimes "ka 'ai," but I wish there was a note or something somewhere to explain the difference and when to use one of the other.

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