"Did you eat?"

Translation:क्या तुमने खाया?

December 13, 2018

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This sentence doesn't make sense without a subject. A native would say - "kyā tumne khānā khāyā?"


But khana can be omitted because the other guy knows that we are talk about food only


Since there is no verb complement, can't we just say क्या तुम खाये ?


No. In Hindi, transitivity is a property of the verb. So, even though the verb doesn't have any objects in this particular sentence, it is still transitive since it can have objects. The sentence must thus be क्या तुमने खाया? with खाया conjugated in its default masculine singular form in the absence of objects.

(Some regional dialects do use something like क्या तुम खाये? though. )


You need to compile your comments from this lesson and add them to the tips section. They have been tremendously helpful!


Thank you. This is an important disctinction compated to languages where the transitivity isn't a property of the verb but a grammar construct.


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