December 13, 2018

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So wahine is woman and wāhine is women, correct? Is this the same with other words too?


Most words don't change and you can only tell they are plural by the nā article or context. Rare words, like wāhine have a change in their plural, but I don't think there's a pattern so you just have to learn them.


Jdmcowan, sorry but I want to know, will Duolingo continue to expand their Hawaiian course? It'd be really awesome if they did.


The news is mixed. There is an updated Tree being worked on, so new material does exist. However, the team has shrunk considerably so work on the updates is going much more slowly and it's hard to say when the new material will actually be ready to be released. I am not on the Hawaiian team and do not have any more information than that.

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I wont joke about it...Everybody did it before me


Just how am i here? I must learn bio for the test. Anyway, mahalo e jdmcowan

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