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  5. "Où sont mes clés ?"

" sont mes clés ?"

Translation:Where are my keys?

April 4, 2013



This has to be one of the most useful phrases on here, the other being 'go out and play'. Thank you duolingo.


It has the singular disadvantage of being spoken mostly to yourself.


What is the difference between clef and cle (with the accent)?


It doesn't look like there's any difference at all. http://cnrtl.fr/definition/clef



Interesting. Your link gives two spellings but uses clef in all its examples. Larousse gives two spellings but uses cle in all its examples. About.com says simply that there are 2 alternate spellings.

I think you are right. Looks like a tossup as to which is the best usage.


Yes, I see they really got into it. I like the notion that the clé form matches the pronunciation and as a result has become more popular. That's the natural forces of language growth at work.

I wonder if clef will eventually be used a separate word for traditional uses as in music and clé will refer to modern keys which are digital, figurative and biometric. They can assign them different genders and applicable rules just to make it interesting for students.


"They can assign them different genders and applicable rules just to make it interesting for students."

ha ha ha! Have you ever considered writing a book? You have this dry sense of humor that is a delight to read.

But, yes, it does seem to be moving in that direction according to a few of the comments:

Pour ma part, je crois que j'écris assez souvent clé pour le machin qui ouvre les portes, mais s'il s'agit de celle qui orne les partitions, je visualise le mot avec un F... peut-être du fait des déliés de la clef de sol ?

Les musiciens se servent (je crois) plus de "clef" ..


Have a lingot for the laugh and for your sense of humour. :)


I was confused between "cle" and "saisissez" since they are both defined as key in duolingo? Apparently, saisissez is a verb, like keying in a series of commands to enter a computer account, maybe? And cle is a noun, like the key you use on a physical door.


I never loose my keys thank God, but it is still a useful thing to hear.


Most useful sentence so far...

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