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  5. "Qo'noSvaD juHqo' lupong tlhIā€¦

"Qo'noSvaD juHqo' lupong tlhInganpu'."

Translation:Klingons call Kronos "the homeworld".

December 14, 2018



Are the quotation marks required for it to be considered correct?


If you mean the apostrophes ', then yes -- they are a Klingon letter just like a or b. Leaving them out would be like leaving out any other letter.

For example, Qo'noS is the Klingons' home planet but QonoS is a journal or log -- a completely different word.

Or do you mean the quotation marks around "the homeworld" in the English translation?

In that case, they're currently required, yes -- Duolingo generally ignores punctuation such as commas or periods but seems to be strict about quotation marks.

I suppose a case could be made for adding the version without quotation marks as an accepted alternative.


I meant the latter. Thanks for clarifying!


Re: "I suppose a case could be made for adding the version without quotation marks as an accepted alternative." Please do as all other punctuation is optional (for which I am very thankful). I was scratching my head for a while trying figure out why my word order was wrong (it wasn't) and then trying to find what I had misspelled (nothing)!


Which suggests that sometime in the distant past the place was already, "Kronos," before the inhabitants began to identify with it as "the Homeworld."


But Klingons have been flying through space for a long time, even in our time. So it might be a modern convention.


Maybe that's just obvious.


While I'm very grateful for the audio, in this case, there's a little noise at the beginning that could be cleaned up a little.


You'd think. The noise is the sound of my finger on the touchpad, from starting the recording. I'm not sure why sometimes it's louder. There's no opportunity on Duolingo to edit sound files, so I have to re-record the whole sentence, which I can't do right now because someone else here is watching television.

I have re-recorded this one, but it won't update for a few days.

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