"Where are the judge and lawyer?"

Translation:Di mana hakim dan pengacara itu?

December 14, 2018

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I think I figured it out. https://www.bahasakita.com/vocabulary/i-2/ Nr 5 for ini/itu in that link should read "can refer to someone or something previously present, but not previously mentioned and not now present" (they forgot the one 'previously') 3 and 4 could also apply: "refer to s.o./s.t. previously mentioned" or "refer to sth like pointing at it"

So in our case the situation must be something like "Where did that judge and lawyer disappear to?! They had been here just a second ago?!" Or "Where's that judge and the lawyer? They should be here by now."

The giveaway in the English sentence that you should use "itu" here would be the use of the def. article "the". The use of "the" implies that the listeners must know which judge and lawyer they are talking about. To convey that in indonesian, you use itu.

(Wow, took me almost an hour to find that. Because "itu" is used so often, it's very difficult to google for it!)


I am curious as well


Does one ever say "di mana ada hakim dan pengacara"?


yes, your sentence is fine. but it is not the translation of the sentence in question. it gives the meaning that the speaker is asking where we can find a judge and a lawyer (any judge and any lawyer). the sentence in question has the meaning that the speaker is asking where are the judge and the lawyer (asking about a specific person, maybe mr judgo the judge and mr lewy the lawyer). i hope you get the difference.


Can someone answer the question!?


Please explain the use of 'itu'.. Was it really necessary?


Basically, 'itu' in this sense takes part as a definite article, which means you already know the the judge and lawyer.


Yes, I am also curious


I want to know, too!!


To me the sentence in BI (Behasa Indonesia) would translate in: "Where are that judge and (that) lawyer?" (in the sense of asking about the persons you have an appointment with).


Mereka pergi sama uangnya!


Why : itu that mean that

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